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  1. I may have found out why runonce is dieing. After my first logon my runonce starts and I am using choice.com to pick different programs to install depending on the pc. After I pick the option, the selection gets made and then the command file decides to die. I am using call to open up the other cmd file and it opens it and then dies. I have tried both ways choice 1 where the orginal cmd file continues and the other where it calls the other cmd. Even when it continues the file from orginal cmd dies after a certain point, however its later. Has anyone used choice.com and may have an explanation for this. Does it have to do with explorer loading early? Or something else? When I use choice.com in testing this does not happen. Also could the legth of the cmd file be a reason?? Or some sort of windows refresh? Should I move my guirunonce to launch at a different time. Although I have no idea how to do that. Anyone that can help PLEASE POST...
  2. I would like this two.. That would be very helpfully.. Where do you get it Astalavista
  3. Hi ALL, I have been reading and really have learned a lot from all of the great info on msfn.org. Just from reading posts I have gotten really good at making unattended winxp cd's. Anyway onto my questions. I have recently used nlite to make a new sp2 cd. I am having some problems that it seems no one else is having with sp2. First of all my guirunonce exits after a short period of installing some of the apps. Its at different points and I believe its because explorer loads early and causes it to exit. Is there a fix for this? What can I do to stop explorer from loading during the guirunonce? I tried taskkill but since explorer loads before taskkill can do its thing it kills the guirunonce. Also it may not be explorer loading that causes guirunonce to die. I'm just guessing. What i was thinking was spliting the guirunonce into 3 parts as now its in 2 a unpack/replace cmd file and a install apps cmd file. I may have install part 1 and part 2. If the exiting has to do with the length of the cmd file. Has anyonce had trouble with long cmd files? Also according to unattended.msfn.org you have to put autoupdates=yes to stop sp2 from asking about it. Yet what if you have completely gotten rid of win update? will that cause it to turn on again? or someything? There are a few other minor problems I'm having yet I will post them when i get back to my main machine and look at the logs. Any help would be great. Id also like to know what is the program that allows you to make any install silent. I have 1 install that i have to actually do something with. Also any tips and tricks or thoughts with sp2 unattended would help alot. New entries for winnt.sif I also found something that will help with custom ntoskrnl.exe building. There is a new version of booteditor as you know. The old one is the only one that will make the exe's now. A trick I tried worked. Take all the files from the new booteditor and use them with the old booteditor. You can now make exe's for MP sp2 ntoskrnl with this trick. COOL uh. Anyway any help on the above problem would be great.
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