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  1. Nuhi- So this may also explain why terminal services gets removed even though I want it kept. On my last run with 1.2RC I seem to lose terminal services and I can't figure out why. Last time I stumbled upon the answer way back with nlite 99.8B (I think it was that version). Anyway TC disappeared and it was because of some of the Accessibility options being removed manually. I really like the remove feature and would hate to see it go. Perhaps you can tell people what files are safe to put in the remove list. I put notepad because without removing it notepad 2 will conflict and I want notepad 2 to be the default out the box. Is there any other way to remove notepad or could you add it to 1.2 final as a remove option?
  2. HA HA.. I work monday can you release it at 5pm EST LOL
  3. nLite installs sudoku software on my machine? Sweeeeeeetttt!!!!! I love sudoku puzzles!!! They rock! UPDATE!!!! I have also scanned my registry for any entries labeled, "solitaire" and "FreeCell". Looks like this is worse then we thought. It appears it installs all types of fun games on my computer now. Shame on norton for not picking this up. HA HA ... I have fallen from my chair!!!!!!!
  4. yeah but I setup a lot of people systems and like to use my disc for those also. So creating them on the fly is nice. ahh well. If anyone is interested you can PM me. Its a simple process and makes OOBE less then 1mb.
  5. Well I hate having to create my user accounts later on after I install. Basicly thats the only reason I use it. I figured others were using it for that reason also. I remember a few threads a while back with people talking about using OOBE for setting up all there accounts in one shot. I still do it that way so I figured someone might find it useful.
  6. String him up for all to see.. Good lord.. So hes a lil full of pride and made a mistake.. No need to murder him and his family and burn his house down. Or is MSFN the new mafia and Nuhi the Godfather. LOL
  7. Uhmm. NO. Files and links on webpages don't get hijacked just like that. And I've NEVER heard of a hack being done to infect a download with spyware like that (and then the individual checking forums 24/7, and on the minute someone says anything, hacks the server again to restore the right files -- with the same timestamp no less). And if they wanted to get spyware spread, they wouldn't have picked nlite. It's relatively well known, but I doubt it's getting very much downloads (relatively speaking), and most of those are coming from users advanced enough to recognize and eradicate spyware, so it would be pointless. That theory makes NO sense whatsoever. And like I said before, the file's timestamp has NOT changed in over 3 weeks. NOTHING's changed! And I just compared the download with the one I downloaded nearly a month ago when there were news about it, and it's identical bit for bit. It's just him having spyware issues, and blaming them on nlite. Nothing more. ok.. well i figured it was at least a feasable explanation. I've used nlite since 04 and never had anything infect my system so I'm not standing with this guy. The possibility of a nlite release going up somewhere and him being redirected to that link and that file being infacted is remote but still possible.
  8. There is a simple explanation for this. That is that the link was hijacked and someone added spywear to nlite 12.rc file. Last I checked thats not impossable. Files on webpages are always getting updated. This was just a fluk. Nuhi obviouslty had no part of it and its some lame-o trying to take advantage of nlites popularity.
  9. Nuhi-- I have found a way to save an additional 2 megs for users of out of the box experience (OOBE). This wont apply for everyone but whoever uses the experience will hopefully find this useful. There are a number of jpg files the OOBE uses to build the image of those few screens. There are about 68 files I believe. What I found is if you replace them with a 1 pixel image OOBE is all black except where the like 1 pixel dot is. You can still figure out where everything is but it makes OOBE smaller. Perhaps this should be an option under OOBE in nlite. Call it no image OOBE. I figure if people are still using cd's like me this will be useful. I can give you the list of files if you think this is valuable.
  10. ohh wait I read your last post wrong. I thought you had fixed it. Ok so your still looking for a fix. I will see what I can come up with when I get a chance to compare our files. If you notice anything post back. This may just be a bug, if it is its most likely tied to something new that is now removable that was not before. If anyone else has any ideas about this, be glad to hear them. THX
  11. How did you get it working without reinstalling? What file/files do you grab to put it back? If thats possible I'll add it to my keep files for later and for now throw it in the windows dir or whatever.
