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  1. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    yes, i am aware that ie6 sp1 may not work properly, i too had those issues you described, however, i wanted to know specifically if installing ie6 sp1 before installing ie 5.5 sp2 would leave out some stuff such as certain files or updates related to web browsing, etc, that would then be needed for a browser such as firefox 45.8.0esr to work properly? and that the only way that things would work properly with certain applications ( not ie6 sp1 of course as we already went over that it doesn't work properly ) but other apps or web browsers like firefox 45.8.0esr that i just mentioned. i'm also wondering why you would use ie5.5 sp2 anyways, if like you said, firefox 45.8.0 or even firefox 31.8.0esr can be used instead? i guess this asks my other related question of what significance ie6 sp1 would provide over ie5.5 sp2 in terms of for the operating system, not the web browser itself of course. for me, the only reason i install ie6 sp1 on 98SE, NT4 and 2K is for any updated stuff it may include, but i don't actually use the web browser itself.
  2. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    i noticed you mentioned you installed internet explorer 5.5 sp2, why not internet explorer 6 sp1? or do you install both? i don't think the problems i have are due to the cpu being too slow, there are definitely some sort of incompatibilities, possibly something i don't have installed and / or settings that need modification, maybe the unofficial sp 5.1.2195 installs some stuff that i don't have that can affect web browser functionality, who knows? i did not include the unofficial sp in my builds due to the size being too big for my archived contents and cd burning which needs the package to be around 670 MB or lower which would be including drivers specific for the system already and that's already going overboard. may i ask what programs or updates in particular you install, because it's quite possible that there is something big i am missing that you may have that i don't, what i mean by big is that it doesn't necessarily have to be large in size, it could be a list of smaller incremental updates or fixes that provide added functionality. also as a side note as mentioned previously, the system was using only the vbemp display driver so part of the issues could be related to that, i say could, but firefox 31.8.0esr still worked fine with it, slow, but everything loaded eventually and the videos would play, of course, with very low framerates.
  3. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    hmmm..., it did not seem to make any difference using the portable version of firefox 45.8.0esr that you uploaded, it still had the issue of freezing, being slow, unresponsive, not loading all youtube content, having scripting errors pop up, i uninstalled it and reverted back to using firefox 31.8.0esr and it worked like a charm, no errors, faster, loaded all youtube content and played videos fine with just using the vbemp driver solution i have installed, since i could not get the igp345m to work on the laptop ( sony pcg-frv28 (uc) ). also with the ie6 sp1 downloading, i was only able to download from your site the firefox 45.8.0esr from ie6 sp1 directly, office xp sp3 from another site and firefox 31.8.0esr would not download from the ftp of firefox, not a big deal, just a heads up that you'll need another browser to download and update other stuff that may not be on the system already, i would assume for non extended kernel / non uurollup systems, that firefox 12.0 or firefox 3.5.19 may provide the availability of downloading from sites that i just mentioned, although i have not tested that, just speculating. for installing firefox 31.8.0esr, you must launch the application compatibility launcher tool that is included in uurollup v11, it should be installed in system tools accessed from start menu, then drag the executable of firefox 31.8.0esr into the prompt box, click the folder tab so you've selected the window, press enter, proceed with installation, launch the web browser, exit the app launcher tool and you should be good to go, i think you can also set firefox to never check for updates, that is, not allowing to update the web browser, other updates such as add ons can still be enabled as they can possibly update, other setting changes may be necessary, i noticed when i exited the browser for the first time and tried to load it again, it would say it's already running, i ended the app in task manager, relaunched, exited, launched again without having the error, i don't know why it was like this, but just another thing to throw out in case to are confronted with the same thing or related issue.
