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  1. This is why I hate OEM. You might be able to use the i386 folder but I would get a standard xp sp2 copy from a friend and use that. Rid yourself of the recovery disc after you find the drivers on it.
  2. reg entries. Get regshot. Take a shot before and after your done. Then compare them and use that reg file with just the differences to import to all the PC's. You can get it on a thumb drive and it should be a snap.
  3. Nuhi- No offense but its hella faster to install from HD. I believe last time I did it it was almost 2x faster.
  4. This question is one I have asked before. Good luck getting an answer is all I have to say. Nlite differs a lot from the remove files method created for SP1 disc's. Even though I thought orginally they were the same. The remove files method was just a bunch of scripts and easy to see what was happening and what was removed. If nlite had a log of what it did during the removal/integration process you would have your answer. However no one agrees that a log or summary or anything that helps explain what has happened to your disc after nlite is done would be a good idea. I have suggested this and had a backlash of negative feedback on it.
  5. Madhits45

    Nlite logging

    All I have to say is a LOG, a summary, or something would help with these sort of errors. I know NO ONE agreeed with me but I think in the long run you might want to add something like this to nlite. All sorts of errors could be helped by this. Knowing is half the battle here. :-)
  6. Just activate and then back it up. Thats what i have done. Or use a vol lic key if you have access to one. startrekrobs your right about vista. They make it very hard for everyone to get excited about it with so many limitations. Plus there a lot of annoying security/piracy add ons that simply drive you nuts. Have any of you seen the new mac commercial with the pc with vista. That was so funny & yet SO TRUE.
  7. ok fine.. no one thinks this is a good idea. Maybe my scope is to big. How about we at least add a little more detail to some of the componet on the removal page in nlite. Nuhi I know this might seem like an annoying task but thats why this forum exsists. Have all of us do it then you approve it and add to nlite. maybe just one componet for now. One that a lot of questions gets asked about like: AGP Filters Internet Authentication (IAS) or Network Location Awareness (NLA) In the long run you CAN not deny this would help some people get there questions answered faster.
  8. Prob easyer to start over. Since you dont know the tweaks & files nlite changes exactly you can not reverse them. If anyone here agreed with me we could add the following: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=91082 That way you would know what was changed be able to reverse it and not even be posting here. You would have your answer already.
  9. Nuhi- I have tried to remove certain parts of windows manually but find it is not as clean or viable a solution. It always seems that I miss something critical to the whole equation. Mostly due to missing some reg entry. I have been keeping track of how many users ask on this forum how to put a component back in there install after removing it. There is roughly a new post about this every 3-4 days. Taking that into account by itself is a good reason to add this feature. With the ability to see what was removed, putting it back would be a no brainer. Also I am not saying I want you to do all the work here. What I would like to see is if some of the nlite experts come forth and compile a list of the files/reg's etc removed. Then we can have you fill in the blacks and hopefully make this an easyer feature to add to nlite. With your support for this it should be quickly helped along. Nlite already keeps a last session file & this would simply expand on that some and give a bit more detail on most if not all compoents removed.
