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  1. either of those can be fixed using the quote or indent tags: (assuming your reader is running higher than 1024*768 and i hope all of us are) HKCU,"AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\BlockedPopup\.Current",,0x20000,"%%SystemRoot%%\media\Windows XP Pop-up Blocked.wav" HKCU,"AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\BlockedPopup\.Default",,0x20000,"%%SystemRoot%%\media\Windows XP Pop-up Blocked.wav" HKCU,"AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\Navigating\.Current",,0x20000,"%%SystemRoot%%\media\Windows XP Start.wav" HKCU,"AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\Navigating\.Default",,0x20000,"%%SystemRoot%%\media\Windows XP Start.wav" HKCU,"AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\SecurityBand\.Current",,0x20000,"%%SystemRoot%%\media\Windows XP Information Bar.wav" HKCU,"AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\SecurityBand\.Default",,0x20000,"%%SystemRoot%%\media\Windows XP Information Bar.wav" HKU,".DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce","IE8.1st_UserStart",,"rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection 5erIE8.inf,1st_UserStart" Im not saying that this is "the fix" and that xper wont look at the problem(or that he will). Im just presenting a workaround that will at the very least, get us through the transition period while other issues are dealt with.
  2. Yeah codebox and code function exactly the same now so the posts will need to be edited to fix formatting issues. Ive fixed this one. PM me if you see any other that need repairing
  3. its for code so it attempts to use source highlighting when you type sentences in it it will attempt to highlight them. use
  4. Id definitely look for signs of malware or disable your AVs real time protection to see if that alleviates your problem as cluberti suggested firefoxs auto session save feature can also cause problems too (though it wouldnt explain the IE issues) http://lifehacker.com/5342636/how-to-fix-annoying-youtube-jumpiness-in-firefox you could also use disable any toolbars/browser extensions/plugins (often crap toolbars install for both browsers) You might try the Adobe 10.1 beta that along with current nvidia drivers, supports GPU acceleration which could take some of the load off of the CPU http://www.nvidia.com/object/adobe_flashplayer_plus_nvidia.html
  5. Weve have this discussion here many times and ofter it devolves into a flame war among the "Old OS people"(the relics of a bygone era that refuse to change) and the "New OS people"(the puppets of Bill Gates who fuel the upgrade cycle the "Old OS people" think they can stop) and few of the topics actually address "Security by Obscurity" -The idea that if no one else runs it its secure. The truth of the matter is EVERY OS i dont care if its Windows, Linux, or Apple is susceptible to malicious behavior the second you connect it to the Internet. as for Apple, I will admit I cant discuss Apple rationally due to my deep seething hatred of their fanboy crowd. Most of my Apple discussions just end up making me want to beat the crap out of Justin Long and arent very constructive. Back to XP though. if you compare XP RTM with an up-to-date copy of XP SP3 youll see tons of differences in security and functionality. .NET, USB2.0, Bluetooth, IPv6, WiFi WPA 1/2, Security Center Functionality and WGA were all updated or added to the OS during its lifecycle as well as countless security patches were/are distributed for the OS so its a very different OS now than when it RTMed but at its heart it hasnt moved forward. I hate car analogies but XP is looking more and more like a riced up clown car its owner is trying to get taken seriously at a carshow. I still run Windows server 2003 on my servers and even though it is technically a different kernel it still annoys me in a lot of the same ways XP does and I cant wait to get them on 2008 R2 but i just havent had the time. Even though I loathe working on it, I have accepted that in my "corporate enviroment" I will probably have to tolerate XP in some capacity for at least another 3-5 years. Ive stopped deploying new machines with XP shortly after the release of Windows 7(Due to Vistas bad rap I had offered staff members the choice of running XP instead just to reduce the whining) but now I have begun the slow transition to moving everyone onto Windows 7 and slowly as my XP machines die out and are replaced I wont have to deal with it anymore.
  6. Yeah i can never tell whats newsworthy when it comes to MS stuff anymore because there are way to many people just waiting to attack at the first sign of a problem. I didnt know if it was affecting anyone. Lucky for me I have WSUS with the auto-approve rules disabled (because of deepfreeze) so my sites have not been widely affected. I have 1 reported case of the exact symptoms on a machine outside my domain but havent looked at it and it could just be any of the hundreds of other things that can cause XP to reboot loop.