  4. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    well, after enough PITA with using the sony pcg-frv28 on 98SE, i am deciding to end the experimenting, not only could i not get the awlc5025 cardbus wifi to work, but neither will the ethernet work, despite using the 98SE specific driver with the same exact hardware id. i was supposed to test java 6 update 22 on firefox 3.5.19 with the folder renamed and / or unchecking the next generation plug in in the java control panel and test to see if office xp sp3 would not download from ie6 sp1, but unfortunately, i could not do these. i was hoping at least the ethernet would work, but it wouldn't even release and renew ip addresses, it either hanged on winipcfg or freezed the laptop. it's anger inducing enough when the laptop throws errors for some programs, only to later find out the program then launches normally with the error, this happened with roadkil's disk speed 2.0, i had placed it in program files a little while ago and tried running it, giving me the invalid page fault in kernel32.dll error, then just now, a few minutes ago around the same time i was testing the ethernet, it happened to work and not throw an error..., i've had enough abuse from this laptop and being trolled by it lol, what's more unfortunate is that i don't know what to do with it, the laptop overall has poor support for most windows operating systems, except for the original OS it came with which was xp, but i do not like xp and there is some issues with it such as not being able to activate it and / or setting up other things which i never found a solution for, 98SE, windows 2000 and NT 4.0 all have had problems with it, i could not get the gpu to work on windows 2000, despite installing the gartnt driver, which i suspect has to do with the cbb2 driver not being updated to a different version which the gartnt version only has the 7010 driver, only gart9x has the cbb2 driver included, or it could be maybe that i need to install the gpu in a slightly different way. i still have not had any one help me on the NT4 install for the pcg-frv28 that i made a thread a little while back, if i could get just some general assistance, like, well, it could be this ( relevant to the problem of course ), then maybe i don't have to feel as stressed over it.
  5. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    so if anyone isn't sure about what to do to get the awlc5025 working on 98SE, i will post some more detailed info and steps, it is true that the original driver will fail and cause a BSOD / vxd error, i encountered this myself earlier and i thought the card was physically damaged, when it wasn't. what farfigs11 mentioned here of updated the rt619x.sys is true, but it was unclear on what else needed to be done and / or if the original inf needs to be a different version. considering the fact i was not able to find rt619x anywhere on the internet directly, i eventually found it through a package from the filename "IS_AP_STA_6x_D-", however, it required you to install the driver only portion on an existing 98SE pc, it ends up in the users/application folder in ralink, so what i did was extract the rt619x.sys and placed it into the original folder of the original awlc5025 98SE driver, then installed the card through device manager by pointing to the folder with the updated sys file and it worked. note though that i did not "upgrade", i did a "clean" install or setup as if you were installing the card for the first time, i have uploaded the fix below but actually the system restarts / freezes when trying to establish a connection with odyssey client 4.56, so i am trying to investigate why, perhaps using the newer might be a solution or maybe the rt619x.sys version i had contained a virus? update! i have not been able to find out 100 percent what the issues may be, however, i believe it might just simply have to do with the sony pcg-frv28 laptop which i have been using for testing being buggy / not properly supported and working under 98SE, either that, or the sys file is corrupt, although i did try sys version and it didn't work either in terms of being able to establish a connection, the driver itself would show as working in device manager and even would detect wireless networks, but it wouldn't establish a connection without freezing the laptop, sys version would simply restart the system but just freezes the system. i will not remove the updated driver file below but further proof / testing would be needed to see if the card really does work properly for 98SE. awlc5025 cardbus wifi 98SE.zip
  6. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    thanks, unfortunately i do not have 2K installed anymore so i can't test the newer one, now i am experimenting with 98SE on the same system which is the sony pcg-frv28 laptop. the newer browser you linked is a lot larger in size, so i have placed it as an url to download from internet explorer 6 sp1 that is included with my 2K support folder, though i do not know for sure if ie6 sp1 will be able to download it, but i did keep 31.8 esr still in the support folder too for now, if i have the chance in the future, i'll see if internet explorer sp1 can download it, otherwise, i'll have to download it by copying the url into firefox 31.8 esr.
  7. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    i am pretty sure i've used .8.6f working on builds as old as pentium iii hardware for windows 95, and .8.6d shouldn't be any different, i am not sure where this windows 95 does not support sse2 comes from, although i can see where using a slightly older version of vlc would be better for added compatibility ( forwards and backwards ) on any system so you don't run into issues like the one that is being explained here, i do not know if any exists though, the only time i had an issue with vlc .8.6f that is, was when i ran it on the dell inspiron 2650 with a "Half working" geforce2 go driver with hardware acceleration disabled, and vlc wouldn't run at all, i don't remember the error message, i did not use any virtual software, this was all real hardware.
  8. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    so now i know that windows script host 5.7 was not the issue, however firefox 45 and newer do not seem to work properly, neither did "Firefox Setup 38.8.0esr". i was only able to get as far with using "Firefox Setup 31.8.0esr", with this one, the web browser wouldn't freeze, it worked faster, more stable, actually loaded all content or almost everything, and youtube worked fine, although you have to bypass the unsupported message upon first start by just clicking no. i found out about using the older firefox from the thread below, someone mentioned using 31.6 esr and so i decided to try 31.8.0esr instead as it was the newest in the same batch and it has been working fine so far with uurollup v11, i just hope they don't remove support somehow like they would in other ways, i do not have flash player manually installed and youtube works fine, apparently with the new protocol they use, html5?
