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  1. I love this tool, i use it all the time. Does this work on vista. I would like to see a similar feature like Cabtool 1.8 for vista. Is there a tool to cab for vista, i know you can do it by command, but i like the lazy way of doing it. Vista Support and future OS's Features like Cabtool Completed successfully dialog would be good What everyone else said
  2. Guess what, i worked it out. I had version 1.0 installed so i downloaded the update and still the same as before. i got the full 1.1 beta and it worked; although it didnt let me choose the path, but obviously it remember it from before........ The path chooser is working, but installing the update from 1.0 to 1.1 beta didn't work. So maybe people should uninstall the previous and download the full version. YAY!
  3. Wow. thanks for the quick update, but guess what it didn't work. I think i know why its doing that. My setup is like this..... xp on C and vista on D When booted into Vista. it changes its name to C Basically your software should think like Vista On Vize, the path is D: which is correct , thats where it got installed onto. I chose the path to be C: but still the same thing. Maybe i was meant to choose D: Is there a way to get that option back or do i have to unistall it and then reinstall it. I will do a test to see if D: works....... If you could, please leave the option in the menu....thx
  4. Thank you very much! Now thats service. It would good if you could integrate the vista source patcher into this and xp would be nice too....
  5. There is another bug, it didn't pick up my vista installation instead it pick up my xp installation on D: . You should have an option on where to apply it. Vize doesn't like dual boot
  6. Ahoj jak se mas...lol. I actually use crap cleaner, but i like the feature on IE7....It seems to clean every ounce of privacy, compared to cleaners. I'm yet to find one that cleans every single spec of privacy. thanks anyway
  7. Does anyone know the run command for Delete Browsing History for Internet Explorer 7? Let me know....thanks
  8. Why not try this. Step 1 You make a bat file with this command and name the bat file, filelist.bat here's the command! dir /a /-p /o:gen >filelisting.txt Step 2 Now copy that bat file to the windows folder. Step 3 make a reg file Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Filelister] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Filelister\command] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\filelist.bat \"%1\"" Make sure you have the same name of the (filelist.bat) corresponding to the regfile. You name it what ever you want really. Thats it! You should get a document called filelisting.txt.
  9. I found out the problem!!!! I know what the problem was it was the regfile. This was the entry This is why it was showing 2 identities. Stupid regfile...LOL Not gonna use that regfile.
  10. I keep getting these errors from Outlook express in my unattenced xp dvd..... "The current identity could not be changed because one of the applications was unable to switch. Close any open dialog boxes in other applications before trying again." I know how to fix this, you go to regedit and delete the folder under 'identities' which can be located under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\IDENTITIES\(FOLDER*) I know it could be the winnt.sif that does this. here is my one. My problem is how to fix this in my unattended project, instead of having to do it manually or even a total fix for this problem would be good.Can someone please help. I wonder if other ppl are experiencing the same problem as i am. Help would be much appreciated. thank you!
  11. I was thinking too that this might work on Windows Server 2003 as well. I will test this too.
  12. It should but you might have to change one little thing though. Go to regedit on your Xp system which has the wmp10 installed and go to regedit and go to ..... [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Setup\Installed Versions] "wmp.dll"=hex:00,00,0a,00,3e,0e,00,00 "wmploc.dll"=hex:00,00,0a,00,3e,0e,00,00 "wmplayer.exe"=hex:00,00,0a,00,3e,0e,00,00 check to see if the binary data matches the one that i posted. If it is the same then just use the one that i posted, otherwise use the one that you see in your regedit. I haven't tested it with other languages. I will test it soon.
  13. I've managed to install Windows Media Player 10 into Longhorn. Here is my guide. wmp10fix.reg
  14. Thank you so much for your help. I will try that and see what went wrong. I will keep you posted of what i find.Thank you!
  15. I made a slipstreamed Win2k with sp4, and i have problems installing it. The main problem is that it just stops when its installing the devices during the setup. I waited 20 mins or more but it didn't move. Can someone please help. Its annoying me and i want to install Win2k.Any help will be appreciated.

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