  7. is this newsworthy? http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/915...een_users_claim http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums...24-817bf39c207b
  8. maybe. but it really just amount to: step 1 : put files on drive step 2 : run setup and click "Load Drivers"
  9. put the drivers on a USB drive the same way you used to put them on a floppy (with the txtsetup.oem file) and windows 7 setup should recognize them. if that doesnt work youll need to integrate them into the dvd and reburn it
  10. I just ran across this site and I think it could be very useful in helping people on the forum or helping family members http://www.showmewhatswrong.com/
  11. the best part about this is while all the fanboys are dissapointed, I doubt they realize that Apple did this on purpose (remember how they released a 2G smartphone 3 years ago after every other 2G smartphone had dissapeared from the market and acted like thats what every wanted). I guarantee if the iPad is even moderately successful they already have plans for some combination of the following: iPad Slim (possibly the iPad Air) same as the the iPad but without the huge bezel iPad S slightly faster CPU, much larger pricetag and barely functional multitasking -might also include USB or SD built in (like every netbook ever made) making it less dongle-riffic than the current iPad iPad Photo Coming in 2011 -adds a camera (not to be confused with the iPad Video Coming in 2012) iPad Wide (Widescreen) iPad TV (HDMI/Displayport out, maybe more storage) When they launch one of these theyll likely have improved the keyboard software as well and theyll provide it as an update to placate the new owners of the iPad Obsolete.
  12. Youll have to download it on another non-infected PC.
  13. Ive never tried it on vista but i know that on XP you could switch the ide/sata/vga controller to the generic drivers, swap to a new PC, and go through driver hell to get everything working again (assuming it doesnt just BSOD on boot anyways) you might be able to sysprep and move it but id say your better off just starting fresh.
  14. yeah its not a conclusive test or anything but if those images arent showing and you cant access microsoft, then id say there is about a 90% chance you have conficker living elsewhere on your network that infected this machine. If you havent gotten too attached to this install i would just unplug from the network, reinstall, load this patch (KB958644) and possibly an antivirus BEFORE connecting to the network. If youve become attached to this install of windows, there are several ways to deal with it which are discussed in depth here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/dd452420.aspx Ideally, you want KB958644 installed on every machine on your network -not just the ones with symptoms moving this to the Malware forum...
  15. i just got around to running this on a machine. i tried my laptop since its the machine i reboot the most. Windows 7 Ent Dell d830 c2d@2G 2Gb ram i tried 3 test boots before installing the sdk (timed as a cold start from power button to C+A+D to login) 1 min 45 seconds 3 min 10 seconds 1 min 55 seconds after the 6 reboots (and 6 logins and answering 6 UAC prompts between boots) i get: 1 min 21 seconds 1 min 20 seconds 1 min 25 seconds 1 min 21 seconds 1 min 22 seconds not a major increase but if nothing else its more consistent (wish i woulda taken a few more "before" times)
  16. nope. i just downloaded it from the china link. ive had this problem for years with the ASUS website and you just need a steady connection with NO interruptions. i had a server sitting idle so i started it there and let it run -actually i started both but the blobal said 3 days or some crap and didnt improve so i killed it when the other one was 50%
  17. im trying to download it now. Im on a 45M pipe and its saying over an hour. if i get it and its a valid zip, ill put it on an ftp for you to download. in a search for that file name i found a thread about this exact problem (same file even) apparently, asus wants to hear from people regarding this so fire away: http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=200...SLanguage=en-us --edit-- file downloaded OK, ive PMed FTP info Cytomax -check your inbox
  18. try (microsoft.com's IP) -if this works, then its a DNS issue. contact your ISP, or use alternate DNS (openDNS/GoogleDNS -which is BTW) if that doesnt work try this: http://www.confickerworkinggroup.org/infec...cfeyechart.html yes I know its a clean install but it takes about 10 seconds to get infected if there is another infected machine on your network and one of the symptoms in most variants is microsoft.com being blocked.
  19. you can make XP bootable rescue disks but lately ive just gotten lazy and started using Vista/7 DVD to recover XP installs. If you have one available, you can use a Windows Vista/7 DVD to save an XP machine. just boot off it, select "Repair your Computer", Ignore that it cant find any installs and run command prompt then from there run regedit. you will have to mount the hives manually using File -> 'Load Hive' then selecting the hive from C:\Windows\System32\Config folder
  20. you didnt create it so therefore its warez. we dont support warez versions of any OS here. Assuming your 'complete Vista' is a legitimately purchased version, you are welcome to ask for help customizing it in another topic but if its a cracked/warez version just do us a favor and go away or well ban you.
  21. Click 'More Search Options' in the same place as the search box http://www.msfn.org/board/search.html pick list is on the left
  22. We had a thread about this here but it got a little argumentative and had to be closed. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee...28VS.85%29.aspxThe article also lists many Other Canonical names and their relevant Control Panel names which can be useful for creating your own links to Control Panel items.

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