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  1. Looks good, I might want to use this for my Win 7 install. Cheers and Regards
  2. Not a single file, no there is not. Cheers and Regards
  3. I hope whoever has them will see that ALL of his programs and patches are uploaded and archived at the archive.org link posted above, both the free and pay ones. They should all be stored together for easy access. That the family has graciously encouraged that rlowe's work be preserved and distributed is a truly kind and wonderful thing. Their wish, and his memory, should be respected. Cheers and Regards
  4. @sukistackhouse, I don't think what you claim is correct, if you are implying any kind of integration of KindleGen with Atlantis Word Processor, since KindleGen is a Command Line application and there is no built-in linkage available that I am aware of to facilitate just : That is not to say that KindleGen and the other free apps that Amazon has available to work with Kindle content are not good apps, though I think KindleGen might be the only one of them that is still officially supported to work under Vista, but I don't think it can work the way you claim. If I'm wrong, please explain. Cheers and Regards
  5. I think his point was that both JFX and wimb said that wimlib was much faster, while laddadator's test showed that wimlib was slower. I'm sure that any test depends on the actual circumstances, but it might be better stated that wimlib is usually much faster. Cheers and Regards
  6. OK, and since Eve Wang (MSFT CSG), who we can trust, at the link you pointed me to said: Then what exactly does that mean? I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, or argue with MSFN's policies, I just want to be totally clear. I do trust Tripredacus, along with dencorso and yourself of course, but... Cheers and Regards
  7. @dencorso, not to disagree in any way with you or MSFN's policies regarding warez, but I did want to mention something about Hiren's which I did not know about until just yesterday. The last "official" release of Hiren's BootCD was back in 2012, v15.2, and it has not been "officially" updated since then. It, along with previous releases, did include software which conflicted with MSFN's policies, so that's all I'll say about it. I don't know which version@exogenesis used or where he got it, containing software circa 2015, so I won't say anything about it either. BUT, I discovered when reading a review of various rescue disks that Hiren’s BootCD was revitalized as a Windows PE rescue disc in 2018. It is now Windows 10 PE based, with the official 72 hour usage limit, and is only supposed to contain software that is truly legal, either free or trial ware. I won't provide a link in case you disagree, but a web search for Hirens Boot CD should provide links for it, unfortunately along with those of the older version as well. So the new version might not be the "bad guy" that it used to be. This is based only on what I've read about it, I have not downloaded it, so I might be wrong. Cheers and Regards
  8. I don't know when that originally came out, but posted back in 2012, this still "exists" today, available on YouTube - Fake OS: Microsoft Windows 99 WITH DOWNLOAD LINK!! - The download link provided at YouTube still functions and the file will download and open. I did NOT install it. While the YouTube video is amusing, I AM NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE INSTALL THIS ON ANYTHING EXCEPT MAYBE ON A WELL PROTECTED VM. It is obviously and admittedly a FAKE. A harmless one just meant to amuse? Who knows? It's probably just Win98SE with some edited text and images, but... If I truly NEEDED to use a version of Win 9.x, I'd contact @rloew and work with him to get as true a version of Win 98 as possible that could meet my needs with my hardware and software requirements, regardless of what I had to pay him to accomplish it. If I just wanted to PLAY with Win 9.x for the nostalgia or whatever, I'd see what I could do with some combination of the work of @rloew, @PROBLEMCHYLD, @MDGx, @jumper, and others, possibly including things like U98SP3, 98SE2ME, Revolutions Pack, KernelEx, and whatever else I could find to make it work on the latest equipment, at the fastest speed, with the largest amount of memory, and running whatever other software I wanted to play with. Realistically, running Win98SE in a VM every now an then would probably be enough to get my "fix". Then I would run a different OS, probably Win 7, when I needed to browse the web safely and/or get some actual work done. All of the above is just my 2cents, and is in no way meant to disrespect any Win9.x, Win2K, XP, Linux, MacOS, or even Win 10 [shudder] fans. I always say that any computer user should have the right to use whatever OS meets THEIR needs with THEIR hardware and software. Cheers and Regards
  9. And as Jaclaz already pointed out in a similar thread: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178967-plugging-in-second-monitor-causes-xp-x64-to-bsod/?tab=comments#comment-1169669
  10. bphlpt


    Thanks. At least the other two methods to show UUID, yours and Trip's, do work in Win7, AFAIK. Correct? And it does seem like useful info to include. Cheers and Regards
  11. bphlpt


    Please don't abandon Win 7. Tools like this one should be tailored for the widest possible audience unless it's very inconvenient to do so, IMO. Cheers and Regards
