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    Win7 packages

    I'm looking for this also. Ive got packages.xls but it cant be right. Some of the info is clearly wrong.
  2. I have been trying to understand this also. I have removed from my x86 win7 sp1 source with rt7lite and vlite and gotten the image down quite small but not where i wanted it. There is still more that can be removed and youl find directories within the windows folder of your mounted wim that are massive (winsxs & assembly are 2). There are guides on here of manually deleting files from a mounted wim but the problems are that you can not delete the files without file permission errors because they are protected. Now install_wim_tweak allows you to remove those files without the permission e
  3. IT was a brand new wim saved to a different directory. I cant find whereisit. Can you give me a link to it? I will try to do the rtlite part againa and see if it works ok with vlite. Thanks
  4. aviv00.. I have been trying to get vlite to run with my wim x86 win7 sp1 which has been rebuilt after running rt 7 lite (method 5). I used the apply capture trick with gimagex. This still leads to a problem when using your sp1_2 ini file. Vlite crashes with no error just goes away. I have tried this vlite step on winxp, win7 sp0 and a win7 x64 and its always the same except on the x64 where it says vlite has stopped working and then it asks would you like to close it. I even went back to tried vlite 1.1.6 and its the same. I also tried to remove remove the winsxs from the components removal an
  5. I keep having a problem with vlite with windows 7 sp1 and running from host Win7 Sp0. It instantly crashes in the removing componets part. I am still testing to see if some combanation will make this crash stop. I have tried the apply capture and it still crashes. Hope to find an answer but if anyone has some suggestions to that I would be glad to hear.
  6. Hi all. Just read about 25 pages here, been out of the scene a while. What I am trying to understand is I have a list of packages I want to remove for a language in windows 7 ultimate x86. The list is complete and when I input it into DISM I get errors after about the second package. I think this has to do with the packages/registery being locked. Whatever this install_win_tweak.exe does I think I need it or whatever tool is evolutionaryly better. I tried it and nullify which did not work same DISM errors. So either I'm doing something wrong or there is an evolutionary better way I have yet t
  7. Mark, Like yourself I have always liked the simple search in old XP. Before MS got index happy. Anyway in Win7 I have removed search but the framework of it is still there. It works in explorer and functions like XP's search did almost. I dont really care about it as long as I can do date and file size searches. I use everything search for the rest as its insanely fast. Anyway outlook 2007 breaks the explorer bar search and completely removes it from the UI. It took me a while to track down what part of Office 2k7 was doing it. I should have known it would be outlook. If you keep outlook the s
  8. Not so. When you uncheck autoarrange, it holds that setting when you close the window and even when you restart the PC. I think most people reported the same as well. What it fails to do is make the setting global. You have to uncheck autoarrange for each **** folder you open except the ones you've already unchecked, those remain unchecked. That was my only gripe. Now some even reported @ social.answers.microsoft.com that it worked for them globally, but for most it hasnt. So it seems its not consistent. As someone else mentioned, it may help if you put it into a reg file to get it into wider
  9. Ok not to get really picky. But the topic you pointed to cluberti is for winXP. I tried every single one of the old reg fixes from XP, and Vista before I found this one. Most of the entries are either very different or use new values. MS changed the entries so this feature could not be turned off like it could in the older versions. **amenx** if you had read that topic its only half the answer. Ramesh in his thread only figured out how to make auto arrange show in the context menu. Have you tried to uncheck it and then close the window and go back to that folder in icon view? Or restart? (not
  10. This is why MSFN has gone down hill. I cant believe no one cares here to even make a comment. This is one of the most annoying features in windows 7 and has more complaints then any other bar none. I have figured out how to bring auto arrange back and no one cares? WOW
  11. I've found a solution to MS taking Auto Arrange & Align to grid out of windows 7. I'm coming right from XP so for those of you who knew some of this from vista bare with me. It should be noted that if any feature disappears from a version of windows and it was in the last version you can bet Microsoft just removed the feature from the user interface and most likely its just buried away somewhere. Much like this one was taken away through the registry. Auto arrange is your is feature that Microsoft has forced upon us in Win7 and here is how to turn it off. My fix turns it off Globally but y
  12. Yep it seems like it is. No errors so far in vmware. THANKS NUHI!!! I hope there are none on a real machine. Should be the same though.
  13. Interesting. I was just mentioning some problems I was having like this in another topic. Back when Sp2 had come out. I noticed some strange differences between XP slipstreamed SP2 compared with MSDN XP SP2 pre-integrated discs used with nlite when removing the same things. I was also not using any other customizing apps. I would get very different results from the pre-integrated once installed. Some errors like this one but also internet problems. I eventually gave up and started using 2003. Now I am back to XP with SP3 and I was concerned about those problems coming up again with pre-integ
