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  1. Yeah I'm lost I tried this on my nlited box and now on my none nlited box and all i get is the following. I have left it running for hour again. Must be something I'm missing.
  2. Dexter.. Ok I cant figure this thing out. I run TCPDUMP.exe and it does nothing I ran it for like a hour and nothing changes on the screen. Says listening to device <bla bla bla> but nothing happens. How does this thing work? I read the instructions and it seems like you dont have to do much if you have only one network connection running.
  3. Interesting. If nlite can cause it there should be a way to stop it. I swear this did not happen before 1.0 of nlite. Also I could not find that app at the link you gave (TCPDUMP.EXE). I was able to find it somewhere else though. I am going to give it a try sometime tonite. I would bet at this point my results will be the same as yours. About IPv6. Is there a way I can use that in XP at least for my port 80 traffic? From what I have read its still preliminary and not ready for widespread use. ISP's and the internet as a whole need to be upgraded to work with IPv6. If I can get around this bug by using it I will. Also have you been able to make a nlite XP config that is not subject to this bug? Like I patch the TCPIP.SYS file. Maybe that patching causes this? I'm so sick of testing things and having this issue over and over again. I'll take any solution at this point. Thanks
  4. Dexter this is really interesting. I had not thought of this as a possibility. All of the connections I use are DSL based same ISP and 3 of the 4 I use are the exact same kind of router. I did have one router a netgear that I connected to at a friends with no svchost.exe issues (comcast cable). One interesting thing about that configuration was that he had no wired machines connected. All the connections were wireless on that connection which was interesting. Maybe this only occurs over DSL? What about the wired machines connected to the router theory. I know it is not exactly where you were going but seems interesting. Also there could be something in the router that copensates for this (unlikely though). I will have to wait till I get home to test your app under better conditions. One interesting thing is my girlfriend has a PC hooked to her campus network (wired). Someone in the building also broadcasts the same connection wirelessly. She has no issues using that wireless connection. The university itself also broadcasts a wireless connection. Whats different about the campus broadcast is she can not connect to it without getting a bunch of errors. This would most likely be because of the ARP issue (number of machines on the network). I tried to kill svchost.exe and it appeared to work for a short time. I was not aware her pc (also nlited) had this issue at all till today. It does appear that this is an nlite caused problem but what can it be? I hope nuhi can add to this discussion. I'll report back with my findings using your app.
  5. Dexter you mentioned that before. From what I know about wireless traffic. ARP packets are the packets sent that have the security keys as a part of them (WEP, WPA). I know I am not losing just those packets or getting those. I have not done a packet anaylisis but no other traffic is affected by this. How can I check for that? Do you know a good app? One interesting thing is that once I have a large download going like a torrent file. Then my http traffic will work for the most part but this is not an absolute. The pages affected are NOT just SSL websites. I thought this issue was orginally because of SSL traffic. I found out through some more testing that it is not that either. It affects this site and ebay the most. I have the most trouble submitting into those sites. I know its nlite due to all my tests. I had a very strange issue with nlite a while back (1.0 timeframe). When I used the remove list to remove notepad. It effected the services settings. Nlite removed some services I wanted kept, if I left notepad in services were untouched. What suggestions do you have for ways I can find out whats wrong? I am leaning toward it being something that nlite does to my system but worsened by something I do. So some kind of specific setting or remvoed item. I do install my drivers using a watch for driver signing method that is not typical. Maybe there is something there. Any ideas?
  6. Has anyone had any wifi issues specifc to svchost.exe with the newest nlite 1.3 final and there current drivers for there card? I have. What happens is my cards (USB, pci & cardbus orginally thought it was just pci & cardbus) gets errors back or nothing 90% of the time instead of packets. I send out packets but only get back errors or nothing. Some pages work and others do not. The pages that wont load are any pages where I have to submit data to the internet specifically. This issue does NOT affect other types of traffic. Like port 21 traffic, or p2p traffic. That all goes fine just specifically port 80 sent traffic. This also does not affect other types of internet connections. Like wired DSL, or cable. There was an issue with dial up but that does not happen anymore. I have narrowed the problem down and it has nothing to do with the following: Services -- chose default everything and still happens Any specific reg entry done by me (could still be nlite doing a reg entry I dont know about) Any app that I add to the system (I removed all apps from my nlite disc to find this out) Any driver I'm using. I use the same drivers on vanilla windows and everything works. So whats on the list still: Nlite 1.3 final and something it does A windows update sometime between sp2 and feb 2007 Something else I have not thought about, suggestions would be helpful. Whats strange is that I see a number of svchost.exe running under processes. Some run by local service, network service and system. If I kill the right one the http traffic will work with all pages. Usually there are 2x run by services, 1 or 2 by network services and 1 or 2 by local service. The ones I have killed and gotten responses out of are the ones that are using a lot of ram. I killed one using 19k of memory to get on to msfn just now. UPDATE: I just installed windows with only updates and removed nothing. I used my base sp2 disc and updated with ryans pack from feb 2007. I installed and tested the wireless. Everything is working perfect. This means it can not be an update. Only two possibilities left. Help me figure out what one it is? I have checked pcmica compatability and I dont know what I could have removed in nlite that could be so specific to affect only wifi & svchost.exe. My last session file is attached. PLEASE HELP ME Last_Session.ini
  7. Isnt it true that Command Lines reg tweaks should only have current user specific reg tweaks. For example [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ keys? Or can Command lines have any type of tweak you want set globally?