  12. @Radish, Very glad the comment helped. I think a similar situation was part of the solution to the old MU/WU problem where it took hours to display the available updates each month. I'm hoping that @dencorso will chime in to remind us of what the full solution for that problem was found to be. For the IE updates I choose to install, first off I usually wait a month or two after ANY update is released before I even think about installing it. Then, unless it has been flagged either here or at Woody's that the update has a problem, if it is specified for IE11 then I install it. But I NEVER use IE on purpose. I've never installed or used MS Edge. and unless it becomes required for some other part of the OS to function, such as MU/WU, I don't intend to. If that changes, I'll probably treat Edge like I'm currently treating IE. I'll keep it fully updated and never purposely use it. If you choose to use certain software products (such as MS Office products or a particular VPN) you might need additional MS updates, even if they are not specified for those products' use, because of what might be going on in the background, like you discovered trying to play certain videos with Firefox. Cheers and Regards
  13. For me, the past behavior is the same as the current behavior. That is that clicking on the thread title takes you to the first post. [The thread title will be bold if there are posts you haven't read.] Hovering over the thread title allows you to see at least part of the first or last post in the thread, you can choose. If there are posts you haven't read, there will be a "quote balloon" marker to the left of the thread title, which will be filled in if you have participated in the thread and open if you haven't. Clicking that marker will take you to the first post that you have not read, with the "New content begins here" marker directly above that. That is the behavior I see when going through the various forum index pages. The look is a little different when using the Activity or Unread Content pages, it also includes avatars of the posters, but the effect is the same. At least the above is what I see using Win 7 and a Chrome variant browser. I don't know if that helps you or not. Cheers and Regards
  14. It ends up that first one might not be needed after all. According to this: (look in the "Package Details" tab) KB3177467 has been replaced by KB4490628. The "Package Details" info of KB4490628 confirms that it replaces KB3177467. So unless KB3177467 is required as a prerequisite for one of the other updates, it looks like it can be left off. Or you might just change the installation order. I also need .NET for my VPN. I don't go out of my way to either use or avoid .NET, but I prefer to have it fully updated in case it is needed. Like you, I avoid IE completely, but since I think other parts of the OS might use aspects of IE behind the scene, I choose to keep it updated, but NEVER use it on purpose. EDIT: Regarding: I THINK that one or both of those were involved in fixing the "Windows Update takes forever" problem, along with manually installing the latest IE updates and perhaps MS Office updates? I've forgotten what the solution ended up being, and how it might apply to this thread. Perhaps @dencorso can remind us? On the one hand, if you're not going to install updates you might not care how long it takes to come up with the potential update list, but on the other hand, having the computer stuck in a loop for several hours definitely indicates something is very wrong. I have no problem with having: installed, and since I keep .NET up to date that will address KB958488 that you have installed. Cheers and Regards
  15. And those five are? These perhaps? KB3033929 (download can be accessed via here): KB3071756 update (MS15-085) for Win7 MicrosoftFixit50688.msi not easily available anymore, But I found it here. [Thanks @alacran!] Standalone Install Download: Microsoft Update Catalog - KB4474419 Standalone Install Download: Microsoft Update Catalog - KB4490628 I assume you keep .NET and IE up to date. [Since I'm not aware of any nasty updates in those two categories.] If so, do you have a list of the appropriate current updates available? [Just to keep things handy in as few posts as possible for those that want to use the minimum Win 7 updates as possible while still maintaining the maximum usability and performance.] TIA. I also realize that this approach is only recommended for careful, intelligent, and thoughtful users that use other precautions to protect themselves and don't wander in inappropriate area, don't add every possible browser extension, don't blindly click on every link in every email they receive, and don't install software from sources they are not sure of. If @taos wouldn't mind, it would be handy if he would summarize in the first post the three or four apparent different approaches that seem to be proposed in this thread to answer his original question: [Again, just to be handy.] 1) The five or so listed above (plus ,Net and IE?) 2) Nothing except SP1 unless your software requires it (and maybe some of 1?) 3) Everything up to Dec 2017 via either Simplex or WSUS Offline Update (and maybe some of 1?) 4) Keep up to date but only security updates using WSUS Offline Update (and .NET and IE?) That would kind of echo the approach that @dencorso uses in the thread "How to avoid being "upgraded to Win 10" against your will". Just a thought. Cheers and Regards
  16. bphlpt

    DX12 Win 7