  10. I am NOT asking for source code I am not asking for nlite to be renamed madhits software I am not asking nuhi to give away the farm here. All I am asking for is some info about what reg entries and files are affected besides what is already listed in nlite. It is PLAIN to see that this would help users with strange and seemingly unfixable issues with nlite. There is tons of data out on the net about removal process and everyone seems to do it a little different. I like the way nlite does it but It has always been unclear if I remove this part how will that affect this program I run here. In fact I would be happy just knowing the reg entries affected. I believe the problems I have come more from a reg entry then a removed file or part of windows. So forget listing what files that are removed. How about we stick to just reg entries changed or removed with different components. CAN everyone see how that would be helpful diagnosing nlite related problems. Problems I have had with nlite that are NOT fixable except by putting back large parts of windows that I really dislike. For example one recent problem is the way nlite removes the security center is good but nlite usta do it differently. What usta happen when SP2 first came out is when you removed security center the firwall tab was totally removed under networking. Now security center is removed and the firwall tab remains behind. I know that the firewall can be removed with internet connection sharing but I occationaly use internet connection sharing and now find that I have to deal with the firwall turning on by itself all the time. I believe these is a reg entry that somehow affects the firwall and can turn it off or remove it. I know there is an answer to the above question and I know someone will most likely give me that answer. I would still like to know the removed reg entries because I have many problems like the one above and do not know even what is causing it. I would like to analyze my problems by working them backwards. However I can not do that without this info I have asking for in the first post. I still dont understand everyones hostility toward my interest in this. I am just a man trying to solve a problem and get some help. I have tried to solve these problems on thie forum and no one has offered up a solution that has worked. So this way I know I can solve it myself & all I need is a little more info then what is offered in nlite THANK YOU
  11. Lets get this thing started. I need to know what is removed with security center. Does anyone know what reg entries are changed when the Security Center is removed. Also what files are taken out with nlite. I have some minor issues when I remove security center and wondered if I could fix those myself. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hot %&^% Another user with pre integrated sp2 from MS & the same nlite issue I have. That makes 4. I knew that version was the issue. Ok thats it I'm going back to the manual one I had before. No more pre integrated sp2. If you use pre integrated Sp2 expect strange problems with nlite period.
  13. Do you mean on DSL? What happens with my connection is the opposite it starts to work after a few hours of not working. Then if you restart/shutdown you have to wait all over again. Its almost like it has to warm up or something. I believe this is the same problem that -zolee- has. if you keep trying -zolee- I bet the connection would just start to work again. Mine keeps sending packets over and over and then eventually something happens. Does yours send packets but nothing comes back. Thats what mine has done.
  14. -zolee- I feel your pain. Something that nlite changes seems to cause the problem but whatever it is it does not always effect everyones configs the same. I only have this problem on wireless connections and on dial up. Wired machines do not seem to suffer from it. Although you are wired and have the problem. This is why I want Nuhi to help launch a project to add additional info to what nlite actually shows as removed. With this sort of data I believe finding the problems that not everyone has but are a TOTAL pain can be solved. Everyone would benifit from knowing that when you remove X component that X files are affected and X reg entries are removed. Perhaps one of those X reg entries or X files has one key or file that seems to cause an issue that we have here or another annoying issue. I have explained my case here and I was hoping to get some more support to add this to nlite. I have not gotten many people to respond. It seems either people dont get it or think its to much work. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=91082 If you agree please support the idea. If you know what is removed with a particular component then please list those contents and we can get the list going for nuhi.
  15. I've had this issue. Have to give it a try. THANKS
  16. Throw the whole 7z into nlites add-ons screen and it will work. I have tried it. Hope you dont have a whole lot of copy errors like i did with his. Hopefully he fixed all of that.
  17. Sounds simular to the issue i had with nlite. Only difference is after trying it for sometimes upto an hour it would start working again. I would recommend you keep trying & see if the connection just starts working again. Thats what happens with mine. Now I have not reinstalled with nlite 1.3RC2 yet and I am in hopes that this issue with go away after that. Other then trying it over and over there does not seem to be an answer I can come up with. Anyone else have an idea?