  8. anyone got something on this. Also who knows of a fast way to check .reg files for bad entries?
  9. You have to go outside on nlite and use your own .reg file to add reg tweaks like this. If you want to do that then I can explain how it works.
  10. I'm guessing you want a way to KO this PoP up perminately (reg tweak possibily). I'd like to know a solution for this also.
  11. Dexter... All I get back are received errors on the cardbus wifi cards. I have not analyzed the packets. I know they are not just encrypted packets (ARP's) however because of when it happens. Basicly I send out good packs but get very few good packs back. What’s strange is it only appears to happen on logon pages. Like I can use google and yahoo but if I go to ebay to login or yahoo mail I cant get those pages to work. This lead me to believe it was a secure socket layer issue. I tried starting & stopping the Secure HTML service. That seemed to do something but the problem still occurs. I was lost after that. All USB wifi works flawlessly no errors or anything. So this is an interface issue. I can post my last session if needed but i'm not 100% sure its even nlite. I did not remove anything to do with pcmica cards with nlite. Only possible thing would be the removal of multi use devices. I have a cardbus firewire/usb card and it works fine. So don’t believe those multi use cards would effect this and I have had the same session file for a long time. Thanks for the help!!!!! If you can provide any direction I am up for any ideas. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  12. Who Dares give a guess?
  13. Had the same issue with LookN'Stop and gave it up for sygate. Sygate is pretty close with CPU usage if you need a low hit on cycles. If you get Look n' stop to work please detail your finding. Thanks
  14. Wow Dexter GREAT guide. I've seen your name on a few builds online. I wont say where but awesome builds. We need more brain power in this forum. A lot of the masters dont seem to be around here anymore. The ones that are dont seem to care to much. This guide is so detailed, hope you finish it soon. Amazing stuff, I have a few questions.
  15. Come on some body? Tell me this forum has not suffered a total brain drain.
  16. Also does anyone know this. Isnt PCI and pcmica/cardbus essentially the same thing with a different interface? I'll do some research on that one but I believe they are from my past knowledge. This would indicate a PCI issue if thats right.
  17. Has anyone used any cardbus wifi card on the newest nlite 1.3 final with there current drivers for the card and had issues? I have. What happens is my card gets errors back instead of packets. I send out packets but only get back errors and lots of them. Some pages work and others do not. If I use a USB wifi dongle the errors go away and everything works. I have checked pcmica compatability and I dont know what I could have removed in nlite that could be so specific to affect only pcmica/cardbus wifi cards ONLY. This happens on two machines one is a laptop and the other is a desktop with a PCI to cardbus adaptor. The PCI adaptor has no drivers for it and the drivers for the cardbus cards are the same between both machines and they are the newest drivers. Also I have 3 cardbus cards and it happens with with all of them with newest drivers on both machines. PLEASE offer any ideas you might have. This is a strange issue that I have had for a while and have narrowed it down to cardbus specificly.
  18. Fast user switching is a service. Are you sure you have it running and are all the dependancies running also? For me it works for both but the service has to be running or no go.
