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    tv tuner

    My buddy got one of those "ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO". Having all the kool software that came bundled with it and the Remote makes me drull...
  2. OK, considering that Microsoft made and released a Longhorn 64 bit version, I might Upgrade to Longhorn, only time will tell
  3. Hmmmm... I liked Half-Life 2, needed to be a longer story line though. If you like RPG's then you have to try Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Rebublic, that i'll take you about a year, LOL... Or another more recent RPG is, ROME: Total War. Another Good War game was Day Of Defeat by Steam. Now Steam is releasing Day Of Defeat made with the New Source; Same engine as Half-Life 2!!!
  4. OK - Sorry, my fault. Let me clarify that a little more... The 'XP KeY ReCoVeRER AND DiSCOVErER 5.12' will find you a Working Product Key – for that Computer; sometimes that same CD Key will also work on other Machines). I never said that it would Upgrade the Home Edition to the Pro Corp Edition, or even the Corp Edition. But what I’m saying is that the Key maker will find you a non-valid, But Working Product Key. You can however Copy over the file, “wpa.dbl”, found in the “X:\WINDOWS\system32” dir. As long as it was successfully Activated/Installed… Even the Corp Edition has a wpa.dbl file, but never has to be activated. By copying the WPA file after you Activate Windows, you will never have to Activate it again! As long as it is the SAME Identical Machine, since the WPA keeps track of the Serial Numbers – and the file is encrypted:) Now I read somewhere where you can download a “Crack” that will allow a non Corp version of windows to be Cracked/Upgraded to a Corp version. I do not see this as a real Crack, for all it must do is kill the Activation Nag. A Corp Edition has other pieces that a simple Crack could not imitate. But simply that all I was saying is that you can generate a Key to install Windows on, and bypass the Activation part if needed. Using this method will allow you to update Windows with Microsoft updates and software; SP2, WMP 10… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now back to Topic. Yes I still love Windows 98SE for many reasons: here are some… * Will work on a crapy Computer; 64MB of Ram, Pentium 1 233MHZ, 1GB of hard drive will fit Windows and Programs:) * Some games play faster… * Almost anything is compatible with Win 98SE… * There is lots of Critical Updates to help protect your computer while online… * No Activation! * Everyone is familiar with Win 98SE… Makes it easier for people to use… * Almost any OS can read a FAT32 Hard Drive… Here are some things I hate about Win 98E… * Microsoft no longer supports it… * Almost No one sells Windows 98SE anymore… * Windows 98SE is really old… * There is too many **** Updates to install… * Everyone is familiar with it… Makes it easier for hackers… * Windows 98SE is not very stable when compared to a NTFS platform… * Not all programs will work with it… Or you loose some functionally of a Said Program… * Windows 98SE has More BSOD’s then 25 IT Professional Computer Technicians could handle in a day… * Windows 98SE is somewhat annoying… * In order to use large Hard Drives or lots of Memory you need to Tweak it… * Windows 98SE has hardly any features when compared to today’s… * Win 98SE requires too much Maintenance... * Very little Driver Support... * FAT32 is more prone to failure… No security… I’m done…
  5. No offense taken, thats why I asked. Yes I have looked at the Dir & files - was hoping It would work anyway Well I do know that you can Add Longhorn to a Windows XP Pro SlipStreamed with SP2 & Longhorn. So really Longhorn is just a SP3:) Since at the moment Longhorn is just XP with XML... But it is just fun to Install Longhorn and then Tweal the Hell out of it!!! It's like going behind Microsoft's Back B)
  6. Anyone try Slipstreaming SATA Drivers into the Longhorn Setup? The same way you would in Windows XP?? XP SP2 CD with Slipstreamed SATA/RAID Drivers http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=32151&hl= Thought I would POST here before asking there...
