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  1. PerfectDisk 7 is now installed on one of my test machinces! I'll let you guys know how I like it... I have Diskeeper Pro v9.0.515 and PerfectDisk v7.0.34 installed on the same computer. They both work without conflicts/problems! Still converting over to PerfectDisk.... Very small program when compared to Diskeeper. I like that. Maybe PerfectDisk was written in Assambly Language - cause it source is extreme tiny
  2. Yahh this is cool. I too have been reading about it off and on throughout the last 3 years. The process of making the wafers/cells are made under water. The best way I can explain it is: You ever look at your Water Glass? Get a Clear Glass Bottle or Cup. (Works better if it is not different size at bottom), Fill it with clean water. Place a spoon or object inside the glass of water. Now look thru the glass - the Spoon/object looks bent and smaller. But really it is a refection of light that bends from bouncing off the molecule on the waters surface. Thus making things seem smaller in water. This technique is used to etch more "Lines" /cells into the same wafer. I don't have the Original report. It was first reported to have been working on the project 10 years ago. Sorry I don't have a link, as I read this 3 years ago, and forgot most of the info...
  3. "The National Security Agency/Central Security Service is America’s cryptologic organization. It coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized activities to protect U.S. information systems and produce foreign intelligence information. A high technology organization, NSA is on the frontiers of communications and data processing. It is also one of the most important centers of foreign language analysis and research within the government." (http://www.nsa.gov/about/) The key Word here is "cryptologic ". Search for it via Google for more info.... also search for "Crypthographic", as this has part in it... (Crypthographic Algorithms) Hope this helps
  4. I did this once using "gpedit.msc". You have to search for it... and I think set some Polices too.
  5. Yah those are also nice. They also have the best security! You can install Linux Too... IBM Thinkpad has a "Let me build it:" feature... cool Don't have any recomendations at the time though....
  6. What about my Flying Death-Tiger Titanium Umbrella made by Jet Li ? Even if your a lower Rank the double Bladed Dagger shouild help!
  7. I'm sorry I don't know how to crack or imitate Micro$oft's digital Sig. But I hear there are ways around it. And again I could be wrong, maybe you should try something different? Try searching Google for more answers - as I don't see anymore POST about changing the Lang. Also Longhorn is ment to be a WinImg; not i386-for the moment, and may require XML coding. Longhorn is also still in alpha testing that may cause undesired operation. Try downloading Longhorn in a different Lang version - compare the files... Try Posting here: MSFN -> Customizing Windows -> You might get a better response. Hope this helps
  8. Just wanted to show how much the name cost: Sony VAIO Notebook A690 - $2,900.00 Almost the Same: (No Sony Software) HP zd8080 - $2,400.00 That’s $500.00 difference! You could buy a nice 3year warranty. Here's some more I recommend: Fry's Electronics (Fry's Electronics - Outpost #: 4298794) I really like this one, good name, good price, lots of features... $1,500.00 If you need Firewire, bigger Hard drive, Nicer screen, And faster CPU Fry's Electronics (Fry's Electronics - Outpost #: 4298704) My favorite - $1,700.00, only $200.00 more! The Fujitsu LifeBooks are really nice: Fujitsu LifeBook T3010 - $3,000.00 Fujitsu LifeBook P7010 - $1,500.00 Toshiba: Qosmio G15 - $3,000.00 Qosmio E15 - $2,500.00 Tecra M2 - $1,300.00 Budget; Anything that’s a "Satellite" series. Satellite A70, A75, P35 - $800.00-$1,700.00 If you can afford it, get a notebook, not a Laptop. They are smaller, look nicer, and usually are lighter. Without sacrificing features! Regards, Blam-O!