  9. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    i was able to install 45.8.0 ESR, however, for some reason, i couldn't see the play button, and it seemed a little more buggy compared to 45.01, at least on my system, however, interestingly enough when testing today, and rolling back to 45.01, it also was missing the play button, or it showed it at first on the bottom like normal videos would but then disappeared. honestly, i do not know what the issue is but i have a slight feeling it has to do with installing windows script host 5.7, because i removed this as an app a while back it seems, i used it as early as windows 95, and 98SE ( windows script 5.6 for 95 and 98SE ), i don't think i ever added it to 2K. i just restarted the system after uninstalling windows script 5.7 and gonna test firefox 45.8.0 ESR and / or 45.01 again to see if there is any difference.
  10. Firefox 53 on windows 2000

    was there anything you needed to do manually to install firefox 53 on windows 2000, i've been working on windows 2000 and trying to install newer web browsers and unofficial stuff, i've been having a hard time getting things to work. i had installed earlier the extended kernel v29b, is v29e necessarily better and is it in english too? however i uninstalled the extended kernel just earlier because it didn't come with that application compatibility launcher tool i was looking for and had to install uurollup v11 which did have it, however, the tool seemed to be useless so far because when dragging firefox such as version 45, and clicking it inside the command prompt ( as mentioned in another post ), and pressing enter, it didn't do anything most of the time, or if it did do something, it mentioned something to do with having too many parameters, nothing mentioning of not being compatible, and i can't find a compatibility mode option either, in the forum they were mentioning to run it in xp mode which i do not know where this would be. interestingly, firefox 45.01 offline installer worked by running the setup in the normal way, i downloaded it from oldversion, but version 51 and newer complain about xp related stuff, i avoided the extended kernel v29b because of it being more complicated i suppose, i did not test much with it, most of the testing i have done has been with uurollup v11, however if i am not gonna be using the app comp tool, would it just be better to just roll back and use the newer ( supposed ) better extended kernel v29b? i've tried installing firefox 49 and 50 and they wouldn't install, even though they all have the upgrade selection in the wizard as does firefox 45, only firefox 45 installed as a complete program, the other ones would run at start and then very early in the progress bar, they would just cut out, as if they aren't supported, even though i installed firefox 45 first and ran the newer ones, they still would act the same.
  11. Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

    this thread hasn't been bumped in a while but i had to ask questions somewhere. i've been experimenting a lot the last few days on windows 2000 sp4 and i've removed / added updates back and forth. i still do not have the ability to install and use newer programs on windows 2000. i have the latest kernel or one of the newest, extended kernel v29b. i noticed in earlier threads of people saying using an application compatibility launcher, however, this is nowhere to be found. i remember a while back when i kept the old build files i had and i did have that application compatibility launcher thing but i do not remember what exact unofficial updates i installed. i understand hfslip is supposed to be the "newest" or "best", however, i find it not practical / confusing, and i would rather accomplish what i need to do differently. i realized there were many updates released unofficially, there was some unofficial sp 5.1 from majorgeeks posted, another unofficial update rollup 2 i found on google, update rollup or "uurollup". i noticed in one thread, someone mentioned installing unofficial service pack 5.1 and update rollup v11, mentioning using the application compatibility launcher, so either it was installed by the usp 5.1 or update rollup v11. so i was wondering why i don't have the application compatibility launcher thing if the extended kernel is supposed to be a newer and better version of the update rollup, unless it's somewhere in the folders i can't find? or do i need the usp 5.1 and / or update rollup latest version? however, i don't even know where to go to download the newest unofficial update rollup and the usp 5.1 is too large in file size.
  12. well, i am packaging everything so that at the end of the system, whoever would be using the system would be good for "general" or "moderate" usage, i notice that all of the visual c++ updates i have, 6,7,8 and 9 contain msvcrt and msvcp, so i was wondering if you happen to know more specifically a file that the .net provides or a example of one program that would run on a .net framework 2.0 system without the added vc6 and vc7 updates ( 98SE, since it needs to still be added manually for some weird reason ) vs just having the runtime files installed and not the .net framework?
