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  1. grab the massstorage package. once you are adding the drivers to the Image there will be a checkmark that adds the massstorage drivers to the textmode portion of the setup which you will want to check.
  2. Right Click Start Button -> 'Select Properties' -> Goto 'Start Menu' tab -> Click 'Customize' on whichever start menu you are using -> scroll down and check 'Run Command' -> Click 'OK' twice you now have a run command on your start menu. alternately you can press WindowsKey+R on the keyboard and get straight to it. now as for your original question. I believe you are referring to the navigation pane in windows explorer. Click 'Start' -> 'Computer' if you dont show the tree view on the right, click Organize -> Layout -> Navigation Pane -X- and Andre, typing "expl" or "explorer" into the start menu search box will just open the games explorer if you type explorer into Win+r then you get windows explorer
  3. Id guess they are from "windows easy transfer" under Accessories/System Tools
  4. Id say its prolly some combination of these 3 things: Your IT dept thinks its users are stupid and cant tell the difference between song.wav and song.wav.exe Your IT dept is stupid and thinks everything that cant be explained by them "must be a virus" Your IT dept thinks you dont "respect their authoritay" and so they are punishing you with stupid rules.
  5. you could buy a fan like this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835192007 anything will do. it doesnt have to be this one -just find one with a variable switch (they have some that operate on a heat sensor that changes the rpm automatically too) you dont have to use that fan just splice in whatever fan you want and mount it in a PCI thats just the first one o found that had a rpm switch
  6. i second gamehead200 on this. A machine that shipped with a 64 bit OS will run a 32 bit OS as long as you have drivers for that platform. check you manufacturers site since this is regarding 32bit XP and not XP 64 ill move this topic to the standard windows XP forum
  7. the style (colors/layout etc) of the board has not changed. however if youve been clicking msfn links on google your cookie may have been changed from standard to outline. see #3 on this page for details on how to toggle it back http://www.msfn.org/board/faq-most-commonl...ns-t100720.html otherwise, post a screenshot because im unsure of what you might be seeing
  8. you could try http://www.virtualbox.org/ I dont have either installed on this PC so i cant tell you for sure how to boot to the iso
  9. LOL. for the record the link is http://www.sevenclassicstart.com/ and theyre actually asking 20$ for it. hell you could buy windowblinds for that and customize the whole dang OS to look like crap.
  10. we have a set of these at each of our sites http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_00940558000P the big one has a set of crimpers, punchdown tool, wire stripper, scissors, cable tester, big bag of RJ45 & a small bag of RJ11 the little one has punchdown jacks, wall plates and zip ties
  11. we moderate posts of that type regardless of the forum. were throwing around ideas and well find a way to make this work for everyone if we can. yeah if only there was a way for me to know what that was like (page 3 post 45)
  12. dencorso was made moderator of that forum in an attempt to appease the users of that forum. im fine with that but honestly there isnt much NT activity in the NT/2000/2003 forum these days and the entire office forum is deadsville as it is so splitting it up would just clutter the main category page. ...You used to say live and let live you know you did 3x But if this ever changin in which we live in Makes you give in and cry Say live and let die
  13. LOL http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/913...riends_use_IE6_
  14. Pink Floyd The Wall - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb --edit-- have I have too much to drink or is this a good cover?
  15. thats obviously a fake article. everyone knows that it is impossible for an article to be published on the register if it doesnt take at least 1 cheapshot at MS. </sarcasm> no but seriously now this is what I think of an 8 year old security being found in linux.
