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  1. How to make XP / Vista dual-boot Independently

    Anyone knows how to make the active drive (the one that has the OS booted) become drive C? Like before I had Vista on C and XP on D (if I'm using vista). When I booted to XP, the XP drive became C and Vista drive became D. But now (after a new reinstallation), they stay the same regardless what OS I boot into. Why is that?
  2. Thanks for the reply. But I think I'll stick with pyron or autoit method, much simpler .
  3. As I understand, this method just installs drivers after the first logon into windows, right? So, it's later that the other 2 methods? Because I want my windows to look nice when I first login (having graphic driver installed already), can this method do that?
  4. Drivers from CD: Simple Method

    By saying that this method supports RAID drivers, do you mean that you don't need to do anything at the "press F6..." stage? Does it work with nvidia nf680 raid (if anyone happens to know)? And is there anything that this method can/cannot do while pyron's method cannot/can do?
  5. WinNT.sif error

    Seems to be the same error: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...pid=443833&st=0
  6. WINNT.SIF Problems?

    Besides the creation of drives, you should also check that all the drives that you use (D & E) are formatted, 'cause windows setup cannot automatically format those 2 drives for you (should manually do it).
  7. In the guide, it says, "RunOnceEx can be used to replace [GuiRunOnce] completely. They will both run at the same time". But "The GuiRunOnce section is where you set the paths to batch files that run when Windows XP Setup has finished. These batch files run when the Admin account (or your own user account) is logged in" and "RunOnceEx: we will need to import the registry keys during GUI-mode of Windows Setup by using cmdlines.txt which executes a series of commands during the T-12 minute stage of Windows XP Setup". So, at T-12 cmdlines executes all other commands and saves RunOnceEx for after the first log in?
  8. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Command Prompt Here\command] @="cmd.exe /k cd %1 "
  9. EDIT: seems that RunOnceEx can do the trick
  10. WINNT.SIF Problems?

    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...1&Product=winxp Did you create all corresponding drives (C, D, E) in your virtual machine? If not, try changing your Documents & Settings folder to the same drive that you install windows on (for virtual machine only, of course). It would work on real machine, however.
  11. Is there any way to separate HKLM and the others? EDIT: got it. Seems a bit time-consuming. First I choose HKLM tweaks, save as 1 reg file. Then, choose the rest ...
  12. Thanks . I see many options in this GP settings. Will learn more about it.
  13. How do I disable other users' ability of changing some settings like "Folder Options" and "Display settings" and stuff. I can't seem to find how to do that.
  14. Sorry for the word, not really "many", just "some" As far as I go (intermediate), I've found the following: _ In the OOBEINFO.INI Method of creating user accounts, the INI file should be placed in "$OEM$\$$\system32\oobe" instead of just "$OEM$\$$\system32". _ In the "Drivers via CD -> Prepare Windows Source files" section, the file SETUP.EX_ should be extracted from I386 folder, not the source folder. I'll add more if I find one. _ In the reg tweaks section (which is giving error now), you can give the link to the 2 threads about this Part 1 Part 2 And the Utility
  15. At T-39 my setup doesn't have a progress bar either. But just wait a little more till about T-35 or T-30 it will appear.