  7. I found a German version through ** cough** eMule v44d.... **Clears throat **... I didn't actually download it, so I don't know if it really works. B) The one in Spanish works though
  8. In fact Microsoft has already started a "Longhorn Starter" Edition, For Third Party Worlds. (A striped down and very watery Edition for people who don't know what a computer is - they freely gave away 600). This would leave me to believe that it will be around for a while:) Microsoft has already announced that it will continue to work on Longhorn, but some of the "Extra Features" like 'WinFS' and many others will not ship in the first release, but will rather be available later on as a Separate Download... Longhorn Server Edition is said to be released with all the extra goodies...
  9. First off, NO I DON”T USE OR OWN ANY PIRATED SOFTWARE - AND I DON”T SUPPORT IT!!! DON”T ASK ME FOR ANY LINKS PLEASE. However: Since I have a legit copy of Windows XP, as being part of the Microsoft MSDN Members area… I have the right to Crack my own Software and Tweak with it as I please as long as I don’t Distribute it… Or so I think Ever hear of Microsoft Windows XP Pro (Corp) Build 2600 v5.1????? (Other Versions work too!) I assume that you haven't because than you wouldn't be saying what you said... Using the right tools can make a big difference! Using the "THE BLUE LIST QUALiTY", (XP KeY ReCoVeRER AND DiSCOVErER 5.12) this is no problem... other utility’s like "Win XP De-Activator v1.06" can also be useful, "RockXP v3.0". All are free and can be found via Google. How do I know about this? Because I tried it... Wanted to know how Secure Microsoft’s WPA was, since they wouldn't shut up about it, (Read Document), as a user I needed to know and checking to see how it works. As far as Windows Loosing Functionally, They are talking more about Critical Updates and add-ons... (For the moment) However, Microsoft has started to 'Check' into Validating XP CD Keys, (Using the Net), and other Serials via a BIG Serial Data Base, also by downloading and installing Updates/Software; example, SP2 - it checks for the most common Pirated Serials, but it doesn't know all of them... (Microsoft did this on purpose hoping that it would help prevent the So many Virus and trojans Break-outs lately making them more secure.) Thus because of this you will need to Validate your Product Key or simply buy Windows XP. But this is not necessary at the moment... as long as WPA is still working, and if Microsoft is unable to determine that you have a Pirated copy... then how would they know??.... I have included the whole report in a *.zip file. Read for yourself… Sorry for making the Main Topic More Off Topic.. Hacking_The_Windows_XP_Product_Activation.zip
  10. Thanks chilloeh! I now have a FREE working GTA2.
  11. I don't understand why it won't work....use the " Unattended " winnt.sif file setup along with the OEM folder and the guide. Please explain more...
  12. I first heard of this cheat on the orginal "TechTV, Screensavers - Call for Help". (When Leo was still there, thoses where the days) I got it to work - you have to have really good eyes, and make sure you have the screen on the "Screen": not going off the screen edegs. If you have a big mon - 19" or higher, try changing your Screen Res to 800X600 temp.
  13. How about a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich stuffed into the front fan grill by a 2 year old? Quite a mess.....
  14. what about Far Cry? I liked it more than the others - if running a high spec system.
  15. take caution in using the OverBurn feature - it may cause damage to your Burner... Or delete the extra crap thats not needed. U can also burn it to a DVD using NERO, just uncheck the "Compatiblity Mode" option, if you are willing to spend $0.50+ per DVD. B)
  16. Yah you can... Just get a job working for the Micro$oft Software Develop, part of the MSDN accounts
  17. Actually they already have a German version. Just have to look for it....
  18. Same Here...I know actually what you are talking about! LOL. I will say just like all software and hardware... Mcafee has it's postive side.. works better in safe mode on some machinces - but I still don't use it, cause it just simply sucks. use Avast for scanning or some other... Corp Edition v9 works best even for a home user. I still recommend it. Mcafee does have a so called "Advanced Scaning engine" that will pick up a virus before it comes out. It basically looks at the scripting code. However mostly Mcafee gives FASLE Postives because of it's scaning tech. Norton does not, and when it does not pick up a virus - its a really lame one that Ad-Aware picks up.
