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  1. Just thought I would stop in and say hi on my 20 year anniversary.
  2. Someone always seems to find some post I wrote a decade ago and revives it or asks a question. Glad to see things are still going strong here after all this time.
  3. we have cheese, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, meatballs, peppers, pineapple, green olives, mushrooms. Sorry we have no crust, sauce, onions, sausage, ham, anchovies, olives, tomato. And we are also out of to go boxes.
  4. +1 No arguments from me, just agreement.
  5. True there are no forums, but the are also no necrobumpers. But there are many discussions.
  6. Correct, no juice, not even any fluids, but there are still floods.
  7. Sadly no grapes, and no wine, but plenty of beer. There apparently is also the resurrection of ancient forum posts behind the green glass door.
  8. Well went looking and WiMTweak seems to have vanished. I found other ways to get done what I needed. Job changed drastically form when I joined 14 some odd years ago to now. Had to find ways to do it all without enterprise management tools. Now everything I do is SCCM/AD/GPO managed.
  9. Been awhile, but seems like every year or so I go looking for a way to do something and some link drags be back to MSFN. I can blame it on Legolash this time, needed to check out WIMTweak.
  10. Thanks, can't believe it has been 14 years since I started haunting the forum.
  11. Been awhile, happened to hit a link that brought me back, sadly the solution won't work for my needs, but great to see everything still going strong here after all these years.
  12. USBView shows everything the same for both the 8 and 32 gb drive except size and serial number. They are both 300 mA devices, which should not be an issue I have a 64gb thumb drive the tools says uses 498 mA and that drive works without issue but is a different flavor of Kingston drive from the other two.
  13. 1. Both the 8 and 32 are detected as removable disk. 3. Different partition size on the 32gb drive, made no difference. 6. Makes no difference if the battery is removed, still does not work.
  14. Yeah, it has been so rare that it has been an issue for me I forgot about that. Soon as I finish creating installers this morning I'm going to investigate this and the other items.
  15. Tough to fit a 16gb image file on a 1gb USB stick for offline imaging.
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