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  1. If you just want to integrate then use RyanVM's integrator. nlite has had a bug that always seems to pop up where it removes some things that you do not ask to have removed. Nuhi has fixed it a few times now. Ryans integrator should do what you want. Also in one of the option screens you can find the recompress cabs option in nlite. I do my setup almost all manually, since i have been using nlite for a few yrs now. Once you get more into this, youl discover that a lot of the true customizing must be done that way. Hope that helps and as always use google.
  2. Only thing available in nlite is the keep files list. This should help with some of the stuff getting automaticly removed. There is also an option to not recompress cabs in the install. I cant recall what its called but I know its in nlite.
  3. nlite can remove media player Also there is a setting in power option in windows to tell your power supply to turn off when you shut down. Your Power supply must be ACPI compatable for it to work. There is a override you can trigger in windows power options if XP did not detect the ACPI bios and there should be a registry setting available for it also.
  4. The problem is its not just nlite settings that make them fast. Its reg tweaks and other things they do to it that make it fast. I was trying this same kind of thing because some XP releases don't have my wireless problem. Trying to find everything they did can be hard. Trying to customize what they did can be hard to. So keep that in mind.
  5. I'm not surprised. The nlite setup strips out a lot of what some spywear, viruses and other bad stuff need to run. Without the normal windows junk that they have come to know and love how can a virus writer make something that works in your case. I have for months even yrs run without a firewall and i have never had a virus scanner. I have been hit by viruses about two times in 10 yrs.
  6. just replace (rename) the files in i386 with the ones you want. Its not random but it works.
  7. Wow NUHI... New nlite SWEET... I like the name.. Back to basics.. I cant wait to try this.. Perhaps some of issues Ive had with the last few versions will get reworked out through this version. Or I'll find out there all my problems LOL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Interesting info. I have 4 different adapters. 2 are USB and 2 are PCMICA. I have tried all of them and this issue seems to be consistent across them all. Interestingly I think I might be onto something with this. I am now using a different method for installing my drivers. I am trying 3rd party driver method used by driver packs. This method has a similar approach to what I was using before but is a lot better. I don't know if this will fix my problem but maybe it will. I am testing this to see what happens. If not I have windows 2003 almost configured the way I want it finally and it may fill the gap that XP did perfectly.
  9. I think your right about the cookies.. Its working on this PC.. Ahh well Anyway.. This could be two pronged or even three pronged problem. This is what I have been thinking for a while myself. So there maybe 3 ways you can get this to happen. 1. nlite 2. xpconv.exe 3. combanation of windows updates (however this is the least likely of the three). Other two I have almost prooved them to be the culprits. Your recent issues with your connection have to be something with your router and are most likely some kinda of fluke. I have strange things happen with my internet connection all the time on my unedited 2003 install. Those issues always come and go. However this issue with nlite is consistent and annoying. I cant simple restart or unplug my router and get this to stop. Thats the kind of problem I am having. Take look at your firewall settings on the router. Also consider trying another model router. Perhaps the signal strength from your cable modem is weak. That can cause all kinda of strange issues. Ask comcast or whatever to replace your cable modem. I bet that would solve that. You also mentioned changing sources. I actually had a small piece of this issue go away when I did that. This also affected dial up using a pre integrated sp2 disc at one time. Once I switched away from that pre integrated sp2 disc still using nlite I had no dial up issues. I detirmed that nlite did not like that integrated sp2 disc. I went back to the source I had integrated myself & that problem went away. However the rest remained. I have also changed browsers from IE6 to IE7 and firefox. Issue is with all three and they all act exactly the same. I think dexter inside was onto something with this wireless issue. I also had the occational time of day that worked better then others with wireless. Like I said I have 3 different routers with 3 different connections that I connect to and this still happens. 1 is a 2wire router, one is a netgear and another is a linksys. It happens on all three but the best working one is the 2wire router. One thing I know makes this almost go away is having a torrent downloading. If I have something downloading that keeps a steady flow of data the issue is none exsistent during that time. Restart and you have to get a download going to get your connection going again or wait till it wants to go. I have about 5 wireless cards I can use with the three connections around me I have tried all combanations. Still none edited windows xp or server 03 with no xpconv.exe is the only thing that always works without a torrent downloading in the background to keep the data flowing. What we need to do is it get nuhi looking at this. When he transitioned from .98,.99 or 1.00 to 1.01 this issue appeared. Something he changed then caused this to happen. My girlfriend has her laptop done with the exact same setup (last session, installs and reg's) and the one difference is it was done with nlite .99 or 1.00 I believe. If there is a way to tell I can make sure on this. I have 1.01 of nlite but not 1.00 anymore. If I had that old nlite I bet this issue would go away by using it. 1.01 it still happens. Even with that proof I dont want to use that old version due to limitations it has. However I am so annoyed with this problem if I had it I would use it at this point. So if someone has either .98, .99 or 1.00 please let me know.. I am going to do some hard searches to see if I can find those old versions. If this problem goes away I'll have hard evedence that its not something I'm doing. THANKS
