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  1. I like a little of each: Dan Ackroyd Damon Wayans Jerry Sienfield Jeff Foxworthy George Carlin Dane Cook Jeremy Hotz Jim Carrey chris rock Billy Conolly Lee Evans Steve Martin Richard Pryor Robin Williams George Carlin Ron White The Wayans Bros (Not specficly in order)
  2. I’ am thinking about investing on a Titanium Umbrella made by Jet Li ... Flying Death-Tiger Product Info, specs: No matter what elements you face: rain, wind, sun or even crazy people this incredibly lightweight titanium umbrella holds up to any abuse your opponent can dish out. Super-lightweight flat frame design with a 42-inch polyester-covered arch keeps you dry and protected against all know attacks. Black anodized aluminum shaft with black anodized aluminum and titanium reinforced ribs keep the weight to a minimum with precise balance for hand to hand combat. Vented anti-wind canopy is aerodynamically designed to resist inversion in high winds and kicks. Sueded rubber-coated handle improves your grasp on those wet, bloody days. Closes to a compact 8.5 inches long, making it easy to take along anywhere and conceal from the Police. Jet Li’s personal Signature of death is crafty hand carved and gold plated into every order! (Don't forget to Ask about are optional accessory’s; Poison Dart Gun in shaft, Shock Absorber for wrist, Double Bladed Dagger.) Imported from China. What do you think, is it worth buying eBay; Only $200.00 online, comes with Double Bladed Dagger, New, Can ship anywhere in the USA. (No picture at this time.)
  3. Being past two days is it still too late to say Happy Birthday!!!! and for your Birthday Present heres a new POST, you computer geek
  4. I had the same problems back when I was in School, but truthfully zprog said it best. So what are your New Grades? Any hint of them going back up where they should be? Finishing School with good grades is soo important!!!! Good luck and best wish’s.
  5. ****, Can You Say Lawsuit? I always have problems with UPS, but not FedEx, Glad to know they are sending you a check. Next time beat the $hit out of the person who deliverers it LOL...
  6. Well I'am well aware of that. Good to know you haven't had any real problems. BTW, Flash Memory is Solid State, MicroDrive's are not; MicroDrive Info I think thats what you ment thanks anyway
  7. I like the Sony's - but they are too costly. you are paying more for the Name. But if you own A Sony TV, Sony PDA and a Sony Dig. Camera, they can all use the built in Sony Stick Reader. Also Sony is known for being more multi media ready. By giving you more software, made by them of curse... But on the other hand get a HP computer if money and value is more important. You will get a good decent laptop at around $1,000.00. Spend a little more and get a Toshiba. They make better laptops. Around $1,250.00. Or if money is not a issue get a really nice Fujitsu laptop!!! They make some of the best PC based ones around. Light weight, clear bright screens, long battery life, good accessory’s.... $3,000.00. Of curse almost any brands offer you more features the more $$$$ you spend! Don't get a E-machine, Gateway, or any other no-name brand. Dell is ok I guess. If you want a gamer Laptop, you should get it specialized by Alienware. They do both Desktop and Laptop Computers. More info: Alienware I also would buy a good Warranty. Laptops are Preparatory and that makes it very hard to work on them and get parts. But really I personally wouldn't spend more $1,500.00 on a laptop if only using for Word processing, School. Since as we all know the minute you open that brand new box, it is already old and outdated.
  8. Well, first make sure that both windows and your BIOS recognizes the whole hard drive. If you installed all the chipset drivers then you will be fine! And if windows recognized your full Hard drive during Setup without any other third party drivers, I don’t see any problems. But just double check everything is well by going to your Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager. And check to make sure there is no ?, !, or any conflicts. Hope this helps.