  14. You may be one of the first to come across this problem. I figured things out by using a synchronizer, in my case ViceVersa Pro (you can download a trial). -That gives you the exact difference between two installation sets. It is probably best to figure that out first. I have beyond compare. I ran the comparison on SP2 integrated and Slipstreamed and there were differences but there were not many differences in the individual files compared. The differences were just dates on the files. However there were more files in the slipstreamed version as I recall. Now I have not done the same with
  15. So no one has a possible answer to this question. Has anyone tried SP3 slipstreamed and SP3 pre integrated with nlite and seen a difference once installed?
  16. I hope someone here can answer this for me. Here is the situation. Back when SP2 came out I had slipstreamed SP2 from my SP1 source disk and then would use nlite on this to remove items. I had no issues with this with nlite or once installed. I then downloaded a SP2 pre-integrated from Microsoft and used nlite on this iso. I removed the exact same things as I did with the slipstream copy. The differences were astonishing once the iso was installed & had some issues with nlite also. I had lots more issues once in the install. Issues with IE6, internet, wireless etc. I came to the conclusi
  17. I agree. Plus Nuhi you would have vlite to focus on more. Making nlite open source would take a lot of issues off your plate. I'm not a coder but I'd love to see how other people may take nlite in other directions. I hope you consider this idea. GREAT RELASE with 1.4 THANKS for all the work. I have had no issues so far with it.
  18. I dont use SFC either. I always apply your patch to stop that annoying feature so I know its not windows replacing the file back or anything like that. Also there is no way I could not use component removal. As for the rest of the triggers the only other one I use is some of the patches for TCP/IP and SFC. It might be something Im doing thats causing the problem Ill have to strip my disc off all my reg entries and other customizations to narrow it down. THANKS for your help though. If anyone else has this problem in 2003 can you please explain the situation and what if anything you did to fi
  19. Nuhi, 1. In general what I'm getting at is I would like to understand some of the stuff that nlite does behind the scenes, the not so obvious things. Like a list of dlls it edits etc, or how they are edited. I think if more of this was understood by some of the members here we could better fix our own problems. OR find what were doing that is messing up nlite. 2. I checked both my syssetup.dll and syssbck.dll they are both correct & in my i386 before install, yet the replacement never happens by the nlite.inf during install. I am not sure why. I have even replaced the original sysssetup.d
  20. NUHI.. There must be something else. I thought this line was missing from my nlite.inf. HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce","nlite_post_s05",0x00020000,"nhelper moveex ""%17%\syssbck.dll"" ""%11%\syssetup.dll""" However it is there and I believe working. Yet I still get the errors in setupapi.log saying that my syssetup.dll is not signed. What else could be causing this? Does the dll need to be re-registered in order to work? I do use my own winnt.sif file but it was one that was originally created by nlite. What line could be missing from that? nlite.inf is run from cmdl
  21. NUHI... THANK YOU, THANK YOU :-). This is the kinda info I have begged you for in the past with regards to how nlite does things. I know you don't wanna give away all the secrets but MAN is this kinda info is VERY useful. I have determined that in my windows 2003 disc that the syssbck.dl_ is the original. The nlite.inf is not replacing the original file back in my case. Nlite.inf is executed from cmdlines.txt. Its done with this line in cmdlines. "rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection nLite.inf,nLiteReg" I did change the order of this file and made yours last. This I dont believe can cause a
  22. Madhits45

    i am sick of it

    sorry nuhi I never used it. Just don't like to put all eggs in one basket. Usually if an install has a problem its easier to find it between the various apps you use then one app that does it all & could have multiple possible areas that could be causing it. Nlite does so much and since I have had issues that approach basically helps me narrow them down.
  23. Madhits45

    i am sick of it

    I know get the Mass Storage driver pack and integrate that using driverpacks base. Nlite is primarily for removing things. Keep it simple and use driverpacks, plus the compression is better with driverpacks.
  24. Madhits45

    i am sick of it

    Two words. Driverpacks & google
  25. That is really strange. I believe it has to do with the registry not being completely created at the time your installing the apps as part of addon's. I believe the current user hive is created after updates are done (svcpack addons). The reason it would work at run once is because the apps are changing the registry after its all setup. Do you have conflicting apps that install after your addon apps? Ones that might be stealing the associations? I myself don't install apps as part of SVCpack any longer due to other strange issues. Theres not much of a difference if you do it during runonce if
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