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  1. Basically 98 when it was first released but it only had ie bloat but otherwise se fixed it up very nicely. Meanwhile 10 is a garbage can which has caught fire for 5 years
  2. So i was installing Windows 98 on Vmware 16 and everything was going fine i created a disk using fdisk and then start the installation. Everything was fine until the final stage where it started registering components and it spit an shell32.dll error i ignored it but it came back after a few seconds which killed explorer.exe. I am using a ryzen 5 3500u cpu and found that this is a problem with the ryzen architecture. Im willing to find a fix. Any solutions .
  3. Hey there 11 user here. I agree to you to an extent when I upgraded to 11 it limited my CPU speed from 3 GHz to 0.40 GHz a restart fixed it. And the context menu taskbar can be fixed with startallback and explorerpatcher but I agree it shouldn't be dependent on external programs
  4. I have seen people getting Vista working successfully on Ryzen cpus and even getting aero to work but havent heard of a mention if ryzen 5 3500u is supported. I heard somewhere vega graphics dosent like vista and ryzen u series have more stability. I kinda want to dualboot Vista on my new daily driver.
  5. Oh so its useable as a daily driver (of course in basic things since gaming dosent seem to be its biggest strength. Thats good to hear since kinda wanted to test vista on real hardware since getting it to work on a Ryzen 5 3500u is a long process and currently dont have that much time.
  6. So recently i found a 2010 pc with a Core 2 duo e7500 with 4gb of ram and runs win 10 1803 flawlessly but real question is can it run vista? According to intel website they are drivers but how stable is it and if i install the extended kernel patch can it be used as a daily driver?

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