  10. ITinerant thanks for your support. This is issue is definately related to nlite or an update that is part of service pack 2. Here is how I have narrowed it down. 1. I have 3 wireless connections and all are affected the same. However some seem to respond sooner then others. I believe this simply has to do with signal strength. They are all friends connections in my neighborhood, all used on wireless and wired and none of them have issues with there routers. 2. I have tried wired connections and the issue is there usually, but it does not affect the connection after a few restarts. Almost like the connection adjusts to it. OR the interferance does not affect the connection the same. 3. I have tried the following with my nlite disc: A. Nlite config with all my .reg entries removed. I have a lot of reg entries so removing them was a huge deal. I'm not sure how many lines but there are entries for almost everything. A lot from reg forum on msfn, none were bad or broken. I took nearly two months checking them. B. Removed all apps from my install. None of my apps caused this issue. C. No updates after SP2 used. Issue still occurs. Orginaly thought this was related to some kind of update MS released about 6 months ago. D. I have tried all of the above together thinking that some conflict between two of them could be the issue. E. Options within nlite: Not a tweak from the tweak section. I have set none of them and this issue still occurs. I have tried removing no services and issue still occurs. I have left all services in orginal state "all default" and issue still occurs. 3. I have tried a no nlite config with all of my other stuff and the issue does not occur. Leading me to believe nlite is the causer. 4. I have tried windows server 2003 with nlite and all apps and settings and the issue does not occur. However once I use an app called xpconv.exe the issue will start in windows 2003. SO nlite is not the only app that can cause this problem. 5. I have also been told by dexter_inside that this issue is related to ARP packets. He says that nlite breaks a piece of the XP IP stack and causes wireless to look at all ARP Who has requests. Basicly requests for who is on the network. On Wifi ARP is used for authentcation, connection status etc. ARP requests are needed on wifi to keep the connection active. On a working wifi connection these requests are either ignored or discarded and do not flood the connection and causes issues. This is what Dexter believes is happening. However when I used xpconv.exe on server 03 dexter was confused as to how it could happen on 03 without replaceing the stack which xpconv.exe does not do.. Perhaps #4 is the most interesting peice to this puzzle. If we can narrow down the option within xpconv.exe that causes this issue in 2003. Perhaps we can find the option in nlite that also causes this issue. Obviously whatever xpconv.exe puts into 2003 to make it like xp causes this issue with wireless connections. Particualrly interesting is the item that is replaced or changed in 2003 to make it like xp. Whatever that is is our problem. If we can narrow that down only then will nuhi fix this. I also want to note that nlite did not have this issue before nlite 1.0 I believe. Before that version this issue did not occur from my records. I hope someone can help.. THANK YOU
  11. I have been a long time nlite user (since 04) but in the last 6 months something terrible has happened with every nlite disc I build. No matter what way I do it, this problem still occurs. My problem is with wireless internet. After every nlite build I can get connected to wireless but I get either slugish network connections or no response from some pages without hitting refresh 100 times or opening up 10 copies of the page, in which one will open. The believed problem is something to do with ARP requests that are flooding my connections allowing for nothing to get through HTTP traffic. I know some about networking but not enough to solve this problem. I know the following about this problem: - Both Wireless zero config and event viewer are unchnaged in my install. I also preserve DHCP and networking in nlite. - It somehow does not occur on nlited windows 2003 unless you use XPconv.exe. One of the options in XPconv seems to unleash this issue. I remove basicly the same things from server with a few exceptions. - This does not seem to affect wired internet as much. When you first connect it does but then after opening a few browser windows the issue will go away. Once restarted a wired machine will not continue to be affected like a wireless one. - Downloads through others apps are completely unaffected. For example: a torrent file on wireless is not affected. - Seems to affect some web pages more then others. Some pages are more sensetive to the problem. Biggest problem pages for me are: ebay, yahoo mail & msfn, and sometimes even google. - Pages without logins or data that needs to be sent out are almost not affected. I Have posted about this problem many times without any solid answers on what it is & how to fix it. I have decided to try to go to windows server but when this issue occured on that OS after using xpconv I broke down and decided to come back to XP. Whoever has a possible answer please suggest away. I will post my last session if needed but nothing strange has ever been found in it.
