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  1. Mmmm, not getting into the benefits of upgrading talking of software or hardware, what came to mind was that the safety issue still is still our no1 problem and one that keeps a lot of us in business. Apple has a tendency to tell PC that it has "no viruses, spyware or tons fo headaches" which is the general non IT public perception of a Mac platform, although we know that not to be entirely true. It seems that in the way that the hardware surpassed many of our needs when it comes to software, it seems that the software has lost its ability to surpass hardware limitations, today Windows 7 takes up a good 8GB of space after installed, and a Ubuntu Install takes a lot of space also, I know we may have a lot of storage today don't get me wrong, it just seems maybe if we had more hardware limitations our software could actually work better for us by trying to surpass those limitations, the same way software developers work on mobile platforms that have very little space does that make sense to you?
  2. I am a OS enthusiast, and it occurred to me, Windows XP next year will be a ten year old OS, and I would go as far as to say that even though it has evolved, it has not evolved that much IMO. Was recently reading an article from CNET on the "safety" of the Windows vs Mac platforms, and it came to mind, are we any "safer" now than what we were in the late 90s or early 90s when a lot of us got MBR viruses? It occurred to me that on the same premise that many of us consider a mac to be safer due to its smaller user base compared to the more recent NT based OSs, would it be safer to say also that our old OSs of choice based on DOS may be "safer" now that they don't have such a broad user base as they used to, this of course assuming you're not using IE, I know it is probably a ridiculous question, but there are still a lot of corporate environments running what a lot of us would consider ancient OSs and ancient methods of DB and storage. I'd like yalls opinions
  3. Ok, I'll admit something to you all, the last NEW machine I built was a few years ago, more like six or seven, so I can say that I have completely missed out on the brightest and latest on new hardware on almost any angle, I have been keeping up with software to a point, becoming more interested in Linux, but that's besides the point. I can see your system for a POS making sense, even though it seems a bit hyped out also lol, but see, did I mention that this Dell she bought has a quad core AMD 64 processor in it? This part of the US is extremely low in people that know what they're doing when they're in front of a computer but I am still shocked about this purchase, and what amazed me more is that spending almost a $1000 dollars on this computer and it didn't come with a DVI output or seperate (not onboard) VGA card.
  4. Just a couple of days a friend asked what computer should she get to run a POS. She has a small tobaco store, so all she sells is Cigs and snuff. She was looking at a POS solution from Quickbooks, that comes with a 40mm printer, IR bar code scanner, cash drawer, and the software itself. Minimum requirements for which are : Well, when I saw her she already had gotten a computer, she came back with a computer with a 22" wide screen, along with 6GB or RAM, 640GB of HDD, BD-ROM, a AMD 64 bit processor of which I don't remember the speed, it was a Dell and it cost her close to a $1000 at Sam's Club And I dropped my jaw! I told her that she could use it, but it was not needed for a POS, I happened to have my Mini9 there and told her just as an example, I could use it to run her entire POS solution, and from what I seen from the software, you wouldn't really require that much processing power anyway if it was just for use in one single store. She kind of looked at me and said "Well you just don't know what you're talking about, the salesman told me I needed at least 3GB" Anyway, I think I am being converted into the chain of though of "good enough computing" I have not been buying or updating my computer as much as I used to 6 years ago, I believe just as many other people do, that we reached a level on which for the least amount of money we spent we are able to do the same because our needs are not that high anymore, I don't think that that many people will need a computer with that type of specs, what are your opinions, is the typical Walmart $300 computer enough for you? What are your needs and why?
  5. Clean install, and same problem. Again I can access and ping from another XP machine, but can't even see the other computers from Win7. However it does detect Xbox 360 on the "Full network map" showing and it gives me the acurate IP for it but still I can't ping it, it times out. I absolutely couldn't find anything on google about this.
  6. Well, I downloaded the update and tried to install it on all the XP machines, but I get an error due to having SP3 on the XP machines, it says the pack is newer than the update so it refuses to install it. Is this update already in SP3? If so then I guess the problem persists, I have been messing with the settings so much that I am going to reinstall Win7 just to get the default settings back and retry once more.
  7. I've been trying to figure this out since yesterday, my Windows 7 machine is able to connect to the internet, but not able to see any other computers on the network. It cant ping any of the others by IP or name. I have a router with 3 wireless clients (myself included) and two wired (computer and Xbox360). However, the other clients can see my Win7 machine, I was able to ping it from a wireless laptop running XP and also access the shared folder from the Win7 machine. After scratching my head for a little bit, had a drink of coke, scratched a lil bit more and turned off FW and still have the same situation, I don't have anything installed on it yet, its pretty much a clean install. Anyone with the same problem? Any ideas on how I could solve it?
  8. Can anyone tell me how to decrypt this? {sha}nMu1CrT1mfCFIOrIbULfnY5g2/g=
  9. This happened 29th April 2006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh7xBFKwanU "Tiago and Tânia died in this accident. David survived but never could explain what really happened that night." "Police authorities came up with a curious information during the investigation: in 1983, a young lady called Teresa Fidalgo, suffered an accident in that same spot."
  10. I've thought of that but haven't tried it yet, PSU is definitly not ok with the computer either, the cables for IDE devices are also causing problems, for example, they do not power the HDD enough for the BIOS to recognise it, which i have to then give a "kick" on the cables (almost literally) till the HDD starts working, I am going to try with a new PSU, might even buy a new case with one, obrigado Gouki I'll try that
  11. hey guys, im having a problem here, which according to the new posting rules doesnt fit under any of the other categories, there are no error messages, here is what happens. I turn the computer on, it boots windows up, if i leave it alone, it will reboot on its own, ive timed it and there is no relation between the times it takes for it to go down, and by going down i dont mean shutting down, it just reboots as if I had pressed the reset button. Under the safe mode if i use the computer(not leaving it idle) it doesnt reboot at all, but it reboots when it is idle. Under normal mode the computer reboots even when I'm using it (not leaving it idle). there have been no hardware changes or software changes. no windows errors at all, windows forgets all settings i have a MSI VH6 board with 832MB of ram, I've tried each module individually, and the computer running only Ubunto without any other hardware but a module of RAM and the VGA so what can it be?
  12. I was watching Sun's site and saw the workstations they make such as the ones using SPARC processors, i was wondering, how powerful are they compared to a "normal/domestic" computer, and could they be considered a "normal/domestic" computer? Does XP run on top of SPARC?
  13. If that is it then why is XP able to boot up and work under safety mode?

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