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  1. A long stent in the Ambassador Brig may change that perspective, excluding the latter part. Be glad you haven't paid the place a visit.
  2. Just do me a solid and stay away from the place. r/Windows over on Reddit is likely a better fit for you. I do not recommend using an older version of Chroimium. I was only pointing out a flaw in Chromium, for which I have not yet found a solution for. It is not evident in Firefox at all. You may get your 5 minutes of fame here on MSFN, but you have no such audience with me. This sort of Reddit-esque nonsense is what prompted me to me to branch off with my own project in the first place. I'm ending this here. Good day
  3. Owner here. That's an awfully rude and unfounded thing to say. I have no form of advertising there, much less cryptomining. You can go so far as to use it without any javascript, as there is already very little of it. The problem lies with recent versions of Chromium, which I thought until recent was isolated to my systems running legacy Intel HD. The problem in Chromium is related to high resolution background images used in CSS. For some reason unknown to any rational person, Blink seems to go into assault mode with the CPU to render such images on pages. Early 100.x builds are not impacted, and Firefox-based browsers aren't impacted at all. I'm not sure what sort of workaround I could provide to Chromium users. I tried tweaking the CSS some, using a known trick to force Blink/Webkit browsers to use Hardware Acceleration. transform: translateZ(0); seems to do the trick, but throws all div elements off. Go into Developer tools, and disable the background image. You'll find that is the culprit. It is rather large I admit, at 2560x1600. It's just under 1 MB with compression, though. My site is not the only site impacted, either. You'll find this with any page that uses a large background image. I'm surprised people haven't raised a bigger fuss about it. I can't say I can provide a drop-in replacement to RyanVM. In truth, I've only visited that place a small handful of times. I think comparing information boards is apples to oranges, so take your pick accordingly. I will say off the bat, my board features much less social features than you'd find here on MSFN. (mandatory post approval, no outbound DMs). It's really an information archive first and foremost. The blog portion is whatever ADHD brings to the table that moment, and is largely dissociated.
  4. What you're thinking of is known as a passthrough. You'd essentially need 2 graphics card: one for the host (main OS), the other for the guest (VM). KVM/QEMU is usually the way it's done, and that requires a Linux setup unless things have changed. Probably be easier to just emulate in 86box, if the CPU is fast enough. Even if you could passthrough, say 9x; that doesn't mean a 1030 would work. You would need an age appropriate graphics card to passthrough, just as you would with a physical computer.
  5. At the current rate of progress, his kernel extensions will depricate other NT 6.x class systems older than 10 lol
  6. March the 4th now, is it? I'd like to think you'll have something to showcase by then. Otherwise, stop clogging up these information rich threads with vaporware. It's not right for those that utilize this platform for real, flesh and bone projects, nor to those checking back here to track how said projects are developing.
  7. Never said it was real time, unpaid. Nevertheless, I haven't tried versions of MBAM beyond 1.8.x in a good number of years. I used those builds because my key was indefinite, because they predated the annual subscription-based model. When that came to an end, so did my using Malwarebytes.
  8. - CSSE - Common Sense Security Essentials (self explanatory) Don't open random attachments, check the integrity of the websites you're getting executables from, check digital signatures, and so forth. Show file extensions in Windows Explorer. Ear on the side of caution with p2p. Use a good content blocker in browser, like uBlock Origin. Don't relive the IE6 glory days and mash every big green download button you cross paths with. - VirusTotal Really awesome for scanning executables and installer files. - COMODO Cleaning Essentials Pretty decent portable AV scanner. Runs as far back as Win2k with extended kernel, gets frequent database updates all without needing new clients. Has a Killswitch tool as well, which is just a big process list - Unchecky Not an AV tool per-se. It just unchecks most ad offers in junk ridden installers, in case you miss the tic boxes yourself. Can help prevent PUPs for the untrained eye. - Malwarebytes 3.5 Older client, still gets database updates. 1.x clients worked until recent. See pertinent thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/191650-malwarebytes-3-frequently-asked-questions/#comment-1243649
  9. Fascinating prerogative. So do you have a contribution to make? Or are you here just to backseat? There's places for shenanigans like this, *coughs* r/Windows
  10. This is s very subjective question. It depends on your use case. For light indie gaming and working with 3D applications, it will absolutely be powerful enough. That said, you should aim for a 4 GB card if possible. Shy of playing very recent AAA games, a 4 gig 960 or RX 470 should tide you by pretty comfortably. I use a 970 myself, had it since 2019. Biggest caveat with with 700 series cards is the lack of DirectX 12 support. If you don't care to use Windows 10 or play very recent big name games, this shouldn't matter too much though. NOW the 750 Ti is an interesting beast. It's 700 series by name, but in actuality it's Maxwell-based (like the 960). Perhaps some early revisions are based on the Kepler architecture, but all 750 Ti's I've seen are Maxwell. Do your research on the card. Decide accordingly.
  11. Vize patches existing system resources, it does not contain DLL replacements. As for retrieving the images it uses, perhaps some decompiling software can help you there. It's based on Anolis installer, so perhaps you can find a lead there.
  12. Lad, even Build 6003 is severely handicapped on Kaby Lake. I'm not sure what would compel you to use an already turbulent RTM on this platform, but I'd recommend you upgrade to SP2 immediately. I'd reconsider using Vista on drifting platforms, too. It's a beautiful OS, but its hampered on your platform. I would consider using 7 or 8.x here, and theme it to resemble Vista. If you really want to experience Vista on fairly powerful hardware, look into getting a 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) system. I use a Xeon 2667 V2 system myself.
  13. I too have noticed this. I had to create the shortcuts myself. The program works as expected otherwise, though.
  14. I tried to sort of see through their eyes and have an open mind about their.. erm, pettiness. But good lord, did seeing this message upon opening PM put a mile wide s*** grin my face hahahaha
  15. Well it's either that or no drivers at all. Intel is a little hit or miss, but just fine if they support you. I think Intel devices on x79 boards are generally just fine.
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