  9. I love Maxtor hard drives, and I have been a IT Computer Tech For 10 years. Although 7 years ago WD was the better one over Maxtor, and (so was IBM at the time.) But now I prefer WD first and Maxtor second. Side Note: Maxtor has gotten a lot better over the years, while others have gotten worse... So it just depends really. OEM hard drives are also good for saving money, since they don’t come with extra hardware, and some people don't need it. You can buy an extended warranty From WD up to 3 years I believe for about $8.00 a year for most hard drives. Some OEM Hard Drives are not the same Identical disk though. Some small differences can sometimes be seen. Theses Differences will Only affect you if you really need the Extra Performance. (Extreme Gamers, Servers, Crazy People....) Example: Retail, 80GB, 7200RPM, 8MB buffer, ATA 100-133, 2 40GB Palters. Avg seek time 8.1ms. Example: OEM, 80GB, 7200RPM, 2MB buffer, ATA100-133, 1 80GB Platter. Avg seek time 9.5ms. Also sometimes Companies will use lets say, less quality parts to full-fill the order on OEM's. Not always true and there is always plenty of room for "Other", but this is just an Overview - if you will. In the long run all hard drives die eventually, a lot depends on how it was used, and the environment it was used in, and also Maintenance on the drive, cooling, formatting, Shocks, etc........ But really any hard drive will work. My 0.00001 cents worth.
  10. I too have an iPod- Mini4GB, and never will I buy one again, they have too many problems. Since all it is a 4GB Hitachi MicroDrive, which means it is very prone to failure. Of curse I knew this before buying one, I figured a iRiver 512MB cost $300.00. And a 10GB iPod cost $300.00. So for the money iPod has it all. Just make sure you buy a warranty!! I have had to replace my iPod 3 times already! (Once because I dropped it down the stairs ) But the other two times it just died. I take really excellent care of my iPod knowing that it is prone to failure, I don't leave it out in the heat, keep it away from moister, Only I use it, And I very carefully move it around!! And still it died twice. Along with putting the iPod back in the charger, try resetting it using a paper clip inserted into the back.. or do a Hard Reset by using their Software. Install Their Software to do a Hard Factory Reset, WARNING this will Delete the System Root, So it will delete, (Forget), your music!!! If all else fails, did you buy a In-store warranty? Like Best Buy:) I have had to reset mine twice, the other time Best Buy Replaced it .
  11. AAAHHHHuuummmm, No I don't trust them ethier.
  12. My vote for "RegSupremePro v1.0.0.22". Which is based off the free version of "regcleaner". But the Commercial version has way more features and runs fast even on slow computers. They also have a RUN version, so you don't have to install anything - works great over a network! But if you don't want to pay for it, use CrapCleaner. Home Page
  13. Re-Install Stlye 3.0 But maybe that will fix the problem... I once had a client who was suffering from the same problem. *FIX*: * First make sure you have Admin Privileges… * Turn Off System Restore, And Disable its “Service” via the Admin tools. (Not msconfig). * After you turn off the System Restore feature Restart the computer. * Delete ALL Temp Files including ALL User Accounts “Local Settings”, and any “Windows” dir TEMP files. Ex; “X:\Documents and Settings\Blam-O!\Local Settings\Temp” Ex; “X:\Documents and Settings\GaMEr’z OnLy\Local Settings\Temp” Ex; “X:\Windows\Temp * Optional: Run Webroot Window Washer v5.5.1. * Next, Run: “RegSupremePro v1.0.0.22”. Do a Registry Clean, Both Normal and Deep. Select All - Fix all errors. (Trial/Demo version won’t do this!) * Download and Run the latest version of TweakUI. Use the “Fix Icon Cache” feature. * Restart PC. * Turn back on System Restore, (I hate it), and Re-enable its Service to Automatic. (If you really want to turn it back on is up to you.) *Done* This worked great on a client’s computer with the same problem.
