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  1. Hi @pecop from 'stralia and welcome to MSFN
  2. I come here wayyy to commonly. 

  3. Never heard of online activation. I think Enderman had me convinced. I wouldn't be surprised, Microsoft supported the online games in Me/XP/7 until 2019/2020 even if it was virtually dead.
  4. They actually did it with windows vista, but it was only for developers for obvious reasons. ****** also was given the same warnings but now that post is old, as the POS Ready 2009 had ended support in 2019. So will it actually die? nope. XP's too popular, it has the longest life with 12 years, even as of 2021 it still has 0.56% You can still dual boot XP with 11! The community isn't dead, like the Windows 98 community.
  5. Got it! Ups.zip has all the updates, am i right?
  6. This might be the last update for a while. I almost got my account deleted, Made a tutorial on how to bypass windows xp's activation. Because i thought "Oh, Windows XP's abandonware. It's almost 8 years dead. The only way to activate it was through a almost dead telephone service." Now i will tell you, that's not true. Now i have 9 demerits (That don't expire) so i am here by the skin of my teeth. Have to thank the MSFN staff for a second chance, won't take that for granted. I no longer have COVID. I have no symptoms at all. I have been taking a stupidly long stay at my fathers, Meaning all i have is my phone and no laptop which means i can only use memory, can't test anything. The closest time i can update without memory is 2 days away. I have literaly replied to every windows related topic (expect server, i am not experienced for server, don't ask about it.) Why? because i have slowed my youtube watching because i want to help people. (And i am going to run out of my internet allowance) I am sorry if this is annoying you, then bookmark your topics! I am the little (N) -Nerdulater
  7. I have never heard of Windows 10 Firewall Control XP 7.5. My paranoid self took one look at the name and was suspicious, but no, there's only 1 detection from Dr.Web I will try it someday.
  8. You could try easybcd, but that's all i got. Download
  9. Dumb and unusable, But it shows how reliable XP can be!
  10. Never heard of it. When i got my laptop, it was on S mode. After updating to 11, it did not re-enable S mode.
  11. Well you should make a decision quick. I'm pretty sure after a month, The option to downgrade is disabled.
  12. I'm suprised. First time Microsoft hasn't shut down a service on time.
  13. Uhh? all of the download links are broken.
  14. Are you logged in to a administrator account? Or a normal account? Logging in as a administrator could fix it. Sometimes VMware even on 11 dosen't accept the administator rights i give it.

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