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  1. well technically, cleaning out you MUI lists & history can have a performance impact -if youre running a 333 with 256 mb of ram but IMO, a modern system shrugs off things like looking up MUI items without hardly any perfomance decrease. I still have CCleaner installed and run it occasionally but i never expect to see a performance gain out of it its just to keep my system clean so i can find things.
  2. well in my experience most peoples problems with Vista were imaginary or trivial at best (something they could easily fix if they wanted to try) more specifically, what was your issue with Vista? Without knowing what your porblem was, We'd be lying to you if we told you it had been taken care of in 7.
  3. The wonderful icon can do this and the autor has some code at the bottom of this faq http://www.thewonderfulicon.com/faqs.html
  4. yeah thats the curse of a 64bit OS you need a 64bit OS, 64bit drivers, 64bit programs, and 64bit codecs to get any performance benefit from the platform. I highly recommend ditching XP64 if your hardware will allow it. Things are much better on Vista/7 64 right now that they will likely ever be on XP64. Server 2008 R2(aka windows 7 server) will be x64 only which should help put some pressure on OEMs to take 64bit seriously.
  5. Microsoft list Server 2003 as "No further updates planned" so i wouldnt count on seeing XP64 SP3. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/lifecycle/servicepacks.mspx
  6. There is not XP64 SP3 because XP64s kernel is from the same codebase as Windows Server 2003 64 not XP32. since there hasnt been an SP3 for 2003, there isnt one for XP64 Vista 64 and Server 2008 64 are the same kernel as well as 7 64 and 2008 R2 64
  7. wow i swear im not looking for these articles. they keep finding me. apparently this movement is picking up steam. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/913...et_switch_pitch
  8. I am been asked to assemble some kind of video game setup for some outdoor events at the college where I work for some of our student activities. I plan to get a couple inflatable screens (12' - 16' ones probably) and I already have projectors for displaying the games on the screen and i also have the sound systems taken care of. Heres my problems: I own a PS3 and a Wii and I think the PS3 is great but would be money wasted on the console that could be better used elsewhere and im afraid the Wii would be too kiddie for our crowd So that leaves me with Buying 1-2 XBOX 360s and 1-2 GH/Rockband kits. I have never used an XBOX360 and i have no rhythm so i cant play RB/GH so here is the questions: Guitar Hero or Rock Band? (what are the pro/cons of each?) Arcade or Pro? -already decided against doing Elites The guitar controllers -is there any interoperability or are they all only compatible with what comes in the box? I dont think i need a harddrive but i could be wrong. (these will never be used for anything but 1 or 2 games and will probably never see any paid DLC) Any Controllers must be wireless (because i dont want 20 foot of controller cords for each player) Component output (RGBLR) will be needed -no HDMI needed Does RB/GH require a controller or can the guitar/drums/mic be the only controller on 1 system and i use both controllers on the XBOX for 2P games like SFIV
  9. While I do firmly believe that when the machines rise up and enslave humanity one of their major grievances will be "The humans made us run Win 9x", Slayed is right we do need to get back on topic. Your welcome to create another topic in the appropriate forum entitled "NT OSes are bloated" or "20 reasons why Win 9x is insecure" as long as you follow the rules (particularly Rule 7b) but for now, lets keep all future replies on the topic of "Why do you still use 9X" or well have to shut it down.
  10. Related article: http://mashable.com/2009/08/04/ie6-no-more/
  11. Pink Floyd - Echoes\Pink Floyd-Echoes The Best of Pink Floyd (disc 2)-10-Wish You Were Here
  12. Firefox is so much more configurable than IE. And it's open source. I also doubt most home users are into customising every aspect of their gateway to the web. Sorry i wasnt too clear what i meant there. when i say "configurable with GPo" that has nothing to do with home users in my mind (yes i know about local GPo but that hardly counts) I use FF almost exclusively My home PCs & work PCs but on the PCs I manage, IE is MUCH easier to keep up to date and manage default settings with Group Policy Object received from the domain. So my point was IE* will always have a huge presence in the corporate environment which will make it hard for FF* to overtake IE* for any extended period. Now If someone could make a version of FF that could be configured with GPo, I might think about deploy it at work but until then, my users will have to install it themselves.
  13. just like they promised, heres XP mode for those Windows 7 users that just cant get enough XP: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx
  14. lol. to each his own but i cant see that much volatile storage being usefull especially on an OS as reboot prone as win9x.
  15. the great times i have had with some of his songs
  16. Seriously? 5 GB of ramdisks? why? in case you decide you want to read an entire uncompressed DVD onto a ram drive? how useful could that really be? I usually avoid car analogies but i cant help but picture a Geo Metro(the 3 cylinder one) with Windows 98 logo spraypainted on the side attempting to pull 5 Railroad cars.