  19. [quote name='Porn Loader' date='Jan 12 2005, 08:12 AM']90% of the a64's are now 512 L2. only ones that arent are the fx's, the dtr's, the 754 3700+, and the 939 4000+. the only (barely) noticable difference with the L2 and gaming would be a higher minimum framerate, and by only a couple of frames.[/quote] Thanks for the tip Now if I only had the money to buy whatever I wanted...
  20. LOL...I'm addicted to this Website/Forums!! B) Hi my name is "Blam-O!". And I too im addicted to www.MSFN.org. "Hello 'B l a m - O !'. Welcome to the class of Intenet Addicted Geeks...."
  21. (From a Techs point of view)... Most people have Dial-up, cause it's cheaper. All they do is surf the net - check there e-mail, etc.. Norton requires a connection to the internet to run Live Update. Most pople who have Dial-up don't really notice this/forget to connect to the internet every now and then to Update Norton. Norton gets "outdated". Client checks e-mail, browses the net for the while; User gets a virus without knowing... With all my years as a Tech, Ive also have noticed that Users neglect/forget that Norton will Expire after 1 year from the date it was installed. People also tend to think that Norton will Raid your system free of Spyware/Ad-aware. Norton will get rid of 99.99% of viruses. Norton will Detect about 25% of Spyware/Ad-ware., and will detect about 50% of Trojans. But mainly Viruses. Macafee may have some better capabilities when it comes to Trojans, or Spyware/Ad-aware. But not Viruses. Just keep Norton Updated. I have a High speed Cable connection; Always on, so updates take place automatically). Yes, Macafee also has a Live Update function. But Norton updates theirs faster and more frequently. There are many other App's and programs that will take care of Spyware/Ad-ware - Trojans. Some are free some are not. Here is a list of some programs I recommend... (Cleaning): * AboutBuster v3.0 * Ad-Aware SE Pro v1.05 * AutoRuns v6.0 * Avast! Pro v4.5.549 (Run in safe mode) * CWShredder v2.12 * HijackThis v1.98.2 * KazaaBeGone v1.01 * Process Explorer v8.35 * RegSupremePro v1.0.0.22 * Spybot - Search & Destroy v1.3 * Stinger v2.4.4 * Trojan Remover v6.3.4 (http://www.simplysup.com/) * Window Washer v5.5 Here is a list of some programs I recommend... (Prevent): * (Norton Corp v9) or.. * Norton 2004 - 2005 (Anti-Virus) and... * SpySweeper v3.5 * Ad-Aware SE Pro v1.05 Firewall: * ZoneAlarm Security Suite Pro v5.5 (Turn Off the "Anti-Virus" feature) * Recommended is to use a real Firewall with both SPI and DOS protection. (Netgear, Buffalo, Cisco.) Hope this helps. (Make sure to boot into safe mode, and turn off any "System Restore" before proceeding with the cleaning.
  22. [quote name='Gagorian' date='Jan 7 2005, 04:41 PM']Athlon64 3500+. A good deal of bang for the buck. (And those new Winchester cores own!)[/quote] Aren't the Winchester cores less L2 cache? i wonder if it really makes a difference... EDIT: (Wahho 50 POST!!!)
  23. I would reccomend just Using one or the other as it may lead to them fighting one another. Just for the record I use Norton Corp v9. It has more options if running a network, and doesn't require Activation. Ive never had a problem with it. Macafee is ok to. But I don't like its Long load time or its GUI. I will have to say that If I were using NAV 2005 I would kill myself, I install it on many Computers at Clients Requests, but if they have SP2 installed; Man does it hate SP2. You have to tweak a few settings to make it work correctly. And takes a long time to activate and Update the virus Defintions. Not only that but after a fresh install of Windows XP w/SP2 then you install NAV 2005, you have to Run the Live Update, (Naturaly), but every time it updates you need to Restart your computer after each Live Update. . Macafee doesn't have these problems. Athoulgh NAV 2004 doesn't have these problems ethier. My $0.01. worth
  24. Update with above POST... Plaese click Here to view it. Thanks.

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