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  1. The Windows 8 theme with some minor changes. Different subtle shadows around the windows. A little of glow on the window caption. Changed the "waiting" animation to the one in Windows 8.
  2. Well, yeah. You could use Mesh to backup and sync your Roaming folder. But then, why bother having a "Programs Settings" section? IE Favorites is a folder, so the only real settings being synced are for Office. I wonder if they will give any program the ability to be listed there.
  3. Will Mesh sync the settings of non-microsoft programs? Better yet, do you think or know if Mesh will move towards the users being able to format their PC, reinstall everything, connect to the cloud and get ALL their settings back?
  4. Why not use Unicode's "Private use characters" to display reserved characters in file paths. Regular fonts would be used, but Windows could replace certain Unicode characters without glyphs and display them with the glyphs of reversed characters, like the question mark (?). Otherwise, will Windows ever change it's file system to allow these characters? Seems kind of an outdated limitation. I know why it exists in the first place but won't there EVER be quotes or question marks under Windows? It's there a better solution, present or future?
  5. Folders in a library that are not originally from "C:\Users\[username]" show their drive letter. Is there any way to remove them?
  6. Locations inside a library are shown with the drive letter at the end, like My Folder (D:) Standard folders like My Music are shown without it Is there any way to remove these drive letters?
  7. 7048 is just another leaked built as of right now, Officially, every built after the beta is RC because that's their next milestone, as in RC v0.x So, obviously I meant the official public release of RC1 No, I don't use the 7000. Seems you're in the mood to gossip. Thought I was in forum that gave informed answers.
  8. When the release candidate comes out, or RTM, will it be save to install it over the Beta? Of course I know there could be problems, but would you say it's safe? And effective for keeping all the configurations?
  9. How do I change environment variables like %PROGRAMFILES% values before or during install of Windows Vista (x64)? Can I run .CMD during Vista Intall?
  10. I was just about to open Firefox via ObjectDock when I suddenly remember what a drag it would be to reinstall windows and configure everything the way I like. Then, I remembered a quote from Mister Billy the Gate, (I'll paraphrase just to not to open another tab for Wikipedia, thought I love it) He mentioned that Windows 7 will be User Centric, he then elaborated, that users could logon on any computer and via Live services they could have explorer, or notepad I guess, configured just how they like it. When I first read it, I thought it was nice, but a personalized configuration was much more than that. Now I think, why the hell not? Why couldn't a Live service let programs save their name and upgrade link, for future reinstall, and a configuration file that could expand across versions and be saved in those huge hard disks in the sky and every time you go to a friends PC and logon with your Live ID, if he has that program installed, it would assume your configuration with all kind of contentions planned for it. That way not only Internet Explorer will save your favorite links, also Firefox would use that ability via Live. To me it's clear that they could implement all this. Would they? Do you think this will be the approach? When I first wanted to post this, I just didn't want the idea to go to waste, of course I know a lot more than that has got to have crossed their mind. I think, I hope they really learned with Vista, which when it works like is supposed to I like a whole lot more than XP. If Windows 7 delivers, I think everybody will put the same face the make when the pizza gets delivered. Will the pizza still be hot?
  11. GIL

    Hide Partition

    I have two partitions, each with a windows xp installation, but I need to hide one partition from another. How?
  12. Where is located the ballon tooltip icons? so I can reshack it.
  13. This is really something. I wrote a script for mIRC (I made someone laugh) it can extract the BMPs and replace them with new ones. this is really weird the BMPs are repeated in deferent parts of the file. I edited the extracted bitmaps with mspaint for simplicity got same sized files but opted to insert only the image data because in the four times repeated file theres seem to be an odd one, the bytes that indicate the size of the file IF they where compressed, which there not, was not set to 0, but this is supposed to not matter if theres no compression, even so I just edited the image data. I edited the bytes with the edited BMP, but it had the same image, so I could test if the process of edited the file was damaging it. Did not, it worked. But if I insert a different image, it does load, I edited the four images, and every one individually with the same result. Its not a built in pallete because I used an included color. Is there any kind of protection that work like this? Could it be adding the value of each byte and comparing it with a preset value? I KNOW the process of editing it could be called flawless, so what kind a protection does it have? Theres gotta be some kind of precedent, or let's make this one.
  14. I replaced bytes not added, and I did after the whole header, where it clearly had the image data. So, did you changed a BMP suscessfully? If so, what software or method did you use?
  15. Fairly enough. It had the BM header, I search for a chain of pixels of speficic colors that appeared in the image side by side, they were there, BGR BGR ..., I've done that kind of thing with other EXEs, but I tell ya, it's got some kind fa trick, maybe it counter checks itself? against... something?

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