  17. I still dont think its possible for FF* to overtake IE* any measurable amount of time. IE will always control a majority of the market since it it the most configurable with GPo and the like which will always make it the bigger target. Oh and under no circumstances will i ever send a user to Safari. Ive seen how that company addresses security problems (by pretending their arent any problems)
  18. I think you guys are missing the point of all this 'forced browser upgrade'. I doubt that youtube devs really care what version of browser you use but after a certain amout of time, it does not remain feasible to test on a browser used by such a certain percentage of users. At this point they are supporting (at least) IE7/8, Firefox 1-3.5(AFAIK), Chrome, Safari, Opera and minor offshoots of each. ok lets split this up. according to W3*, 14.9%, of that 14.9%(which sound high to me but it doesnt say how many of that 14.9% is to getfirefox.com ) How many users actually care that they are running IE6? How many of them even know what a browser is? If you could somehow round up every single one, offer them a 5$ if they could name the browser and version currently installed on their PC (hell offer them 1$ if they can name *A* browser) My guess if youd prolly still be able to make rent this month. Yes, everyone in this thread would get their hypothetical Abe Lincoln but how many others would even know how to change their browsers User Agent String if they attended a week long seminar "What your browsers UA says about you". My point is that i dont think Youtube thinks that EVERYONE using IE6 is computer ignorant but they know that the vast majority of them are and therefore will not upgrade unless they are 'forced' however the people in this thread impacted by this change will simply hack their UA and workaround any glitches. *Yes youtubes stats likely vary from w3 but its just a number for us to start with
  19. DISCLAIMER: and angry words in this post are not directed at anyone in this thread. (unless you work for sony on their PS3 team in which case f*** YOU) I have a High end PC, PS3 and a Wii. I decided against an XBOX360 because unlike the original XBOX (that I still have), the 360 is just not dependable IMO and the only thing worse than paying for expensive hardware is doing it more than once. The PS3 p***es me off because I can pay the exact same price for a game I would pay on the PC (usually) and a I get locked into using a broken matchmaking system, half of the games run at 720p instead of 1080i (even when they say 1080 on the friggin box!) and i know the engine is capable of running higher because my PC runs it at 1920*1200 (once the 'exclusivity period' is over and its available on PC too) oh and the icing on that cake is no FSAA! none! zero! that means my PS3 looks better on 32" cheapass 720p only LCD than it does on my 47" that supports **** near and resolution on the market. Also if I buy a game on disc instead of waiting 2 years for it to be on the Playstation store, I will forever have to insert the disc when I want to play it even though I have the entire game and 50$ of DLC installed on the HD for it and the same exact game is available in the store (burnout paradise). Oh and LittleBigPlanet SUX! PC games make me mad because EVERYTHING must have some sort of multiplayer even if its broken, tacked on, and pointless (or worse yet MP only -the PS3 is getting bad about this but its not terrible yet). Sometimes I play games to escape the droves of morons on the 'net that cant keep their s*** running right/remember their keymap for more than 5 minutes. (ever try playing L4d when 1 of your randomly matched teammates keep getting knocked out of the game by porn popups and another spends the whole **** match dicking with his mic?) now thankfully l4d has a good solid SP mode for times like this but more and more games do not. The best thing I can say about the Wii is it doesnt lie to me and pretend to be 'nextgen' It is also a very welcome refuge from the cesspool that is internet gaming. It looks like a** even in 480p scaled up to 47" but at least it doesnt lie to me and try to tell me that its a "Nextgen Truly Immersive HD Gaming Experience - Only on the PS3" but without a Mario game every 3 months and a new Zelda game every 6, its just a little white dust collector. The downsides to PC games (to me) aren't actually legit issues. they are artificial constraints placed on PC gaming in order to either drive consumers to consoles to combat piracy. The usual downside that diesnt affect me is people make the argument that you have to have a high end PC to enjoy most PC games. For most games this isnt true. but Ive always had highend hardware so so even for the games that do require the latest video card it hasnt been an issue. If my PS3 didnt play bluerays i woulda sold it a long time ago. If i knew everything about the PS3 that i know now, i probably wouldnt have bought it in the first place. hell -if Burnout Paradise launched on PC at the time i wouldnt have bought it either. It truly is the greatest racing series ive ever played.
  20. UAC Tweaks here: http://www.askvg.com/how-to-tweak-user-acc...c-home-premium/
  21. these might be helpful for seeing if the key even sends anything to the OS: http://jtsang.mvps.org/flock.html http://sellsbrothers.com/tools/#scancodeMapper also came across this: http://freewareapp.com/keytweak_download/ it can remap anything but Fn but it can map to some existing Fn+__ keys provided that the Fn+__ combo presses a standard key (Fn+Numlock=Scrolllock)
  22. Actually, I need to send in the Leatherman Charge for repairs since I broke the safelittle tab that keeps the cardboard cutting blade locked open so the Skeletool will be the backup for a while. The charge is nice but occasionally there are places it wont fit well so that why i have the Skeletool for more precision type work. ill have to break my laptop bag down tonite. (same bag as gamehead) but i can tell you mine is much less exciting.
  23. so i was browsing around on reddit and found this: http://gawno.com/2009/07/whats-in-your-pockets/ It sounded interesting but after looking at the pics I decided I probably have very little in common with those people. Just about everyone i know carries cooler stuff than these people. so heres the stuff i carry around every day. Im not an artsy fartsy photographer that takes photos of people with and washes out all the colors so no pic of me there -just my stuff. Wallet Samsung Epix (i907) Keys to my Truck (7 and my keyless remote) Work keys (19 full size and 7 little ones) USB drive holder with a 8GB and 32GB Sandisk Cruzers Leatherman Charge Leatherman Skeletool CX Motorola Bluetooth Headset (dont carry this everyday unless im on a long drive)
  24. No unfortunately, upon review of his profile, its just a clueless person spending and an "unproductive" evening bashing other peoples hard work. mustbedumb, I see you are new here but please try to make your posts a little more constructive next time. If you have a specific question, then by all means -ask it. but please refrain from complaining without providing our very helpful developers with information about the problem you are having. They have put much effort into the "product" you are/were trying to use and will help you if you let them but to see you call them "unproductive" just because you cannot understand what their product does is disrespectful.

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