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  1. My experience is that with windows xp its better to have Internet Explorer 7 I hate Internet Explorer 8 I found it to be slower way slower anyways good luck
  2. I love Windows 7 the most! In close second is Windows xp I love windows XP Windows 7 is amazing and so is xp XP is fast but Windows 7 is definatly faster than vista and xp combined!
  3. There really aint really a comparison between vista and windows 7 Windows 7 rocks it blows vista out of the water it will make everybody forget about vista which is a good thing vista sucks eggs I am dual booting vista and windows 7 and i gotta tell ya windows 7 is soooooooooooooooooooo much faster and snappier realiable stable than vista it takes forever to boot vista and takes only a few seconds to boot windows 7 I love windows 7 way to go microsoft i am planning on installing windows 7 on as many of my pcs as i can it is so much better than xp and vista combined vista can get sucked into a black hole for all i care i hate vista
  4. I love everything about windows 7 its stability looks and reliability and i like the fact that vista stopped working on ur system lol i hated vista
  5. I put it on my vista desktop and i love it and i am gunna put it on my xp laptop I havent had any problems with it it runs better than vista and xp combined
  6. I love Windows 7 I say it is safe I have it on my desktop alongside with vista and it runs a heck of a lot better than vista and am planning on putting it on my xp laptop and use it as my main os i havent had any problems like i did with vista its probably the best os microsoft has come out with so far Way to go Microsoft
  7. I just downloaded Windows 7 and love it!! Way to go Microsoft! I just wanted to know how many pcs can I put Windows 7 with the activation key that they gave me Please Reply
  8. i just finished installing windows 7 and it is great and fast faster than vista and xp combined good luck and i hope u get it working
  9. What browser are u using? I downloaded it last night with Internet Explorer 7 without a problem. There also is an add on that you need for Internet Explorer it should tell you to enable active x and then download the add on. and btw what operating system are you using. and what are ur specs? I downloaded mine on my Vista Desktop and cant wait to get home to install it Good luck
  10. I just downloaded Windows 7 RC last night on my Vista desktop, can't wait to get home to install it! I hear that it takes waaaaaay less time to install than xp or vista is this true?
  11. This operating system i feel will save microsoft. They do not want a repeat of the vista fiasco
  12. My battery life is terrible on my Toshiba Satellite A10-S1291 I have heard of putting the battery in the freezer to regain battery life. So I wrapped it in plastic wrap, then taped around the plastic wrap with masking tape, then put it in a freezer bag, and put it in the freezer last night and will check it out when I get home. My fingers are crossed. Anybody ever do this and have any luck with it? Also if you have any other remedies I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You!
  13. I am really excited bout Windows 7 and want to upgrade and am definatly gunna upgrade anybody else
  14. I hope Windows XP is still supported for a long time to come after Windows 7 because so many people have XP now over vista and I love XP I really hope they keep the support up They are trying to end people using XP by lying on there website that Vista is more loved than XP that Vista is a huge success which they sold a lot of copies but i am guessing that most people just went back to XP I really hope that you get XP running on your machine. You will enjoy XP more than Vista. Vista is slow even on the best of machines.
  15. I had something like that with my toshiba satellite laptop I was reinstalling windows xp home and it kept freezing up and i used some sprayway glass cleaner with no ammonia cleaning the disc (glass cleaner is the best to clean discs) but that didnt work so i wiped the hard drive and the installation continued I was so excited when I got it up and running

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