  19. Interesting. I have had some wireless issues with XP pro and never bothered to use home (maybe because its sucks). Anyway I never thought about going back to SP1 or sp1a either. I would be worried about all the security issues with doing that. I also do not have exactly the same problem as you but simular. Mine goes like this. I have two PC's both using wireless. One is a desktop and the other is a laptop. Both have the same install CD used that I created with nlite. The laptop can get online fine and opens up a lot of pages but anything requiring a login times out. I also notice that the errors under the status are always increasing but only when I use the cardbus d-link card I have. If I use my onboard I get no errors but still get the timeouts on logon pages. I recently reinstalled and thought this issues was gone completly and had thought I had narrowed it down to my source cd. Turns out only half the problem is gone. Usta be all internet sites (always got an IP though) now its just logon sites. Now I'm not sure what it is. I do know its not related to drivers or the wireless card. I can switch cards between laptop and pc and problem will disappear on desktop. So its something with the config on the laptop specifically. Now that I'm writing this I think I know what it is. One of the IBM sublimental files for xp might be the issue. In any case I still wonder what could make a wireless connection connect but then never be able to open a page up. P2P stuff and torrents always work even if no pages would open and so did other download type things. This issue is so strange.
  20. I was trying to do my own research on new items to remove safely with nlite & also see if I could fix the above problem. I did not want to remove anything that might cause more issues though. Since nlite does not describe very well what some of the items (not all) you can remove are or what they are related to or how it removes them. I tried looking up some of them and came accross this. http://www.bold-fortune.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1006 I have also used the "what not to remove for some apps" topic but it does not cover many of my concerns that this topic by bold fortune does. There still remains one piece of the puzzle. That piece is how and what is removed exactly with certain parts of xp? Knowing that x file and x reg entry were removed with x component would be a huge help. At least now if I get a traceable error I should be able to narrow it down with this topic and the what not to remove topic. If someone knows of a topic that dives into what reg entries are removed with certain parts of xp I would be interested in reading that?
  21. I have a very strange issue that is now only half gone. By changing source cds it seems to have fixed about half my internet connection issue. I started using a MS pre integrated Windows XP SP2 CD about 9 months ago. When combined it with nlite & ryans update pack after septembers release I had some serious issues with internet on both wireless and dial up (before september issue was not there same last session file). There are no errors with this problem. The problem is completely undetectable unless you try to use dial up or use wifi. When connecting your traffic sends out but all you get back is errors or nothing or very few bytes of data. This continues and then eventually the internet will respond sometimes hours or days depending on if you leave the pc on. On dial up this is an absolute nightmare and makes the internet useless. I tried everything I know and started adding back items I had previously removed with nlite. This had no affect untill I decided to change source and then the problem disappeared (even though the sources CRC was good. Now the problem is only on one machine and the problem is different. I usta have the most trouble connecting to login type sites now that is all I have trouble with. They do not connect and timeout with a 404 error. I have a desktop also and have switched the cards between them (both USB or Cardbus). The laptop is the only machine with the issue. So I know it is an installation issue but what. I use the same last session file on both my desktop and laptop so its not nlite. I believe it is a update pack but what one I dont know? I also have tried ryans integrator and had the same results nliting after. I checked my source disc many times and there are no corrupt files and no issues when used as a straight cd. If anything has a clue what caused this I would love to know? I believe it might be something from IBM for my laptop and I'm looking into that.
  22. Sweet.. I finally got my source issues fixed.. So Time now to jump into experaminting again.. Cant wait to try this out. THANKS
  23. I have a question that is related to this. I have a source that has been updated including feb updates (org sp2 ms disc eng) with HFslip. This disc works great with no issues after I just remove with nlite. When march rolls around and MS release ~ 15 new hotfixes can I use nlite and ryans pack to update what I have? Will that work? Or do I have to download the march updates only and use nlite to integrate them? will that work? Or would I have to use hfslip again to integrate the march updates. What way works the best? Obviously hfslip would work but I want to know if ryans pack and nlite are smart enough to know whats there and only add the new stuff. Or if Nlite was smart enough to include only march stuff. I bet some of you have tried this or at least thought about it. Thanks in advance.
  24. Stebooth- I dont know of another way to fix that issue with IE7. This is just a glitch with integration. If you manually install IE7 the issue does not occur. I would ask Nuhi for his help although I dont believe there is a way for him to fix this. I believe nlite just integrates IE7 install which can also be done with the install file itself (without using nlite). I would bet that doing the integration manually outside of nlite still has this issue. In that case all nuhi could do is put in something inplace that would fix this issue after it has occured (which you could do yourself). Also when you include your last session file use the attach file option or attach code option. Either of those will make your post a lot smaller.
  25. To get rid of this. Here is what I do. Get TweakUI & remove the IE icon from the desktop. Hit apply & Ok. Open tweakUI again and readd it. It should work after that.
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