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  1. I have 4gb of memory and windows xp 32 will not see 4gb I have been told Dave
  2. hi thanks for your help got the computer from PC World 6 month ago, all way used Windows xp pro before just can not get on with VISTA, it doing my head in if Iam in the wrong forum can someone send me in the right direction would like to install Windows xp 64 bit, but do not know where to started would be please with some help of any kind where do a start :blushing:
  3. Hi I have a ACER ASPIRE M3641 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Motherboard - MCP73PV memory - DDR2-(pc5300) 4gb Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 would like to replace with Windows xp pro ACER say this can not be done, the motherboard and Bios was bulid for Windows Vista only this is correct, or can someone out there tell me how to install windows xp pro HELP ? HELP ? HELP ? David

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