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  1. Ive got to disagree on this one. Ive got an old hp slate 2 tablet laying around that came loaded with win 7 pro...which honestly i have hardly bothered using as it was simply a dog of a thing to use. So slow to the point where it was good for almost nothing but a doorstop or paperweight. Ive since installed win 10 preview 10049 and what a difference in performance. Its actually improved greatly to the point where im finding i actually want to keep it on the coffee table and use it. Surprised me as past experience installing a newer os on old hardware has been that it runs alot slower. Functionality is streets ahead now too...though i guess it makes a difference when the os is designed to run on a tab. Haven't installed it on anything else yet though so time will tell. Could just be drivers are much better implemented for the hardware? Who knows
  2. Thanks for your help submix8c and myselfidem. Turns out after a second look, that it looks much the same as you described submix8c, the BIOS must be able set the restore partition as active and boot PE from that (My initial thought was that this was handled by the bootloader on the primary partition instead), so providing I dont do anything to trash the restore partition, all should be good.
  3. If for arguments sake I installed something else on it, say linux, or a virus/worm/trojan managed to destroy the bootsector/bootloader then I would think that it would remove the F9 option, as it would replace the bootloader that contains the restore option. I guess the question I am asking, is how do you restore manually the WIM files I.E Is there a tool similar to ghost that I can use to restore these successfully in the event something should go wrong?
  4. I have an Eeepc 1005P that come preinstalled with win 7 starter, which I bought for my studies as it was cheap and surprisingly does everything i need it to, including CAD (I was shocked at that part). Anyway, I have managed to lose my restore DVD, and dont have a spare copy of win 7 that hasn't been activated on any other machine laying around otherwise I would take this option, so I figured that I would see what is on the recovery partition, I was hoping that it would be a ghost image, as it would make it easy for me to do a restore from these. Anyway this is how far I have gotten with this so far: I already have a bootable usb key (I just used hirens as I was too lazy to do it myself, and this has alot of useful diagnostic tools on it anyway) I have managed to unhide the restore partition, and locate the restore images. These are in WIM format. How do I go about restoring these, and has anyone done this manually without the factory DVD without any issues?
  5. Welcome to MSFN, hope you enjoy your stay. We have alot of information here to help you learn, and everyone has to start somewhere, whatever your specialty is. There is always something to learn when it comes to technology.
  6. Well, Success, I now have sound and 7 seems stable as. I am impressed with the speed difference. I expected a drop in performance, rather load times for windows and also programs have improved markedly. I am liking what i see so far.
  7. Well, I finally bit the bullet and made the switch. I am no noob by any means, I have been in the IT game for a long time, was just jubious about switching till i got some ideas on what the majority though. The company i work for still uses XP for the very reasons I was hesitant. I have been using it for over 3 hours now, and so far I like what I see. The only thing that p***ed me off was getting the BSOD when I tried to load the drivers for my soundcard (A Soundblaster 5.1 VX). I attempted to install the vista drivers as I did not want to download and wait, expecting them to be compatible with win7, and failed miserably, so now have downloaded some windows 7 compliant drivers. Will give this a try.
  8. I am aware of the clean install issue, I just dont want to make the move and find that its a POS like vista was, thanks for your input lost packet. Some more input would be appreciated before i make the decision to wipe and install.
  9. I have been hanging on to XP for a long time now, in the utter disgust that I had with my (VERY SHORT) experiences with vista. Is it worth the switch? It is an absolute pain in the a$$ to reformat, as I have alot of devices and software to reinstall. What is the hardware/software compatibility like? Vista i know from experience was absolutely $h!thouse. Even though its a little long in the tooth now as far as gaming goes now, my machine should be up to the task of running it. Its an athlon 64 X2 4200+, 4Gb DDR2 800, Radeon 4670 (1GB), and ample storage space.
  10. A bad video card cant cause a hdd to develop a bad sector, it's just coincidence. What kind of video card do you have?
  11. You would think that it probably is legal, as microsoft would have been pretty quick to shut down the site offering this. They probably have a special arrangement with microsoft or something...
  12. gday guys. I havent been here in ages...due mainly to being really busy with work and so forth...only just recently rediscovered MSFN. So Hi to everyone, old and new members since i been here last...
  13. I recently experienced the same problem. My problem actually occured after my gf's dog knocked over my computer. Turned out to be a corrupt NTFS partition. Had to repartition/format to fix it. But the problem could be caused by a wide range of things. Best bet would be to reformat/reinstall
  14. Gday...I have a netgear dg632 dsl modem/router...and im stuck with the unfortunate problem that bit torrent freezes up the router at random...to fix this...I need a firmware update...the problem is...ive been to netgear...reported broken links to the firmware, had no response and the problem is still not fixed, and ive looked everywhere else...but cant find any site that has the firmware...if someone has it...or know where 2 get it other than netgear...can they plz pm me or post on here...thanx
  15. Ok...I have issues here... Im up to the part where alyx takes me 2 play with the anti-grav gun...when I reach the door that I entered in the 1st place...the game crashes...and displays a msg saying instruction xxxxx or whatever...the memory could not be read. Has neone come across a workaround for this prob? My specs are: Amd athlonXP 2400+ @ stock clocks 1gb ram...which is fine Nvidia Geforce FX 5600 Ultra 128Mb Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 mainboard w/Nforce 2 chipset 40 Gb hdd Win xp pro w/SP2 installed and latest hotfixes Latest drivers installed DX 9.0C installed

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