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      yeah sorry, and i was going to post about stuff i found over, well a entire year but i got a unknown error while trying to post, i'm writing this at 2 in the morning and am going (to try) to get some sleep, see you later

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      Ok, see ya when you can and please try again to post the "stuff" you found over a entire year - I get those errors all the time myself and I just find a thread to post it in. Get some sleep for heavens sake :D

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      Any updates?

  1. Which is from the Chicago beta, I used build 328 you also have to modify win31.exe with a hex editor to bypass the system check, and put dualcomm.drv and dualmous.drv into the windows 3.1 system folder and modify the system.ini file respectively. It didn't change from full screen to windowed when i used alt+enter. I even modified the shortcut pif file to make it windowed and it still didn't work maybe a earlier bulid of chicago allowed this to happen but thats all i can guess. Would of been very fun. Windows 3.1 in Windows 3.1 in Windows... but sadly it dosen't work. But i did find a screen shot of windows 3.1 or nt 3.51 running windows 3.1 using the beta program.
  2. You will need: Windows 95 as host, CD & Floppy DOSBox (MegaBulid 6 strongly recommended and the one I used for this tutorial) Windows Desktop Update (Bundled with IE4, but you can put it into IE5.5 or just upgrade) WinSock2 Update 64MB Ram (128 Recommended) 2+GB Hard Disk Space WinPcap 4.0 Beta 2 (If using Megabulid6 AND NE2000 emulation) 1. Install the Windows desktop update, The WinSock2 update and WinPcap if using Megabulid6 AND NE2000 emulation. 2. Install DOSBox (I used MegaBulid6) 3. Make a folder where you will have all the files for the 95 files e.g. C:\W95 4. Take the "win95" folder off your Windows 95 CD, A Windows 95 floppy vfd/img and put it in the 95 files folder 5. If using MegaBulid6, you can use the "imgmake" command to create a virtual hard disk. If not, you can use the following web site here to not only get the image but to get the geometry of the virtual hard disk image if needed. If using the download image option, make sure you have a program such as 7-Zip to extract the files. Put the virtual hard disk image into the 95 files folder. 6.In the start menu go, Programs,DOSBox,Configuration,Edit Configuration and edit the following lines: frameskip=0 memsize=64 or 32/16 if low ram cputype=pentium or 486/386 if weaker CPU cycles=max sbtype=sb16 irq=7 [autoexec] mount x (path to 95 files) imgmount c: x:\(virtual hard disk name) If using MB6, There are also NE2000 Settings, use the following: ne2000=true nicbase=300 nicirq=6 macaddr=AC:DE:48:88:99:11 realnic=1 unless you have more then 1 network card 7. Open DOSBox and copy the win95 installer files to the virtual hard disk e.g "copy x:\win95\*.* c:\setup" (make sure you create a folder where you put the setup files first) 8. Boot into the windows 95 floppy e.g "boot x:\(windows 95 floppy disk) file extension included 9. Once it boots type c:\(path to windows 95 setup) and you will enter the setup (if your having problems getting into the setup, goto to it's folder and type "setup /is" once the setup is open set it up as usual unless specified. 10. At the "Setup Options" Screen, select "Custom" 11. At the second "Analyzing Your Computer" Screen select the "Sound,MIDI Or Video Capture Card" Option 12. Note: If you aren't using DOSBox Megabulid 6 AND using NE2000 emulation you may skip this step. Select Add, Double click on "Protocol" Microsoft, TCP/IP then you will be asked to select a network adapter. Select "Novell/Anthem", NE2000 Compatible then unless needed remove the "IPX/SPX Protocol". 13. At the Computer Settings screen with Display selected, click Change,Show All Devices, S3 Trio32/64 PCI and click OK 14. When it finishes installing click Finish and OK then close DOSBox and open it again, and type "boot -l c" (you can also add that command to your [autoexec] so it runs automatically. 15. Once it loads, complete setup as usual 16. Enjoy! Flaws/Bugs: If you attempt to change the color depth to True Color 32-Bit, the screen may become pink, use True Color 16bit and lower instead. If you shutdown Windows correctly, there's a chance Windows will get stuck on the scandisk screen, you can use Tweak UI to disable scandisk. Opening a DOS Program causes the graphics to freak out so you can't open any. Fixing NE2000 Emulation on Windows 95 After I installed windows 95, the NE2000 refused to work, but i fixed that issue here. 1. When logged in to Windows, Right click on "Network Neighborhood" and click properties. 2. Click on "NE2000 Compatible" and click properties. 3. go to bindings, and change the I/O Adress range to "300 - 31F" also make sure the interrupt (IRQ) is set to 6. 4. shut down windows (dosbox) and start it back up you should now have the NE2000 working! Fixing mouse problems in Windows 95 In DOSBox, if your mouse is sensitive and you cannot move it without it going flying, here's how that can be fixed 1. In your host windows 95 right click "My Computer" and select properties 2. go to the "device manager" tab and expand the mouse tab 3. Select your mouse, click properties, driver, update driver 4. click select driver from a list, show all devices, and select in the (standard mouse types) "Standard PS/2 Port Mouse." or what your mouse uses such as serial, but I haven't tested those. 5.Install its driver and reboot. It should work as normal now. that should most if not all needed to use Windows 95 Inside of Windows 95, if there are any problems with Windows 95, you can post them here and I will happily respond.
