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  1. I completely agee. I have a lot of respect for you guys. I get frustrated with just writing scripts sometimes.
  2. Wow nuhi.. I was not expecting this for months.. At leaset not untill vista was ready to go consumer. Truely an amazing effort was put forth here. i will test when I can. THANK YOU
  3. Look at your Mainboard website for what the system can support. All dual core system will not work with Win 95/98 or win Me. Even if you did. You would lose half your CPU and forget getting anymore then 256mb of ram to be used by the system. I know it sucks but you MUST conform to at least win 2000
  4. hmm yeah nuhi gave me some ideas oh what might be causing OOBE to be overlooked by my setup with 1.2.1 (but I used the same setup as the last version without this bug). I have not tried his ideas yet. The autologin option is related because they seem to happen in tandom if you use OOBE usually you get autologin issue. Last ver I remember this bug being on was like .97 or .98 of nlite. Some people get it even without OOBE. Hope these issues disappear or perhaps they will with the next build just as they came back with this latest one.
  5. Nuhi- I do not have any services set to disable. I will try all as default. I had some trouble a while back with my battery not being installed on my laptop. So i kept the battery files in the keep files. Does the keep list really affect anything. I understand the remove having an effect. If it does I will clear this out. What kind of an effect does this have?
  6. ha ha Yeah I cant wait to see vista nlite. Vista is one obese OS that needs serious nlite weight loss. 7gb and they think its going to boot as fast as xp.. ahh I say.. Anyway I hope nuhi can look at some of these small yet annoying bugs that are in this current version. OOBE, extra fonts some languages and keyboards not being removed and some services causing terminal services to disappear. Those are all the bugs I found.
  7. Who here has gotten john's IE 7 WGA/hassle free addon to work. I cant get this thing to install with ryans 2.1.3 pack under nlite 1.0.1 with all of the following being kept in nlite: Network: Internet Explorer Operating System Options: IE Core, Logon Notification Services: Automatic Updates & System Event Notification I think there has to be more to it. Can someone please please post there session.ini who has gotten his install to work so I can take a look and figure out what I'm doing wrong here? THANK YOU
  8. ahhh duh.. LOL.. I thought nlite errored and told you to get dotnet. It usta do that.
  9. Nlite 1.2.1 does have some changes I have noticed things do run different then they used to. However your setup is unique. Whos update pack thats unofficial, are you using? There is also some blame that could be put on that for why your apps do not work. Some of the files are altered in those update packs and may be the reason your apps act up. Also you are using some pretty old apps. I would make sure you have versions completely compatable with the newest updates for w2k (your unofficail pack). Hope that helps
  10. Hey people I think all he wanted was some recommendations and ended up Insulting everyone who uses nlite (LoL). I'm surprised no one pointed him to this topic here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=24318 I did not spend hours reading all your replies so if someone did I missed it. Another thing I think would also be nice is a topic that discusses how some of us actually do all that stuff outside of nlite. What I mean are those things like drivers, special bat/cmd files we use to del, run and install more stuff. I for one use a very different method for installing my drivers then I bet most of you do. I find my method very successful because it allows me to quickly swap drivers and use the rest of my disc on another PC. Anyway before I start a new topic on this. How many people would actually find it useful? Or is there a topic like this that we can use. Or hell can we turn this topic into that? I would love to see peoples last session.ini file's list with success that they have had. People rarely posts Just got this to work and its a new record for space savings or whatever. Mostly bug or problem posts about nlite. That kinda sucks, I'd love to see someone who tested and found something new for us all to try. Just my thoughts.. Lets get it started who has a story to tell about there custom install and what has worked and has not?
  11. Nlite 1.01 changed nothing & OOBE ran fine. Also got extra fonts to remove, langages & keyboards & from what I can tell so far all the services I wanted removed actually are correct. I wish there was something else else to blame but its clearly nlite 1.2.1 that has a bug. It might have been the setup.exe and the way it read's the sif file but with this being the exact same setup.exe & same winnt.sif from ryans update pack 2.1.3 as used with nlite 1.2.1 that does not add up. I still really appriciate everyones help here. & Nuhi dont ever think this community does not appriciate your work including me. Even if we complain about nlite ultimately I dont know where we would be without it and you.