  12. Actually he has not removed terminal services I bet. I believe this is a bug with RC2. I must have terminal services on my disc and always make sure it is not removed or disabled. My latest disc has it removed from services. The most likely explanation is that something else being removed is taking TS with it. The last time I had terminal services disappear I somehow found out what was causing it to remove. Using the remove list is what did it last time (removing 2 of the 5 Accessibility options). However I have not had that happen with my current set of items I remove. So the likelyness is that its something else that does not say it will remove TS but it does. Attach your last session.ini. I would like to compare it to mine. I have attached mine also. I hope this can be fixed or at least we can find the colprit. LAST_SESSION.INI
  13. Yep thats how it normally comes up. But honestly what is normal in windows. ha ha.. This issue I have tested 3 times on a real PC. Without the dotnet 2.0 silent install the issue does not occur. With the silent install it does. Now RyanVM also has a silent install for dotnet 2.0 and he says you must have windows installer 3 installed before. Why I dont know? I also believe ryans is a larger install. If I have to I will just go back to the last silent install that worked for runonce that is not final dotnet 2.0. Thanks for the input here. Can anyone point me towards a silent install of Dotnet 2.0 final that works in SFCpack or runonce? Hopefully below 20megs (7-Zip).
  14. Anyone know of a dot net 2.0 install that installs silent and wont cause this problem. Or does anyone know of a better way of installing dot net that I can do during svcpack or runonce? I had an older dot net 2.0 silent install and wanted the updated final one. So far I cant find one less then 20 megs (7-zip) that works.
  15. t-12 is that after first reboot? The first time you see a gui. If it is I have a way. I use an old trick for installing my drivers still and its basicly a special setup.exe that calls a file called presetup.exe. The presetup.exe is just a batch file and I have added a lot of file moves and deletes to it and they work great. A lot easyer to delete files then, then it is later in the install. If I'm right about the timing then I'll post the files for you. I would have started to use Nlite to add my drivers but because I love this presetup thing I never bothered to switch.
  16. Hiya... Can you fix this problem with your install. Windows Message: The system is not fully installed. Please run setup again. error log in windows install. setuperr.log Error: Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll because of the following error: DllInstall returned error 2147746132 (80040154). This error only occurs after your install is used. Without it my nlited windows cd is fine. So obviously something dotnet changes causes this problem. I have ryans update pack RVMUpdatePack2.1.3. and nlite 1.2 RC. Hope you can fix it. THX
  17. If you can believe this. Its dotnet2.0 that caused this problem. THIS DOT net install. --->> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=75109 The .NET v2.0 - Single EXE Addon I added it to my install and this problem occured. I will try another. Obviously I pick nlite over this LOL...
  18. JasonGW had a problem with this same dll file here. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58582 However his setuperlog was much worse then mine. Has a lot more problems. There was no fix for his so not sure how helpful that is nuhi. Does anyone have a clue what userenv.dll does? google does not reveal much. this is the error again: Setup could not register the OLE Control userenv.dll
  19. hmm it says this. setuperr.log Error: Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll because of the following error: DllInstall returned error 2147746132 (80040154). *** Hmm maybe its nothing with the registry after all. What is userenv.dll? Thanks for the response Nuhi. I also attached the setuplog.txt (rared) That might help to. setuplog.rar
  20. This is the error I get when i finsh up my install after run-once part of my install. I am using Nlite 1.2 RC and ryans RVMUpdatePack2.1.3.7z. Tried with integrator first then nlite and straight nlite. Same result. Windows Message: The system is not fully installed. Please run setup again. Here is what I believe is happening here. This is a reg error obviously. So MS has changed where one of the keys is in the registry and one of my old reg keys is breaking my system maybe. Not sure but thats what I think this error is from. Has anyone ever gotten this error with Nlite? HOW Do YOU fix it in nlite? MS has a fix here: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=320279 THe M$ fix is telling you to go to the registry and thats a no brainer. What I really wanna know is what reg entry do I have that might be causing this? I only have like 500 I use or something. SO finding the right one is tough. Is there an app out there that checks reg entries based on an rtm and then reports back what entry is wrong. That would be one sweet program if it was avialable. The other possibility is that it has to do with something I have removed with nlite and thats causing this issue. I have attached my reg file and my last session.ini in hopes that someone in this great community can help. Nlite RULES THX LAST_SESSION.INI LAST_SESSION.INI REGTWEAKS2.REG
  21. ahhh Hot Fix slip. I got it. Thanks everybody.
  22. dirtwarrior Hey whats hfslip? Post a link to this and give a quick 2 sentences on it. If your using it with nlite I'm very curious. Thanks
  23. Thanks nuhi.. Wow thee nlite guy himself. He was here nOooob.. LOL
  24. Yeah I wanna know how to do this to. That **** error is on every single one of my installs and nothing seems to fix it. Targuel please help if you have a step by step that works for this.. Or anyone if you know how to get rid of this inf error please post. Thanks all

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