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  1. I have an ISO with Server updates through January 2020 that a friend of mine created. It's Ultimate, but the Ultimate Extras aren't pre-installed. (i'll look into releasing the image later) Is there any way to package those into offline msu's too? Bit concerned about that since they could disappear from Microsoft servers without warning.
  2. Probably not the greatest security practice to man, but once I install Office I just grab the offline service pack installers and patch it locally. Call it a day. I don't use Outlook though, or rather anything that's sending/receiving information over the internet. Most documents I open (that I didn't make myself) are either converted down from Google Docs, or come from Word Online collaborations. Office Enterprise 2007 SP3 here.
  3. Knowing your hardware specs would help, off the bat. Login/logout animations aren't the smoothest on any configuration I'm afraid, that's just kind of a design flaw. But poorly optimized display drivers can further aggregate that. What GPU and drivers are you using? Power usage is a tough one to tackle. You didn't mention what power plan/power saving features you were using with W10, though. You'd need to be using similar settings to compare. But from memory, I think 10 softlocks the lower tier 'Balanced' power mode. You can up that, but it's a bit hidden in the UI. Like the login fadeout, drivers can have an impact there too. Sleep shouldn't take long at all if you're not using Radeon psa, if you're booting from an SSD (which you most certainly should be doing), 7 and Vista do put a bit extra strain on i/o and consume more space than they should. This aggressive way of caching was designed to squeeze a bit of speed out of slow mechanical moving disks. This article has some great pointers to optimize some settings and gain some free space back. (10 has similar rubbish defaults, if not more taxing) https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-performance-tweak,2911-3.html
  4. Thank you! This works perfect. Surprised, it actually places the files accordingly in c/programfiles and even creates a Start Menu entry. Curious about one thing though. The main bat file doesn't list MailNews, rather there's a separate bat Install_MailNews_PaleMoon.bat
  5. Well it would be fairly pretentious to drop 7 from a project that's a distant relative of ESR 52.9, but alas they did just that with XP and Vista sooooo... But Pale Moon seems fairly reluctant to drop 7. There were forum responses about it in the past. A rather beat-around-the-bush way of saying no, there's no real incentive to do so as long as it doesn't halt development or some such. Kind of hypocritical but annnywhooo. On the bright side, profile data across the originals and RoyTam1 variants are shared. So switching between them can be done in seconds in any event. Btw. Could you maybe share the RT1 installer script you mentioned earlier? I had one in the past but it didn't work quite right. Thinking about that actually kinda p***ed me off, so I just switched out Interlink for MailNews and PM (which is only a backup browser for me anymore) with NM Still a consolidated installer would be epic.
  6. It's made by Roytam1, it's listed on their website. http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2020/08/weekly-browser-binaries-20200801.html Ctrl + F and just search MailNews, grab the latest binary from the list. But if you're not using XP or have Vista kernel patched, you may as well grab the unmodified version from BinaryOutcast. https://binaryoutcast.com/projects/interlink/
  7. That's pretty ironic, given Microsoft's reputation for being the 'enterprise' solution. It was used in my prior workplace too. I have very little experience with Exchange though. Thunderbird is pretty powerful, shame Mozilla doesn't invest further into it. Really enjoying Interlink/MailNews though. The UI feels like Thunderbird 3.1, but with all the creature comforts found in newer versions.
  8. I'm not sure where it's developed, but the source code is publicly released on their website. And the developer is very receptive to inquiries and feature suggestions/fixes. It's close to vanilla, just with some design cues from older Chrome. And Skia fonts have been modded to look more like pre-DirectWrite. A user recently helped port it to Linux too, using the public source code. So no, I wouldn't call it sketchy. Maybe you're thinking of that fishy 360Extreme crap? New Moon / Pale Moon does have some amazing themes, so I'll tip my hat there yeah. Agreed, MailNews (forked from Interlink) is pretty great. Even has bidirectional Google Calendar support. Very interested in this IE8 CSS theme though. I modded Aris' script to look a bit like IE7 and Firefox 3.6.
  9. I partially agree. But you can't stick with an old browser indefinitely. IMO either find something you can tweak to your liking, or find a specialty fork of Chromium that has better defaults. I haven't used official Chrome with the blue and green logo in years. Advanced Chrome has great tab styling, similar to pre 70.x. But it's based on 74 and 84 rn. Plus x86, so that leaves Vista kernel out for the moment. Maybe look into userChrome styling with Firefox? Just my two cents
  10. I second this. Just grab the community Winapp2.ini for ccleaner/bleachbit, and that will greatly increase the application detection in older clients. Modern CCleaner is quite literally spyware.
  11. Vegas 15 build 384 works here. I had to copy it from a 7 install to run though, as the installer will error out despite my best effort. The exe needs to have the major/minor version changed to NT 6.0 in CFF Explorer. Licensing issues, provided you legally acquired the software, are an easy fix too. But I won't delve into that as it's probably a breech of ToS/forum rules. .
  12. That's amazing to hear! I think if I were to return to vanilla Vista today (from my tweaked 7), I'd probably use Cent for multimedia and Wf Classic for everything else. But I can't for the life of me get extensions to install in Chromium browsers yet, not even by sideloading them with developer mode. Language Learning With Netflix extension and Skype Online are pretty much the top 2 reasons I open Chromium at all.
  13. I experienced that on Haswell before. Running the updater was like playing a game of Russian roulette. Besides the startup failures, OS components would gradually break over time too. At one point even ClearType font rendering just like. Stopped functioning? It was a real joy.
  14. Sure thing. Sent it via pastebin to your DM. Many thanks for giving it a look
  15. Well yeah the flag exists, CTR just exposes it. And you can use CTR to get more options even with a theme, you just can't use settings that conflict with the theme in question. Like movable back/forward buttons, or tab styling. DeepDark is perfect with CTR but.. No glass F
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