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  1. no I dont use autologon, and did not check it. I do use OOBE to setup my accounts on first boot. Now I get my admin account on first boot and have to login before runonce starts. Only option after getting in as admin is to manually create user accounts I want. Well there is the option to setup user accounts in advance but I hate that because I like to use a different names everytime (something unique to each install or pc).
  2. you used it for your company? i dont think nlite allows that. prepare to go to jail. -- on your question, youre better off reinstalling. LOL JAIL.. Is that what were telling all the new users. I was using burn in HE**.. So glad I got that cleared up. :-P Yeah who would want indexing services... That service is the worst one M$ ever added to windows. Just My 2 cents
  3. Yeah nlite is not a corp app. So you might be SOL. The best you can do is either find where the keys are in the reg and kill them for new user's or post a note for all PC users in the lab to do this when those prompts pop up.
  4. yep this is the OOBE issue I posted about earlyer. Nlite 1.2.1 bug. This was an old bug that has come back.
  5. Madhits45

    WMP 11 final

    Dont use WMP 11. Its promotes MS bloated software & there failed media format. Use media player classic. It simply gets the job done. Nuff Said
  6. I get to the login with administrator and do not see OOBE like I normaly do. Worked with last nlite 1.2. Has anyone else seen this or am I the only one? Perhaps its something else causing OOBE not to run before first login? Any ideas Anyone's feedback would be appreciated. THX in advance
  7. What is the actual problem here? There usta be an inf error when those boxes popped up at first login. Now nuhi has fixed this and the error is gone for me. So what is the issue here?
  8. Yeah if someone can make an office tool like this it would be great. I have been using my same office 2k3 pack to silent install office using a mst file I believe. I have never done an office update becuase I dont know how to slipstream them into my install. So a tool like this would be great to add updates and silent install with my own options.
  9. I use it during svcpack and still get the error. This new one works though.
  10. Sweet. I figured I was screwed after ryans failed earlyer.
  11. RogueSpear's gives you windows is not installed error. So do a few others. Ryans I am testing today.
  12. I would love to find out how to do this. I use mht cuz its a great format. Why its tied to outlook does not make much sense. Also why is windows picture and fax viewer tied to user account pics. I'd love to seperate those two also. Windows pic and fax viwer is a dll file which sucks. Wish it was regular exe like most apps. Maybe outlook has a dll that makes mht work.
  13. try msconfig2.. its better and might not have the problem. Thats what i use better options to.
  14. coucou- I guess you dont have a seperate network reg file like I do. I keep one specific for those entries to narrow down problems. Seperating them out would be tough. I did it some time ago to fix issues and make it easyer to find problems. If you can do that I'd like to see if we both have something thats the same and maybe causing network slow downs with IE and other apps. I also have that 40-60sec wait time that you have with IE. Wireless however seems to be faster when opening a webpage first time (10-15sec's). Wired is my issue and its both with IE6 and IE7 so its something else for sure. If anyone has a suggestion I'd be glad to hear it. ANYONE.. THX
  15. hmm perhaps you have some of the basic stuff not setup for sharing. If it is setup right then its most likely some kinda of reg entry that is wrong. Post your reg entrys for networking and maybe someone can find a problem in them. With all the windows updates I have noticed many reg entries get broken over time and some actually make things worse instead of improving things. I think I might start a thread on network reg entries and finally get a definative list of the best ones to use based on connection type. Does anyone know if someone else has already posted such a list?
  16. Isn't this install the regular .exe install from MS how can this be integrated? I figured there had to be a 7zip or cab to be added to nlite. Unless your talking about manual upgrade where theres a command to extract and upgrade source files. Do we have to do that with this? Anyone know where the instructions are on that? THANKS
  17. Wow sweet.. early. Hey who has an IE7 without WGA that you can integrate? I know WGA is an issue for some but ryan cut it out of the update pack a while ago. I tried the standard IE 7 update on my legit install (ryan 2.1.3 and nlite rc 1.2) and it freaked and hangs at the check validation screen. So thats why I'm asking. PM if you dont want to post here. THANKS NUHI
  18. Do any of you have trouble with Internet explorer 6 or your internet connection being unresponsive when you first get online? I only use IE but whenever my girlfriends wired PC gets online its almost like it needs to warm up and takes a while to get a page to appear even though we have an IP. Same goes with the network although I dont have this error pop up. My wireless machine seems to have a simular problem but you dont wait nearly as long.
  19. minigun can you provide your hex edited winlogon.exe here. I would like to play with it.
  20. Sweet Nuhi- Any word on the Terminal Services issue? Were we onto something with the remove list idea? This problem is also happening to MasterJukey here and he does not use the remove list. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=85046 Only common thing I saw was that we both edited the services to manual on a few of the same ones. So I plan to try to move a lot of services back to default on my next install and see what that does. If anyone has input on TC.. Please advise.
  21. Hmm my last install of dot net did not require it. Wait is Windows Installer 3 something that microsoft would send out in an update pack. Thus it would be in ryans update pack. If it is then I would already have it. I use his most recent update pack. Maybe his install will work then. Can someone confirm WI3 would be in a MS update (aka ryans update pack)?
  22. Looks like ya got some wingdings in there. Thats no good.
  23. Ryans install requires windows installer 3.0. I hate to add something else to my disc that is only needed for one app.
  24. I was installing dot net during runonce. Like I said I discovered that taking that dot net install out made this error go away. If there is another dot net install you can recommend I will give it a go. I have Rough spears and plan to test that tonite. Nuhi was onto something with the remove list. I have a feeling that the remove list might be causing the issue I have with terminal services being removed. Not sure how related it is to this problem. I plan to also try to move a lot of services to default on my next install and see what that does.
  25. MasterJukey please report back what you find on this. I am curious as to what it is. I am also researching this same problem with Nlite RC 1.2. Last version of nlite did not do this with the same files used except newest Ryan update pack.

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