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  1. Did you pay $10,000+ for your copy windows 98 when it was new? if you and everyone else had then im sure MS could easily afford to backport modern technologies to outdated operating systems and hardware manufacturers would still make drivers for it as a result. But getting back on topic, I really dont see what the fuss is about WGA. Ive only had 1 system that was unrecoverable as a result and it had started life FCKGW'd and someone tried to switch its key the 'wrong' way before i got ahold of it. every other system ive had to WGA has worked with very little effort. Even calling the automated phone system has gotten easier since they launched it.
  2. mine is technically a backpack and can be carried as such but unless its empty it feels like a file cabinet with shoulderstraps. http://www.amazon.com/Dell-T9466-Backpack-...n/dp/B000MVBCH2 I keep meaning to get another one but its not really a priority because this one just sits in the back of my truck and holds my laptop and misc other stuff. i rarely remove the bags because it easier to remove what i need, use it and leave the bag behind.
  3. Yeah you can get some pretty badly configured OEM PCs if you buy through retail. (systems with 4Gb+ and a 32 bit OS, systems with a badass cpu and a video card that can barely keep aero running without tanking, systems with crappy cpu/video and a BluRay drive, etc) I configured the ones we bought for use for several years so I specced a little higher than i had to because the software that they were using when i started and they are pretty loyal to (COMCASH) has had a few versions come out that had memory leaks or where certain operations would max out the cpu on their old machines (1.4g singlecore with 768 ram) the current versions appear to have resolved all those issues though. I also bought the minitower form factor instead of the desktop/SFF so i could easily add serial or USB expansion cards for the POS printers, scanners, drawers we currently have or may upgrade to in the future. we had more than enough room under the counter so that wasnt an issue.
  4. what is the file system on the target usb HDD? if its FAT32 then youll need to change the format to NTFS or split the file since FAT32 wont do files 4gb+ and ive copied 20+ Gb single file with teracopy so i can tell you its not a limitation of that software
  5. in your friends situation i can see them using an overpowered machine for that -prolly because its likely used for other things like internet browsing, streaming music etc. my POS systems are complete overkill in the cpu memory dept but moderate in others. 14" POS monitor -non touch screen angles up to be used in standing position (i want to switch them to a touch screen but theyre happy with a mouse) 3ghz core2 duo 2Gb of ram stripped down and somewhat locked down windows XP (not bulletproof but protected) POS software (COMCASH) launches on start up and connects to a SQL server in a nearby building as far as most of the staff knows, the machines cant even get on the internet.
  6. activation will likely be the least of your concerns. Unless the new machine has the same IDE/raid controller, youll likely get a looping BSOD on the first boot with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_VOLUME. there are ways around this but they are iffy at best. (IE reinstalling 'Standard IDE controller' or possibly sysprep) but if you successfully move an installation from one machine to another with different hardware, you will definitely need to reactivate. the activation was designed to do just that. oh and im not to be a EULAcop but if thats an OEM installation, moving it to hardware other than what it was purchased on would violate the EULA and could jinx your activation. (I cant say for sure as my post-WGA experience with XP has been with VLK editions) my advice: just reinstall a fresh copy to another drive, slave your old drive to it, move anything critical over and reinstall. it sounds like more work but in my experience its not worth the trouble to transfer and salvage an old install.
  7. LOL! i took one look at the title, got my banhammer a revved up thinking this was a spam topic, clicked through and then saw the name of the poster and was actually disappointed that this was a legit offer.
  8. that doesnt appear to be an apples to apples comparison. You have wallpaper and themes (and Aero) enabled on your win 7 screenshot while XP has neither. Now these things may not affect boot time drastically but they do tell me that you arent comparing both OSes in their pure state. but as others have mentioned before, most people dont reboot/shutdown their PCs these days. with the incredible speed that win7 resumes from sleep/hibernate (when compared with XP) it will become even less of an issue IMO.
  9. we dont comment on the reasons why our members where banned and we ask that our members dont discuss it publicly either. its not up to public debate. you may use your current account to PM xper or cluberti to look into the possibility of unbanning you but further posts from your current account are disabled.
  10. only way is to add a pxe capable nic card (i have a usb one i use for non compatible pcs)
  11. portal has 4873mb stored on my harddisk right now HL2 has 3451, HL2 ep1 is 4441, HL2 ep2 8403, TF2 has 7292 those are the stored size after extraction and im sure the downloaded files are a little smaller and of course you dont have to download them all at the same time.
  12. **** I suck. i say there is no reason not to buy it then i create one the link is: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/469/
  13. you no longer have any reason* not to buy it. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/469/ *unless your PC sucks.
  14. this is for Bart PE but in sure the BattStat.exe referenced in that post would prolly work. http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...mp;#entry141864
  15. - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody played on a Atari 800XL, TI994a, and a Scanjet 3c
  16. I have no idea what you are trying to say. this isnt twitter. its not necessary to abbreviate every other word. you are allowed to use full words.
  17. --psst-- have you seen rule 9? technically, it was never called "Windows Firebird" it was "Mozilla Firebird for Windows" which is why you might not be finding anything on it (assuming that you searched -you did search right ) http://seb.mozdev.org/firebird/ which is from here (feature history is listed further down the page)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Firebird
  18. the only thing in you entire post that i can agree with is that this doesnt belong in the nlite forum. Moving to XP.
  19. but really thats like asking "how long to clean and rearrange a 10 x 10 room?" It totally depends on what in the room(whats on the drive), how large the furniture is(how big the files are), how fast you move(read/write speed), how much you can lift without getting winded(cache), and how much free space is in the room(free disk space).
  20. will a Greek VLK key even work on an English VLK CD? i dont think so. but if it will, the process should be the same as embedding and english key in an english CD.
  21. well thats a well thought out response. I especially like your use of authoritative sources. It really helps prove your point.
  22. you dont have to specify id when inserting a line. `id` int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment, this is the part that creates the data for id. Anytime a new database record is created, MySQL (not PHP) generates a new id number one higher than the whatever the AUTO_INCREMENT value is (which is initially set to 4 in the code you pasted)
  23. agreed. It wasnt very serious to star with but this thread has devolved into utter nonsense, on a related note: Hate cleaning the dust out of your PC? wrap the entire case in saran wrap to prevent the dust from getting inside the PC in the first place! (additional layers may be added to muffle any temperature alarms)

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