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  1. what is available is ok for me but too bad no one seemed to bother making last 7.x (7.0.9) version (lite extreme). only see 7.0.8 which has a security vulnerability. is AR8 better than AR7 (faster etc)?
  2. what are (filenames) these Microsoft Runtime libraries in question missing from lite extreme (so I can check beforehand if I already got them)? And are they available as separate d/l from MS (distributable)?
  3. hi! I'm looking for AR *micro* or lite exteme (not merely lite) versions of latest 7.x (7.09 or later if exists) and 8.x (8.11). Any leads, please? I tried searching the forum but no luck. The smaller and less bloated, the better.
  4. hi again, this time I'm looking for Adobe Reader 7.0.9 lite/micro. Has anyone created it?
  5. > it has no runtime libraries does it mean I have to have these 3 dlls and copy them to AR8 dir (or system32 if I want them to be "visible" for other apps, too) or else AR8 won't even work/start? Does AR ~actually~ need ALL these .dll to function? ps WXP SP2 doesn't have these 3 dlls by default, does it?
  6. thanks for the opinion - anyone else? what are the diffs between Windows Media Lite 2.4.0 and WMLite10
  7. anyone knows of any other side effects (of disabling it)?
  8. btw: how to enable Real Media streaming in browser(s) in the least obtrusive way? I also need it.
  9. What I had removed with nLite (have XP /w SP2): - Windows Media Player, both 6.4 and 9 - ActiveX control for streaming - disabled option to keep WMP compatibility What I need: - be able to play WM based stream in at least 1 of these browsers (removed IE itself but I'm using Maxthon/Opera/Firefox). - be able to open .wmv files from local hard disk How to accomplish this without re-making new image with nLite and without OS reinstalling? So far I found these options: - Windows Media Lite 2.4.0: [ http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Windows_Media_Lite.htm ] [ http://www.codecguide.com/download_other.htm ] and - Windows Media - WMLite10 - WMLite 2.1.0+ Setup ini file [ http://ksphere.free.fr/site/codecspackage.php ] They seem to be able to get the job done, but I'm not sure (it's not mentioned anywhere) if they work (will be able to play streams in a browser) in case where "ActiveX control for streaming" got removed (can it be restored post-install somehow if needed?). So which one to choose (from the 3 mentioned above) and install in my particular case? Maybe there's also something else I don't know of? TIA!
  10. @Shark007: could you make AR 8.0 EN "even-more-like", similar to one made for 7.0.8 by Vid0 here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...p;p=513735& (compare yours AR 7.0.8 Lite and his - his has even less files/features left yet works ok for me. His is 6.25MB, yours is 7.95MB - please compare files inside both installer - his has fewer files). TIA! ps there's also 7.0.8a out - I'd appreciate Lite version of it, too (Vid0 style prefereably - with the same file choice).
  11. thanks for the link! also found this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...p;p=513735& there are 2 versions of 7.0.8 there: 1st by Shark007 (same as in your link) and 2nd by Vid0, which is smaller than Shark007's. Anyone knows what's the difference between them and which one to use?
  12. and if not, could anyone make one, please? Currently I have: Adobe Acrobat Reader Lite 7.0.5 nLite add-on (File name: nLiteOn_Adobe.cab ; size: 6.11 MB) but it's made in Jan 2006 or even older, and I'm looking for 7.0.8 counterpart. Note: I'm NOT talking about FULL Adobe Reader 7.0.8 add-on which would probably be 2x MB but lite/micro version. ps if not nLite add-on, then maybe someone knows of exisisting AR 7.0.8 lite/micro version which I could use post Windows install for example? thanks!
  13. > Deificient power supply PSU is very good - much more than sufficient for my config. > the list of addons and hotfixes you added only RyanVM UP 2.1.4 - nothing more - no WMP, no IE7 etc. Drivers: same as since years (graphics card: Nvidia reference drivers, NIC - Realtek drivers, sound card - last Hercules drivers). No betas etc. > Please use Autoruns and save a report of what you got. why from Autoruns? nothing special in autorun - only Nvidia CPL thing - as always. No strange drivers/entries etc. And how to save a report in Autoruns - can't see any option.

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