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    DMI BIOS year

    Camarade_Tux, thanks for posting. My motherboard was made in the year 2001. If I could add the value 2001 to DMI BIOS year, this would enable ACPI at booting time and eliminate the message ACPI: no DMI BIOS year, acpi=force is required to enable ACPI. I added the acpi=force in the GRUB configuration file (menu.lst) at the end of the kernel line, but that still doesn't remove the message ACPI: no DMI BIOS year, acpi=force is required to enable ACPI before booting Ubuntu 7.10, and ACPI is still not enabled. Please help me to flash my BIOS or update it, or help me to add the value 2001 to DMI BIOS year, or something. Thanks.
  2. Swami

    DMI BIOS year

    A year ago I customized my Windows XP Professional installation using nLite. In Options under the tab General I enabled the option Remove old BIOS information and then installed those customized Windows. No problem here. Now using Ubuntu 7.10 (Linux) I have a problem with ACPI not being enabled because my DMI BIOS year was removed with that option Remove old BIOS information and the Linux kernel needs that info in order to check if the motherboard was made pre-2000 or post-2000; if made pre-2000, it disables ACPI - and if made post-2000, it enables ACPI. I need ACPI enabled to be able to use the suspend and hibernate mode in Ubuntu 7.10. Nuhi or anyone, please tell me how can I restore or get back the DMI BIOS year of my motherboard. My motherboard is NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 + MCP. Thanks.
  3. After removing the component 'Pinball' with nLite 1.4 beta, the folder named 'Pinball' still exists under C:\Program Files\Windows NT; the folder is empty, but it should be gone as well. Nuhi, please make the folder 'Pinball' to be gone if the component 'Pinball' is removed.
  4. The official AMD website offers only AMD Athlon 64-bit drivers, but I need the 32-bit drivers. I guess there should be some newest drivers since the time Microsoft embedded the ones in Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. Does anyone have the latest drivers for this processor or maybe found them?
  5. 'Local Security Settings' component – needed or not?
  6. Is the component 'Local Security Settings' needed so that Windows are secure or is this just a GUI to manage some stupid local security settings without having to edit the registry files entries? The local security settings cannot be then editable by this GUI, but only through editing entries of the appropriate registry files, right? I've never edit those local security settings, so I think it's safe remove this, but due to the red color of the component name, one just can't tell for sure. Uhmmm, any ideas if this is 100% safe to remove?
  7. Where can I download the AGP drivers? The first thing is that I don't know for sure what those are and for what purpose do they serve. Are those motherboard drivers or what? I don't even know the manufacturer name of my motherboard. Gee, isn't that swell? And no, AgiHammerklau, you can also remove the 'Intel' component if you have the Intel chipset; the same goes for the 'AMD' component. nLite cannot detect your chipset manufacturer – how could it? It is not necessary that the installation would be installed on the same machine, so you can also remove the 'AMD' component even if your mobo has the AMD chipset. The embedded presets in nLite doesn't help me either to determine what seems okay to remove and what not, because those presets are too much superficial.
  8. Nuhi, true, true. The thing is that I am not 100% sure whether I need a certain component or not. For example, I have no idea if I can remove 'AGP filters' or not. There are tons of components which baffle me, like whether I need the 'ALI IDE Controller' component and stuff like that. Please help.
  9. Yes, it is crucial for new – and old – nLite users to get more info on the components the tool will remove for them. There have been wishes that components must be more explained, but Nuhi turned them down. Nuhi, please, we are not as smart as you are, so please explain those components with more details. Not some scientific descriptions, but more relaxed and friendly descriptions.
  10. Swami


    Your questions are so noobistic, so you don't get a reply. No one wants to bother with questions that are so self-explanatory. Sorry if I affended you, but that kind of posts are really annoying.
  11. I have this everlasting problem when I do the Remove Components in nLite. I have a stand-alone home machine that will never be a part of any network, ever. I want to remove all the components that are networking related. I really wanna make my installation as slim as possible. Well, since those darn Windows XP are so 'beautifuly' crafted, I always brake something if I remove a certain networking component. P. S.: And how the heck can extracting compressed files take longer if the IE core is removed? I'm so baffled here...
  12. Oh, but you have said without; it is me who overseen it. Sorry. I've gotta try to read more slowly I guess. So how keen are you on using this beta version? I'm kind of waiting for the non-beta version, which should be stable.
  13. I see. I'm customizing the 32-bit version of Windows XP. Uhmm, I always remove the Windows Tour... Is it necessary to have it installed or do you just prefer keeping it?
  14. I figure you're using the 1.4 beta version. Please upload your preset of removed components, but only if you are customizing Windows XP Professional. Thanks. I see your OS is Vista Ultimate x64. So you use vLite, right? Or do you also experiment with nLite as well?
  15. So we have reached the conclusion of this topic, which is that Nuhi must limit the burning speed to 16x–20x. Do you agree on that?

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