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  1. Hello guys...i just installed this software for visual studio 2010 express, i installed so i can write php code. but i need some assistance in intergrating phpmyadmin to it please
  2. I would think you'd want to disable Aero, to save the CPU from having to deal with transparencies and whatever else. I'd imagine if you had a PC with at least 4GB RAM and a 64bit OS and at least a dual-core CPU, you'd have no problems with speed. I presume you are doing work with Flash since that's the only web design program I can think that would be resource heavy enough to consider these drastic alterations to Windows. My system specs are: Core I5 540M 2.53GHz turbos up to 3.00GHZ Video GTX 230M RAM 8GBRAm Windows 7 Home Premium OEM I do web design but the main apps i use are Dreamweaver
  3. You can only remove a few things using some software. Win7T uses packages via DISM to remove stuff. You won't be able to fully customize Win7 at the moment because nothing really removes a whole lot of garbage from the OS, so your options are very limited. However, Win7T can manage add ons and so can a few other unattended software tools like 7Customizer. For 7Customizer you'll need DISM, OSCDIMAGE, and imagex programs to use it properly. i had troubles using 7Cusomiser and everytime i test the image i created in virtual box the image crashes near completetion of the installation.
  4. Reason why i want to customise my copy of windows its OEM btw.....is to remove unwanted services and components keep the aero and themes and also some networking coz i do web design on my pc...it will be faster than the stock version of windows. Also how do i go with addon software?
  5. I cant remember the error but it was like installation error near completetion of setup during the last phase of the installation. i think if i remember it was something to do with winboot.exe i cant remember....i tried to do a print screen of it while testing it in virtualbox but couldnt do it.
  6. Hello its me again....I have an OEM copy of windows 7 home premium x64 SP1....i need some assistance in removing components and tweaking the system.....and make sure that it still functional after customisation. Because I've tried many ways and half way through the installation i get errors......could you please help me Possible programs i may need help with are RT7lite and vlite. thanks Thumpa
  7. Hi all i just installed windows 7 home basic x64 and so far its fast as less useles services installed so which do you prefer?
  8. Hi everyone.....i have been googling for the answer im looking for and so far no luck.....Im searching for a program which will enable to permantley remove any windows services of your system after installation......if so could you link me the software please? P.S im sorry if this is posted in the wrong section......you may relocate it in its rightfull section. cheers thumpa
  9. Cheers for the reply mate ill give that program a go
  10. oh....but you can use visual studio for javascript?
  11. if i were to install wamp server to do my php, am i still able to use visual studio at the same time since it uses IIS?.
  12. Hi im currently studying website design and one of the modules we study php code and i want to use visual studio for that one, but in terms of creating sql database and communicating with the database im wondering is it possible for PHPMyAdmin to something similar. Thanks Thumpa
  13. I would like to modify my copy of windows 7 Home premium to Run like windows XP but id like to keep the aero UI

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