  16. Thats roughly what our % is but I know our webstats for IE6 are unusually high because currently, all of our XP machines on the network usually have IE6 by default and can opt to install IE7+. but a few clicks in WSUS and I could fix that (deadline IE7) but i probably wont do that until right before the end of its lifecycle even though its tempting to do it now
  17. Wonderful. Although I think this is pretty low on the list of the worst crimes committed by the Cult of Scientology.
  18. This statement makes me feel uneasy. I hope you're joking. [/OT] LOL if you have problems with people that spoil their children then youll love this: Thats my 6 year old son sitting at his PC at his desk. (watching wipeout on Hulu) His PC specs: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.6 4GB Ram 250Gb HD DVDR/W Drive MS Intellimouse Explorer & Spongebob Squarepants Keyboard & Mousepad 22" Acer monitor Windows Vista Home Premium (cant have him using an OS thats older than he is thats just not right) Also pictured: UB Funkeys Nintendo DS Mess
  19. lol yeah ive run it on on some old slow machines i needed to bandaid back together for a few more months of use that were like that but the oldest i can think of was 5 years so you might have a record amount of crap removed there. speaking of collected crap, I use hijackthis! on my pen drive to remove a ton of spyware from literally hundreds of machines. you know that folder called 'Backups' it creates that everyone deletes? Well i dont delete mine mine is 163mb and one day an XP install is gonna p*** me off badly and im gonna restore all the malware ive cleaned for the last few years all to the same machine. I dont know what would happen but im sure the machine will be sorry it messed with me. BWAAHAHAHAHA!
  20. My primary goal is not to drive traffic to our site. My goal is to assist my visitors while they are there. sometimes "fancy" features such as ability to navigate the page without obscure errors nagging my visitors while breaking my design are required. well if my sites display correctly in your browser great but if they dont, I wont be investing time in correcting the problem. I simply dont have the time. Here are the stats from the site i had the above problems with:this is the breakdown of IE versions from May 1 to Today (IE accounts for 73% of our visitors): 7.0 66.47% 8.0 16.86% 6.0 16.64% 5.5 0.04%5.5 is hardly worth worrying about and IE6 will fall into the same category likely by the end of the year. The reality of Drudge report is they are nothing more than a link aggregator which relies on real websites to provide the content that keeps people coming to their site (which looks like a 5 year old threw it together in 10 minutes in frontpage) people often use the google main page as a example of minimalism success stories but google success is in their results not their main page. The people that pay me to maintain their site expect me to place a huge amount of content on the main page but still have things be easy to find. that and they hired me because their site looked like a 5 year old threw it together in 10 minutes in frontpage so i dont they theyd like it if i gave them a site that looked like drudge just to satisfy 0.04% of their visitors.
  21. In my earlier posts I was a little indifferent about IE6. My position has changed dramatically since my last post here. What has changed my position from 'Meh' to 'OFF WITH ITS HEAD!!' you ask? I wont bore you with the details but lets just say it involves me, a webpage Im paid to maintain, Virtualbox, IE6 and repeated use of the F-word and its friends. I cant help but question my own sanity when i spend 5 minutes verifying that things work in FF/IE8/Chrome only to spend 10 minutes testing in IE6, 20 minutes locating and implementing the workaround when it inevitability renders wrong in IE6, then another half hour getting the page to render the way it was in FF/IE8/Chrome before the IE6 workaround code was added then another 8 hours trying to forget the pain in the a** that is righting code that degrades well to a browser that was replaced 3 years ago that for some reason people want to cling to even though there are far superior browsers out there. thats a quote from the linked article not me -hench why i put it in quote tags (and thats not my handle either)
  22. ok first off the "music" in the first clip sucks - i muted the audio on the second one because i couldnt take another s***ty techno track (or whatever that s*** was). but is this really that big of an issue? Even if this is a MS issue and not a Driver issue, Personally i rather see MS focus on real world issues like better multiple monitor support fixing the abundance of mapped network drives issues ive had than fixing some minor graphical glitch thats only a minor nuisance (and Maybe a slight performance hit) yes i saw the taskmgr graphs but people said the same crap about Vista "OMG look at how much memory it uses" this "problem" looks like one of those that will just fade away as vid drivers get updated.
  23. well from what your saying Vista has a bad rep so you havent tried it. So yeah sure what the heck ill just go ahead and say 7 will solve all your problems that you had with Vista because its has a different name and so far that the only specific problem youve mentioned. Yes and 7 is x86/x64 bit OS (same as Vista was)

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