  9. Go to a Fry's Electronics, or a Small Computer Owned Store, they always have OEM versions available for $89.99-Home, and 149.99-Pro. and you need to also or anything that is considered an internal computer accessory - I think mouse pads and a few others also qualify, just depends who you are buying from:)
  10. Just wondering have you ever bought anything from them? If so, what was it, and what was wrong with it?
  11. LOL - What are those? Used Burned Hand-me-downs? I wouldn't trust it. You are better off downloading it via eMule v44! LOL EDIT: I have seen this kind of things before, there are many other website that offer games as low as $10.00 a CD, (MOHAA, FryCry, Half-Life2, Doom3, etc..), anyways theses "CD's" are burned ISO Copys with included "No CD Crack". It works - I suppose, but is not legal and you may experience Problems since it is non-secure. If you want the real thing go to a Fry's Electronics, or a Small Computer Owned Store, they always have OEM versions available for $89.99-Home, and 149.99-Pro. and you need to also or anything that is considered an internal computer accessory - I think mouse pads and a few others also qualify, just depends who you are buying from:)
  12. The reason it is not working is because the file is not digitally signed by yours truly, Micro$oft - the Sig check is FALUSE! Also might be is cause the Hash file is not correct, could be wrong on that last one. Search the MSFN forums for these files, "shell32.dll", "MCT" and "uxtheme.dll " others are also listed... these files need to be cracked, if you will;) to change other Features/Options via Windows XP. Theses files are not specific to editing the Lang Features, but may help in that area of "Cracking the resource"... I know that 'Astalavista' also posted their own Guide about the shell32.dll - don't know if it will help towards changing the Lang, but it will help towards "resource hacking" - Since that’s what you are doing! Hope that helps ps: Use " , , , Darn, Dang, Oh Man!, Shoot, Crap!, Whoops!...etc... insted of
  13. IthinkIneedanewkeyboard!spacebardoesn'twork Lets hope that Micro$oft can deliver codename Longhorn without any more delays... ROFL, LOL!!
  14. Both (Yes I'am A Computer Tech Geek, **** Proud Too!) Computer Speakers, (Best Sound): Logitech or Klipsch
  15. Thanks! I'll give it a whirl, But do you think Diskeeper Pro v9.0.515 will interfere with the latest version of Perfect Disk? I have three other computers I use for testing, (Different OS's), maybe i'll try that first
  16. Hhmmm....Interesting. I still like Diskeeper though. I use Diskeeper Pro v9.0.515. Diskeeper is still faster - hence it does not de-fragment as many files. But I have never had a problem with it. And I have big Hard Disks, 450GB. It only takes my computer on avg 12-20 min to defrag. Even after big data Backups, (30GB avg), Diskeeper is very fast and there is no problem in redundancy. I only have 22% free space.) Diskeeper does de-fragment the hard drive, but I think PerfectDisk buts the drive in Alb order, where as Diskeeper just de-frags the blocks of data, but does not re-rang the entire drive to a alb order. But I’m only assuming this of curse. Do you, (People) in general prefer PerfectDisk over another Application? As if it is really that good, then I wouldn't mind switching over B) This is the only Documentation I have seen/read about such a difference in the two. (Granted that the free space fragmentation is correct.)
  17. OQO Too bad I don't have the money for it Flat Screen (TFT) or Flat Screen (Tube) (Your Computer Monitor) I can't beleive no one has asked this already!
  18. I must have the pro version!!! I hate the Home verson, Pro is more stable and has less weird problems - I think Tarun is right about the Memory management, even though Microsoft says there is no difference. If running a network, Playing games, or need the extra Security, GET PRO! Just some things to point out: Pro can handle Multi-tasking better - cause it fully supports Dual CPU's. (Hyperthreading too) Supports more memory - networking, Gameing Has more overall features. Here is a complete List, I found on the Web: Home vs Pro Guide
  19. OK, then integrate the Delivery Guy, Find out who stocked the truck, and beat the living $hit out of that person/s.
  20. **** I can't belaive this is for real!! Does Google know about this? Funny as hell though
  21. Main Gaming PC; Windows XP Pro Test PC #1; Dual Boot, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise & Windows XP Pro Test PC #2; Daul Boot, Windows 2000 Advanced Server & Windows 2000 Pro Test PC #3; Daul Boot, Windows 98SE & Windows ME My 1981 Laptop, (Still Works), Windows v3.11
  22. If not working the next day; 8-24 hours, playing games, Tweaking Windows If working the next day; 8-16 hours. Working/Improving my Unattended CD/DVD, downloading...

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