  18. Nuhi? Anybody? Whats removed with these components. These are the items I remove most commonly. At leaset its a start. I'd like to get all of them up here and start getting into the detail here. BUT I need everyones expertise. ;# Applications # Briefcase Calculator Games Internet Games NT Backup Pinball Screensavers ;# Drivers # Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Display Adapters Display Adapters (old) Ethernet (LAN) ISDN Logitech WingMan Microsoft SideWinder Modems Portable Audio Printers Scanners SCSI/RAID Serial Pen Tablet Sony Jog Dial Sound Controllers Toshiba DVD decoder card Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) ;# Hardware Support # ALI IDE Controller ATM Support Bluetooth Support Brother Devices CMD PCI IDE Controller CPU Transmeta Crusoe Gravis Digital GamePort InfraRed Multi-port serial adapters Smart Cards USB Audio support VIA PCI IDE Controller ;# Multimedia # Intel Indeo codecs Luna desktop theme Media Center Mouse Cursors Movie Maker Music Samples Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder Speech Support Tablet PC Windows Media Player ;# Network # Client for Netware Networks Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program FrontPage Extensions Internet Connection Wizard Internet Information Services (IIS) MSN Explorer Netmeeting NetShell Cmd-Tool Peer-to-Peer Synchronization Manager Web Folders Windows Messenger ;# Operating System Options # .NET Framework Administrative Templates Administrator VB scripts Blaster/Nachi removal tool Command-line tools Desktop Cleanup Wizard Disk and Profile Quota Disk Cleanup Document Templates DR Watson Extra Fonts FAT to NTFS converter File and Settings Wizard Help and Support Manual Install and Upgrade MS Agent Remote Installation Services (RIS) Search Assistant Security Center Service Pack Messages Tour Zip Folders ;# Services # Alerter Automatic Updates Error Reporting Indexing Service Message Queuing (MSMQ) Messenger QoS RSVP Quality of Service (QoS) Remote Registry Service Advertising Protocol Telnet Volume Shadow Copy
  19. Mitch I don't see why this would be to secret. Even if it was I dont think nuhi would have to reveal that much. Before nlite was available a few years ago I used some files created by another user that removed files from your i386 folder and txtsetup to basicly do 80% of what nlite now does. Hopefully nuhi does not think hes giving away to much here. I just really think having this in the next nlite would be emensly helpful with some of the more strange and unique situations & problems nlite users face. So lets get that list started. Are you willing to give this a go NUHI?
  20. Madhits45

    List of files

    Mitch see my post here. I think your asking the same thing. I propose two ways to add this to nlite. Either with the components or as a summary. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=91082 With this info a lot of questions can get answered a lot faster When diagnosing problems.
  21. Your probably going to have to use HFslip. There are other update packs besides ryans also. You can still use ryans and all that happens is the stuff that you remove does not get updated. Ryans pack is huge but you dont use it all. I'm the same way. If he made a slim version that would be better for downloading though.
  22. Yeah by add-on I just mean like upgrade I guess. Add-on made more sense to me, Added features. Well we dont have to add all that detail to the component removal screen thats just one way we could do it. I was also thinking a summary at the end when nlite is complete would also work. So nlite finishes its shrinking of your install files and you get a nice little pop up with details about what was effected. That summary could be saved and then later on you have a problem with x file you can look it up. This would be really helpful. Yes I know its geeky. But nlite is not an app for the average none geeky user. Its definately geekwear. Maybe the summary is better idea then adding the info to the components screen. That way each user would have there own report so to speak of what happened to what they removed.
  23. I think you misunderstood what I wanted to do & looking for here. What I want to add is addional info to the componet removal info in nlite. Currently when you hover over an item to remove data about that item is displayed on the right. That info is limited currently to a name of the item and the size & sometimes a little more. I am proposing we add a lot more detail there. Detail about what else is removed and what it takes to remove that item. For example "compont blank will be removed" This componet is removed from txtsetup and entries for this item are removed from blank hive file. Those entries are "blank, blank and blank" This file also affects blank component and these 3 well know apps. I know there is a topic on what not to remove for some apps. My issue's past and present have not dealt with any one app so I am not looking for that but I know it would help to have the top 3 affected apps listed. I am more concerned about what else is removed (reg entries etc). This level of data would help so MUCH. Another approach to adding this data would be to include a summary at the end when nlite is complete. That summary would include that same level of data. For exaple: Blank was removed and with it these entries in blank hive. This is what I want everyones help with. I am certain there are users knowledegable enough to detirmine what is removed with some of the componets to start a list that after complete nuhi can add to nlite in one of the above fashons. The extra work for nuhi could be done by all of us and you simpley fill in the blanks and add it to nlite. The potential to diagose new nlite issues here is huge. Users could more quickly detirmine problems with there setup once this data is available. I hope everyone is willing to give this a go. All we need is to start the list and see where it goes. THANKS
  24. DUH its a lot of work. But I believe everyone can chip in and we can get this going here. Then nuhi can fill in the blanks. Lets start with the list of available components and what is believed to be removed with those.
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