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  1. Hi guys it is me again, I bet you missed me I would like to create a log file for the output of my commands inside a certain directory. Here is my code: mkdir "LogFiles\" @echo\ PING www.google.com^^ > LogFiles\command.log @echo\ IPCONFIG /ALL^^ >> LogFiles\command.log but this doesn't work. Could you please help me on this?
  2. There is no secret command, I am trying to do. I already explained my target command in my previous post. In this post, I was trying to organize my command. I have a question here: echo. : creating an empty line echo/: execute the command and show it on the screen. That is wrong, right? ^^: at the end of sentences, what should they do? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I would like export the output of a command to a text file but with format. i.e. I need the output line to be each on a new line instead of having all lines side-by-side Here is my batch: echo.curl -1 -X GET^ --cert signedIn.pem^ --header "Accept-Charset:UTF-8"^ --header "Accept:application/gooleMaps_v3_1_0+xml;charset=utf-8"^ --header "Accept-Encoding: deflate"^exitthe output is going to be: curl -1 -X GET --cert signedIn.pem --header "Accept-Charset:UTF-8" --header "Accept:application/gooleMaps_v3_1_0+xml;charset=utf-8" --header "Accept-Encoding: deflate"^I would like to have them as follow: echo.curl -1 -X GET^ --cert signedIn.pem^ --header "Accept-Charset:UTF-8"^ --header "Accept:application/gooleMaps_v3_1_0+xml;charset=utf-8"^ --header "Accept-Encoding: deflate"^I would like to have both the input and the output to an external file. That is why, I copied the input command again in my batch then added "echo." before it. I know that ">" export the output to an text file and ">>" append them to it. any idea about how to do so?
  4. guys my problem is: 1. Can I use PowerShell to create such a script? 2. If yes, then which commands should I use to do so?
  5. Actually I do not have any script right now. I have the idea and I am asking about how this can be done in PowerShell. I do know the commands that I should use to carry on such a sequence...
  6. @ Yzöwl sorry for posting in a wrong forum. I actually don't know where to post my question. @ Tripredacus One script! Sound interesting. How can I do so?
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to create a powershell script that check the output of another script for a certain generated text/ID and depend on it carry on a new task depend on the founded value?
  8. Thanks guys. I successfully downloaded my target version of Chrome but when I tried to install it it keeps telling me that a higher version of Chrome is already installed. However, I already removed the older version!!!
  9. I have a firefox Add-on that I would like to run on Google Chrome. Unfortunately, I could not find any guide on how to port Firefox Addon to run on Chrome. Does anybody know a tutorial on how to do so?
  10. Does anybody know where can I download old versions of Google Chrome? I'm looking for Google Chrome v26 or below.
  11. Sorry Jaclaz for the conversion. I want to have a certain directory where I can access it from different computers. If I am the only user, then FTP will be perfect. But then I thought about sharing it with some friends to share our files. In this case, I am gonna face the problem of files versioning. So that I am thinking about a Dropbox like service without any Cloud files storing (i.e. all files have to be shared within a closed ring/ without putting them on the internet) I hope it is clear now.
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