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  1. I got it to install on my Gigabyte Z87X-OC Force mobo with a 4790K in ACPI-MP mode by disabling the serial port in the BIOS but there is another problem: the mobo has a PLX chip that is used for all the red PCI-E slots, the (re)installation of the chipset drivers doesn't fix the error which is found in device manager: the device cannot start because it cannot find resources for it to use, have to disable other device to enable it this error is shown on the "Intel(R) Xeon E3-....PCI Express x16..." "device" but it doesn't say what other device - so I search manually the IRQ/MEM/IO add
  2. is it in any way possible to allow execution of processes that utilize SSE2/3/3.5/4/4.1/4.2/5 instructions to run ? is it possible to add to win2k the functionality ? I think this will require adding to the kernel the ability to save and restore SSE2/3/3.5/4/4.1/4.2/5 registers for processes, and with the recent modifications that allow some NT6 softweare to run then maybe also AVX/AVX2 instructions ?
  3. had a similar problem after manually integrating the DirectX 11 update for Vista, the solution is to boot again from the disc and at the windows setup press Shift+F10 for command prompt then chdir to C:\windows\winsxs and delete the files cleanup.xml and pending.xml, if your windows drive is not mounted use the mountvol command
  4. YE ! my windows 2000 boat is AFLOAT - THANK YOU ALL and blackwingcat ! (and this message is being written on windows 2000 !) I didn't have onboard serial, it turns out that the nLite integration of the drivers was messed up because it was done after the HFSLIP, so I started from scratch and performed the INF and AHCI driver integration before the HFSLIP process - and it worked ! so what is up ? ACPI-PC and ACPI-MP cause the freezing of the setup at "setup is starting windows 2000", MPS-MP causes setup BSOD, after installation changing from Standard-PC to ACPI-MP causes BSOD at boot - all t
  5. is the Radeon HD 7950 driver works ? I see you have 780 Ti so I guess it work, I will have 780 Ti later, too with ACPI-PC system is stuck in "Setup is starting windows 2000", same with standard-PC and ACPI-MP and MPS-MP I tried all the options in the F5 menu including not using the F5 menu, they all make it stuck at "Starting windows 2000" I have mobo gigabyte Z87X-OC Force with bios 10b I tried to integrate INF and AHCI drivers with nLite but it didn't help, I don't know if the AHCI drivers I am using are effective because my BIOS is configured to use IDE mode and the southbridge is
  6. blackwingcat, I have been glancing at your work on windows 2000 and I notice how much you invested in it, such dedicated work on supporting windows 2000 makes me want to go nostalgic again. I have a Haswell system and I do like older versions of windows. (right now I am running XP x64) but I am wondering, why would you and the community that is focused around the project would invest in such a great undertaking ? what are the reasons and motivations to support and develop this platform ? what are the benefits from running windows 2000 ? why isn't it easier to run windows 2003 ? with native x64
  7. not using and never have used sysprep, I would like to know how, but the instructions that were provided for SP1 integration weren't clear enough for me, I simply gave up on service packs and updates to get vlite working, i don't need them how small did you manage to get your installation ? you have any suggestions for me, maybe some batch I could try to remove more ?
  8. I've successfully combined four deletion procedures on 7 Ultimate RTM x64, reduced the size of the installation to 1.73 GB: 0. create a virtual machine with a standard 7 ultimate x64 RTM install (I recommend virtualbox), install the vista WAIK on it (6001.18000.080118-1840-kb3aikl_en.iso) and vlite 1.2 (install 1.1.6 as well if you want to save the wimfltr) 1. Guest(VM): run 7xtreme64, do the DISM removal (as per the instructions in the xtreme64 manual!): "mount.bat", "removal.bat", "commit.bat" (don't forget to copy the sources\setup.exe to sources\setup.exe at destination afterwards) 2. Gues
  9. nice tool, thanks, not all that big when it comes to removal but it leaves a fully functional image even with everything removed, it's an extra weapon in the arsenal I have made some progress making a lite RTM version, got it down to about 4GB so far, vlite 1.2 doesn't work for me so I am using 1.1.6 which is much more functional and stable, with the help of dead0's bat's the winsxs is down to about 1 GB
  10. I am also looking into making a lite 7 x64 sp1, I've already spent a couple of days trying to figure out what method to use and which guide to follow, so far no go, you may have better luck if you give up SP1 and use RTM(SP0), it seems to be better supported in vlite and there appear to be more batch-based removal procedures for RTM than for SP1, they seem to rely on vlite nonetheless, I think the best would be to combine all three extreme batch removal topics (if that is even possible) to make a super-lite 7, I am willing to give up SP1 (and all future SPs) for a super-lite edition, if only I
  11. trala I didn't fully understand your process, but if you managed a 250 mb install.wim, that probably puts you in first place, I am on the extreme removal side of things and so far my efforts are only able to produce about 1.3 GB install.wim 7 x64 SP1, that's after a whole process of rt7lite and then vlite 1.2 with almost everything removed in both of them, there can't be that big a difference between SP0 and SP1 can there ? if I give up SP1 and decide to use only SP0 and use both rt7lite and vlite 1.2 on it, will I get 250 MB install.wim ?
  12. I can't see/find the option "component cache (winsxs)" in vlite 1.2, where is it supposed to be ? Isn't it in components menu ?
  13. from the beginning: (is that right ?) 1. install WAIK 1.1 for vista SP1 2. use GimageX as done on post #105 3. use myselfidem's instructions as on post #166 but what components are not removable in vlite ? and how much can be deleted from the 7 installation ? I missed the part that deals with the actual deletion
  14. I think that problem happened because I was using an x86 platform to operate on an x64 vista, when I used an x64 platform it worked fine without making the mentioned directory
  15. the processing takes place and then when it reaches this point (after the counting is finished): the vLite window disappears and that's it, I've tried vLite 1.2 and vLite 1.1.6 Last Session.ini
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