  12. rehbar- I will change that and see what happens. I have decided to go back to nlite 1.01 because I also cant get all the languages to remove and extra fonts & some of the services I dont select for removal end up removing. I will see if the problem is there also. I cant understand why this setting would only now cause me problems. I keep both my integrated sp2 cd and all my replace files in a seperate location for use after nlite. They have been the same files for some time unchanged. Thanks for the help.
  13. Nuhi- I setup my winnt.sif file a long time ago and it has worked from nlite .90 or whenever I first got my hands on it back in 04 till version 1.0 (only thing I added was IE pop up blocker settings once those were added). I have never changed a setting and I keep a folder with all my custome files in it so once I'm done nliting I copy those files over. Those files are my winnt.sif, some replaced jpeg, bmps and few wav files i replace also. So if this is not a bug then why now would OOBE not run on first boot? I'm not saying i'm not willing to look at my sif file but what has changed that would cause this issue. I included my sif file for reference. WINNT.SIF
  14. Nuhi- autologon is not set to none and I use my own winnt.sif file. It is the same sif file i have used since nlite inception. Never have changed it. rehbar- I have the "OEMskipwellcome actually set to OemSkipWelcome=1 which I believe is the same as no. I have not changed it in some time. I believe this is a bug. Others have had the autologon issue also even though there sif file is set correctly. This usta happen back before nlite was 1.0. I remember having this same bug then. In my session file I do not select OOBE full compatibility but i never have had to. I'll try that but why would it only now be a problem? THX
  15. I've had that happen lots of times. I just put it back. seems to happen with about every other nlite release but its a very minor bug I'd say. There are a lot worse bugs with nlite 1.2.1. 1. OOBE not working with 1.2.1 2. Strange things disapperaing when you disable unrelated services. Like terminal services gets removed when its neither selected for removal nore disabled. 3. Removed Languages & keyboards and fonts not being removed when used with ryan's update pack 2.1.3. They also fail to remove once nlite is run a second time. I cant seem to get ryans integrator to work either. It just errors on me with INI error. So all this and more is making me go back to the last stable release of nlite. However I still highly appriciate nuhi's effort. Nlite is a great app.
  16. There must be something else. I put back auto update and it still does not work. I have also made sure that all the 5 items are not removed and IE 7 does not work. What else could it be?
  17. Does this issue occur with direct integration or only with SVCpack? I mean if you leave off Auto update and direct integrate, will IE 7 work? Duh you did answer that .. Nlite denies.. I'm to tired today.
  18. Network: Internet Explorer Operating System Options: IE Core, Logon Notification Services: Automatic Updates & System Event Notification Ahhh so that explains why IE 7 does not work. Darn I have to keep automatic update. Can anyone confirm that? I hate Auto anything. Also Nuhi can you add what parts are saved when you check those combatability boxes. That would help a lot.
  19. This is why M$ sucks. I two have a none bootable windows xp disc I use. I got a friends copy and I use that with my key but who knows if I'm even legit. I freakin HATE M$ and now they have WGA making our lives even worse. We need to rise up against this BS. Come on people.
  20. Darn it. I just made another CD and OOBE failed to start again. I had hoped I would have found the problem with this by not disabling any services. Yet I have changed all services to either default or auto. None are set to disable. I still dont have OOBE running and its not removed. Does anyone have any idea why OOBE will not work? The last version of nlite did not have this problem (1.2). Anyone have a clue why this is happening? I have included my last session ini file. LAST_SESSION.INI
  21. Not a chance. I always make sure I keep oobe. Only possibility is a bug that seems to be in the services tab in nlite. For some reason certain services being set to disable seems to cause unrelated items to get removed with nlite. I wish someone could confirm this bug besides me. I am trying a new install today with no services set to disable. Perhaps everything will work as it should.
  22. hmmm.. well WMP11 would never find its way onto my pc. Media player classic. Nuff Said.. I think if anything it might be a services bug. wstest can you post your last session file. Maybe we both removed or disabled the same service. I've noticed the services seem to do some wacky things. I posted my file for you. THX AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This sucks
  23. In some of my posts Nuhi has said there is an issue with either removing or disabling services with nlite. It seems that its more trouble then its worth really. Everytime I use it something strange happens and either something I want is gone or some other service is not available. I would recommend making a new disc and keep all services default and trying not to remove any. See if the same thing happens then. I bet your problem will go away.
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