  13. i was wondering if .net framework is really needed on any system, although more specifically the systems i am working on are 98SE, NT4, and windows 2000, i've been updating my archived files and folders and it's causing me to exceed the amount of necessary space for my folders because one update then requires another update or i add one thing but then i notice i need other stuff, etc. however, i was wondering if .net framework can be completely avoided on these systems and instead install in order visual runtime c++ 6.0, 7.0 / 7.1, 8.0, and 9.0 individually, or is .net framework more important for other things? another issue i have noticed is that installing .net framework 2.0 on NT4 and 98SE still required me to manually install c++ 6.0 and 7.1 to be able to run properly, some applications wouldn't work unless i did because the .net framework doesn't seem to install the files in the right folders or at all, visual c++ 2005 runtime also is installed later for 98SE but that's fine as for 2k, i've tried to go back with experimenting with the extended kernel, i have hit a wall right now because apparently i was supposed to install visual c++ 6.0 runtime file msvcp6 before installing the extended kernel and now i am forced to copy the file in command prompt which i still don't know if it's ok to use the very early update i use on my 98SE and NT4 builds or if this would be imcompatible, the reason why i'd rather copy the older msvcp6 file and not the newer one from the extended kernel is because i was planning on using the earlier vc6 update from the start, then vc7, then install extended kernel to allow proper updating. i also plan on adding visual c++ 2005 and 2008 to be installed before the extended kernel, this way, i know i used all official updates first too.
  14. i noticed just last night that office xp is said to work on 98SE as i was checking the system requirements and that i was using office 2000 the whole time on 98SE, so now i am trying to replace office 2000 with office xp on 98SE, mainly because it is smaller in size ( so far ) with xp sp3 full version, although this is excluding some updates released after office xp sp3 ( i'll cover that later ). now my questions are is there anything that would be a disadvantage or offer less compatibility of using office xp compared to office 2000, whether it is on 98SE or on any system, because i did do a quick search on it and like many versions of software, some stuff is added, some stuff was removed, but i was wondering if there is anything specific that differentiates office xp and office 2000 that would be important for either backwards compatibility or other stuff? i have been using it on NT4, or at least, i remember installing it a while back, though i don't remember on the exact process or the activation part, the keys are static of course, but i don't know if it required going on the internet still to activate it, etc, because office 2000 doesn't. also back to the office xp sp3 part, does the full version update really cover everything from sp1 till sp3? reason being is that i noticed the individual updates i previously had in my NT4 files ( still being kept right now for emergency ) are a total of 83 MB, where as the office xp sp3 full version is only 57.5 MB, but why so, isn't office xp sp3 full version supposed to cover everything from the earlier packages? the names of the older files i used are as follows: "Oxpsp1", "MAINSP2ff", "Owc10SP2ff", and "OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-client-enu", the newer sp3 full version i downloaded has the name of "officexpsp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu". however, there are several updates released after sp3 that indeed work on 98SE, some of which have popped up as still being available from microsoft from google search, though i still don't know which ones i need, i would assume anything released after the earliest release of sp3 would be an "update", but i don't think i necessarily want to go one by one with every single update if it's really necessary, besides the fact that i may actually exceed the original size of space, which i did not want to do, i mainly wanted to reduce the file space, and also i don't think the unofficial 98SE service pack 3.61 would cover the added updates after office xp sp3.
  15. i have researched for quite a while on how to get windows 2000 to not only detect sata drives upon setup but also install drivers for them and complete install, however, i have not been able to find a clear, straightforward or practical solution. for example, one article mentions using nlite, another one mentions a manual way of doing it which i found confusing, and difficult, and the one site below says, "Note that with certain RAID/SATA drivers there may be extra things you need to do to slipstream them correctly. If you have install problems using the above rough guide, check out the NLite forum or MediaMan’s article on Slipstreaming, especially pages 4-5" so it's basically saying, well....you know, we wrote all these steps for you but you might also have to do some special steps for sata drivers, try checking out the forums here ( which i have already )..... another method is to use a usb floppy drive, however, apparently only certain usb floppy drives will allow f6 to bring up the list of drivers that you put on the floppy, so how am i supposed to know which drives are supported or not, again a PITA. btw, i would not want to use a usb floppy drive anyways since i would be buying and selling the computers one by one, it would not be practical to keep buying a usb floppy drive for every single laptop, just so i can POSSIBLY get it to work, the safest option i guess would be to "slipstream" it or use "nlite", with the assumption that i can a very clear, straightforward and more practical way of doing so, like why is so hard to just write one d*** article on easy 2K sp4 install with universal sata "ready" ISO? that's pretty much what i've been looking for, so now i made it clear, does anyone know if such a ISO exists for download? a windows 2000 sp4 modified version that already has universal sata built in, i mean, people make their own nlite / slipstream versions, so i don't see why i have not been able to find one to download yet, till then, i will try to keep researching in case no one can find what it is i would need.