  3. A quick backstory: When Windows 95 came out it was ran on top of MS-DOS as Wikipedia quoted: "Windows 95 and 98 are both dependent on MS-DOS to boot the 32 bit kernel and run legacy 16 bit MS-DOS device drivers" as for Windows 3.1 it was 16 bit only. You would think Windows 3.1 could run on Win9x but you would be wrong. The MS-DOS version is incompatible, However Microsoft had actually intended to run Windows 3.1 on top of Windows 95 for backwards compatibility, Most likely for backwards compatibility purposes. I honestly think if this made it to final and i existed back then I would use it! It has huge potential in my opinion but... It didn't work well. Firstly it requires you to have windows 3.1 preinstalled with no way to do it with the app. Some people say it was a VM but honestly that is wrong as, from the above screenshot it has full access to the hard drive which also in some cases could pose a danger. Also unlike VM's drivers don't work at least for me. i tried installing a svga driver onto the 'VM' and it gave me a blank screen, some drivers have to be at dos level like the sb16 driver for windows 3.1 on the 95 system which VM's don't need. and so honestly I rate the beta windows 95 'VM' 2/10. as for DOSBox it works so much better with sound, graphics and even networking (because it's megabulid6) working. It's also isolated from the host meaning it can't do any damage. It can even let you put files onto it. so if you want windows 3.1 inside of windows 95 your much better off using DOSBox.
  4. I only just noticed this from a notification, and the reasons I was gone was school and my laptop was playing up. But I am finally able to post again!
  5. If you don't know what Athena is, It's Microsoft's PIM (Personal Information Manager) which from my knowledge, only existed in Nashville "Windows 96" (4.10.999). But I have found how to get it to work on Windows 95 (I used Version C see screenshot) but B and earlier should work. (Possibly even 98 and Me but I haven't tested this) You need: A Windows Nashville Disk Windows 95 Tweak UI Notes: I haven't tested this with certain other windows components so be warned, I am not responsible for any damage this does to your Windows 95 machine. 1. Copy "Precopy2.cab" off your copy of Windows Nashville on to your Windows 95 PC. 2. Extract all it's files, 95 can view and extract them without 3rd party software, but if it doesn't work use 7-Zip 3. Go to Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs, Windows Setup and click on "Have Disk" 4. Point it to where you extracted the precopy2 files 5. And select "Microsoft Athena" and add Inbox if asked to do so. 6. Click ok and when asked for the files, point to your Nashville files. 7. After it has finished installing, reboot your computer. Do not open the application using the desktop icon, It will most likely cause explorer to crash. This is where Tweak UI comes in. 8. Go and open the "Tweak UI" control panel applet. 9. Go to the "Desktop" menu and uncheck "Athena PIM" 10. Apply and click on "Create as file", place it where you want (like the desktop) and click save. Sometimes you have to wait for Athena to open, I find it strange like you have to give it a second, but it will open eventually, You can open it with the address bar and it may work. I'll put some more screenshots here. Calendar Messages
  6. I went to a app called felix's "windows95" electron app, Wanting to go back to it after a long time. I wanted to put a 2GB Hard Disk image file on it and reinstall windows 95. I had to do the whole thing in a dosbox emulator and when i booted the file into the windows95 program i got this. :I I have tried to remove the advanced power managment from the install, but it didn't work. I can only boot into safe mode. does anyone know how this happens and how to fix it?
  7. Well played, jaclaz. For me DOSBox is the MS-DOS Prompt even on 9x Systems. Makes sense to me. it is DOS in a "Virtual" Environment.
  8. Never heard of this program. Was this from a 3rd party or from Microsoft?
  9. 1. Can't, have programs that require KernelEx. 2. Yes. 3. I don't think i would need this, I haven't checked for that setting yet. In a non KernelEx Install, it worked with no issues. But someone with a faster and higher GHz CPU may need it. Something else, When i don't reboot it works perfectly. But once i reboot it stops working. Which makes me suspect it's a driver issue.
  10. I reccomend you use 0.6.0, it has the same features and works without mods.
  11. I wanted to install Virtual PC 5.1 on to my Windows Me VM as i wanted to run Windows 7 on it, Which is possible. However i got two problems. My first problem was that Virtual PC thought i was running a unsupported operating system. I fixed this by booting into safe mode and then installing. The second and severe problem is that once i reboot, I get a Windows protection error for "NTkern" i tried removing all references of NTkern from the registry but it failed Does anyone know how this could be fixed?
  12. I used the copy of the revoultions pack off my Windows 98 UBCD CD, but the fact i am using a old version may cause some of the crashes. Do agree, there should be a transformation pack. Don't agree with the off topic. Windows 98 is the base os. Well, XP's version of MS-DOS Prompt is called DOSBox. ObjectBar goes over the explorer start menu, making the explorer one auto-hide, never to be touched again. (Well untill you unload the start menu) I tried replacing explorer with ObjectBar directly as the shell, but that caused lots of problems.
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