  12. Sweet I've had this issue to.. At least I know what that was now. Thanks
  13. I've always wondered do they both apply the updates the same way? There must be a slight difference between them. When you use ryans with the integrator then nlite you get different size results then when you use nlite for the whole thing.
  14. Sweet. I wonder if my mysterious problem has been fixed. I'll check it out. Thanks for the continued support Nuhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Dexter Knows best. Become an OEM reseller. Sounds crazy but its not as hard as I thought it would be.
  16. The services disappearing may be because of you altering the services settings. Trying setting them all to default and see if they come back (dont remove mystreiously). You may also want to check your files you put in the remove list. Strange things sometimes happen when you put a file in the remove list (even if it is unrelated to the service). You also may want to check your source. Make sure it is a new source unaltered and check sums match. Also your SP2 update pack is one I've never heard of this may also be your problem, Use RyanVM's. Also post your last session file.
  17. I also was using a disc fully updated till march. I am still testing but appear to have only one outstanding issue related to wireless. No one on this forum uses wireless so I am on my own with that issue. Did yours have IE 7 integrated. If so I am having IE7 crash every time I type in the address bar. Strange issue.
  18. I have never heard of this app. Seems pretty cool. I will look into this. I have built a lot of bootable cd's using floppy emulation. I have even built a multi floppy bootable cd with 25 floppy discs and 3 versions of windows on one cd. There are a few ways to get a cd to boot and not all of them work on all PC's. So I wonder how this statement is possible: "FlashBoot is highly configurable, has many options and was designed to be compatible with all USB disks and BIOSes." Not all BIOSes allow for USB booting so how can it get by that? If you know how thats possibile let me know?
  19. Madhits45

    SVCHOST Error

    ohh ok. Is it just a pop up error? Like svchost has caused a problem with bla bla. Something like that?
  20. Madhits45

    SVCHOST Error

    What? You lost me. Start again? Does this relate to my issue? SVCHOST.EXE sending out ARP packets to unknowns? See: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=95940
  21. Interestig findings. How can I create 3-4 hundred TCP/IP in a short time for a test? I noticed you have utorrent running. What is so interesting is that when I get an established connection like a torrent downloading I do seem to be able to charge through the ARP packets and get some http traffic to go through. My theory is because I'm on wireless if the connection can be utlized enough there is almost not enough bandwidth for this problem to occur. Thats one thing I find really strange about this problem is its ability to take a back seat so to speak. Weird uh. There is still a possibilty that one of the other services holds the bug. Those being DHCP, DNS, workstation or one of there dependancies. Whenever I have killed one of those I have seen responses to HTTP traffic requests. Mostly workstaion. All that is needed for an internet connection is Workstation and DHCP. DNS is not really needed from what I know. Dexter do you have IM. What is your IM name on either AIM, Yahoo or ICQ?
  22. Dexter... Try this.. Go Here: http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/services.htm Then turn on PID in process to see what process maps to svchost.exe. Then you can see what one specificly has the issue. I am going to run a few tests using this method and prove that workstations is causing the problem. The only other possibility is that its a dependant service to workstations.
  23. Dexter not sure why tcpdump wont work. I am using it on my NON-nlited system and it does the same thing. I cant find info online about this app so its no biggie. In any case I think I have uncovered another layer to this mess. I found that when I kill a specific svchost.exe process that is run by the network it has the most affect on the port 80 traffic. What I figured out this morning is that process is one of the services. I traced it back to the workstation service. Whenever i kill the svchost.exe (AKA workstation) I get responses. However then my connection is lost. So this is no good. But worstations is working overtime when it does not need to. So this means the problem is in workstation. So nlite is messing up that service somehow. Nuhi what do you know about workstation service related to 802.11 ARP traffic corruption? Thats our problem. I also shut down DHCP svchost and Wireless zero config svchost but both had little or no affect on the webpages. Wish there was a way to figure out what svchost was what service without trial and error?
  24. Youl have to narrow down what DLL file and what inf fileis needed. I would grab mydrivers app and run it on a regular XP system. Grab the drivers and you should be good. This is how I got printers to work after removing the drivers with nlite.
  25. Disable What? I had just run the program after extracting it. I only have one network connection enabled in device manager.
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