    Unfortunately, I doubt it. It seems they drew from the DX12 API and packaged up a dll that works with one game's calls for specific uses, I doubt very much they'll release the complete DX12 runtimes. There would be a LOT of driver access issues, since WIn 10 handles that totally different to Windows 7, so it would really only be the API's that spread the GPU load across multiple cores instead of single thread. If you want to get technical, you could say it's a DLL that in theory you could call, but you would need to disassemble the DLL to get the API names and input/output values. So in theory anyone could use these new DirectX 12 features instead of the DX 11 ones and it would give you dual core control. But I can't think of anybody who would be willing to put in that sort of time. What MS could have done is made Unreal Engine and Unity support the same feature. This would give Win 7 a leg up in the games area and make many people happy, I imagine it would be quite easy for MS, Epic and Unity Technologies to compile their Engines to support such things, Then each Game could be recompiled to support the new engine instead of having to re-code each game. Seeing as most people use steam etc to update their games, it would happen automatically for most users. The issue is that MS doesn't want Windows 7 to be around anymore. Cheers and Regards
  17. Why not just wipe the disk clean and sell the computer with a blank, empty drive? Cheers and Regards
  18. With a little exploration I found an x64 version here - https://download-origin.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/tinderbox-builds/mozilla-esr52-win64/1536215521/firefox-52.9.1.en-US.win64.installer.exe and here - https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/tinderbox-builds/mozilla-esr52-win64/1536215521/firefox-52.9.1.en-US.win64.installer.exe. Please note that I have NOT tested this at all, merely found it and confirmed that it would download. Cheers and Regards
  19. Perhaps, but I think there has been as much or more, and definitely more recent, activity as the various topics under Other Member Contributed Projects. Since, I assume, the browsers can be used in OS other than XP, that might help raise awareness and interest. If a section was created there, and IF more activity was created as a result, then the discussion of whether or not to create a section higher up under Member Contributed Projects could be raised again at that time. Just my two cents, of course.
  20. Well, Bill told me it's all part of his master plan. By the way, he's coming back. He, like all of us, has finally had enough of the current administration's ridiculousness. He told me all of this in the strictest confidence, (he was a little drunk at the time), but I can trust you guys, right? Cheers and Regards
  21. Another way to put it, is that all of us on this board, and other similar technical boards, are more than willing to HELP a fellow computer enthusiast, or even a beginner, But as a general rule, we do not care to do it for you. We expect you to have at least given a good try at searching the board for the possibility that someone has already done what you are trying to do and posted it here on the board. If not found, and in your case since you have not purchased the motherboard you are curious about using, it might have been better to have stated: "I'm thinking about getting a _______ motherboard and am wondering if anyone has any experience with running XP64 on that board? I've tried to search the board for other such users and have come up blank." For those who have already gotten the motherboard, we expect the user to have first tried their best to have done the work themselves. Then, if they are not successful, they should post and tell us: EXACT description of the motherboard and all other add-in cards and other equipment that they will need drivers for. EXACTLY what they have tried to do to get the OS to install and working. EXACTLY what they expected to happen. EXACTLY what did happen instead. Summary of what they were able to get working, either completely working or partially working. At that point we will have a good understanding of where you stand and how we might be able to help you. Also, you will be in a good position to better understand and apply the information we hopefully can give you. I don't think any of the members who have replied to this thread intended to be rude to you in any way, We truly want to encourage computer users to try and use computer hardware and software in creative ways, including ways in which they might not have been intended, such as using older OS versions on newer hardware. When such users post here and detail their trials, tribulations, and successes, that's how we all can learn something new. Good luck in your endeavors, and welcome to MSFN! Cheers and Regards
  22. That's why, anything I download for the Kindle, I convert it also to pdf and store it on my computer. To my knowledge, there's no way that Amazon can get to it at that point. Cheers and Regards
  23. FWIW, it worked for me using SRWare Iron w/ Win7 Pro x64. I haven't done anything I'm aware of to load the emoticon images into my cache, but then I also haven't done anything I'm aware of to prevent their being loaded, either. To me, as in any other time when I'm trying to figure out how to force a post to display with the desired look, this is just yet one more reason why I wish the "good" folks who supply our board software hadn't removed the ability to alternate between BBCode mode and WYSIWYG mode. But I know that ship has long sailed since I don't think they even use BBCode mode internally any more, Not that they NEEDED to change from a format that has worked perfectly well for many years, but ... --::sigh::-- n/m [end of rant] Cheers and Regards
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