  14. I don't have any use for a mail server, but my buddy has been using SurgeMail for a while now. He really likes it! "SurgeMail is an advanced secure easy to manage and install high performance email server. It supports any number of users or domains, virus scanning, spam filtering, integrated webmail access, integrated WAP support, and fast browser based administration tools. And all relevant RFC protocols POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, LDAP, HTTP, TLS/SSL. SurgeMail also includes optional calendar, file sharing, instant messaging, forum, and chat room modules." More info: SurgeMail
  15. Out of curiosity did you test it on an older model, since they mentioned that the newer models may possibly use a faster CPU - Like the iRiver? That’s too bad it didn't work as good as I was hoping. I wanted to try it on my iPod mp3 player slow - you mean the Linux ver, or the iPod firmware?
  16. A little off topic, but really cool if you are into this kind of thing: Put Linux on your iPod, and still have all the functionality of your iPod... Can be used to transfer files to another iPod without a computer, and possible play ogg files. Click on Link for more info: TechTV Basicly some guy got the Boot File off the iPod, so now we have iPod Linux Frimware. I know there is already other hacks for the iPod, bt I think this one will go further...
  17. Ha ha this is funny, after reading your POST, I too had the same problem the very next day. I had Burned Longhorn Build 4074 on an Overburned 700MB CD. (733MB). But it only happened on my Dad's Soyo MB equipped with an AMD CPU... go figure. (Nothing against AMD). So I had to Burn it to a DVD, then it worked fine. The Overburned CD worked fine with my Asus MB equipped with an Intel CPU.
  18. Cool, but what are the specs, or Edit your post and add a "Link" please.
  19. Thank God for that! One more good reason towards Windows98SE. Although; if using 1GB of Dual Channel mem, 10,000 RPM SATA Hard Disk, and a flying Fast Processor with a fully Supproted MB - you can install XP in less than 12 min.
  20. lol, that might be the next step, just like when they integrated onboard video...
  21. I have been using Diskeeper Pro for years, and all my 3 computers use it. Current ver of Diskeeper Pro v9.0.515 More info: http://www.executive.com/diskeeper/diskeeper.asp They also have a free evaluation. So try It out! "Diskeeper Professional Edition For every workstation on your network. Can defragment up to 4 logical drives of up to 512 GB each in size simultaneously." There are many Programs with the same name, but only one is the true one.
  22. erpdude8, Dude you serisly need to chill out! I never said that it would activate ANY version of windows... and 'XP KeY ReCoVeRER AND DiSCOVErER 5.12' it DOES work, you don't know how to use it, or don't have the real version. There are also other tools needed if you want to activate windows - as I said, (Next time read the whole post). If theses tricks didn't work, than why does everyone use it??? LOL... My fault on Microsoft, They still support it, I forgot they had extended it. And to clarify on little driver support still stands true if using newer hardware. I wasn't trying to argue with you, just wanted to point something out - share Knowledge, not fight about it. Peace out erpdude8 and best wishes. B)
  23. LOL - That's what I voted Welcome to MSFN.org Have phun and remember to follow the rules; search first... Best regards, Blam-O!
  24. Hello, I use Nero Ultra 6.6 and DVD Decrypter v3.5.2.0. Have never had a problem. I have a Sony DRU-700A Burner, and have used TDK, Memorex, Sony, and Fuji. TDK, Fuji and Sony DVD's work the best. (DVD's - Made in 'Japan' or in the 'USA', Don't use the ones made in Taiwan = Crap). I then burn my DVD's at 4x - 8X using DVD+R media. Try using DVD-R, If not already... but I think your burner is dying. Did you use Overburn a lot? Or at all, since this can spoil the laser head of the drive after prolonged usage. If in the market I recommend Lite-On, Sony, and then Plextor; In that order if looking for a DVD/CD Burner.
  25. first off - What size is it? Mini 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 40GB???? lol, my iPod is only a Mini 4GB - But I filled it up with all my favorite mp3's. Almost all of them are recorded at 192-320kbs. I don't except anything lower than 128kbs... and I perfer mp3 format.

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