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  1. Am i missing something? It doesnt appears on my brand new win installation...but it doesnt give errors or anything. What would be the install process? Add it to the hotfixes part in nlite and thats it?
  2. Nlite version 1.2.1 Just in vware...i want to finish with the unattended installation before trying in real life... Having problems with daemon tools add on, and dot net 2.0 too.
  3. As a mater of fact...yes...thats 2 pop ups...the first one...and the confirmation dialog with the countdown...really want to get rid of those suckers.
  4. I did that...but i still get that pop up...i dont want to slipstream video drivers, cause like i stated before...i change vid cards from time to time...is there any other way to skip this pop up? Yes...i set 800x600 and all those values in the unattended tab and it keeps poping up.
  5. Thats it guys...im off to make my completely unattended installation...and this is the only thing stopping me. That popup dialog "Windows will now adjust your resolution, click "OK" to continue. " Is there a way to set the default resolution and stop this dialog appearing? Thanx a LOT...i found endless solutions in this forum!!! Victor Sorry for my bad english EDIT: I tried setting resolution, refresh rate and color depth in nlinte...but it doesnt affect anything as i dont use my drivers(ati x1900 drivers) and i dont want to slipstream drivers as i change vid cards from time to time.
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