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  1. Correct, no juice, not even any fluids, but there are still floods.
  2. Sadly no grapes, and no wine, but plenty of beer. There apparently is also the resurrection of ancient forum posts behind the green glass door.
  3. Well went looking and WiMTweak seems to have vanished. I found other ways to get done what I needed. Job changed drastically form when I joined 14 some odd years ago to now. Had to find ways to do it all without enterprise management tools. Now everything I do is SCCM/AD/GPO managed.
  4. Been awhile, but seems like every year or so I go looking for a way to do something and some link drags be back to MSFN. I can blame it on Legolash this time, needed to check out WIMTweak.
  5. Thanks, can't believe it has been 14 years since I started haunting the forum.
  6. Been awhile, happened to hit a link that brought me back, sadly the solution won't work for my needs, but great to see everything still going strong here after all these years.
  7. USBView shows everything the same for both the 8 and 32 gb drive except size and serial number. They are both 300 mA devices, which should not be an issue I have a 64gb thumb drive the tools says uses 498 mA and that drive works without issue but is a different flavor of Kingston drive from the other two.
  8. 1. Both the 8 and 32 are detected as removable disk. 3. Different partition size on the 32gb drive, made no difference. 6. Makes no difference if the battery is removed, still does not work.
  9. Yeah, it has been so rare that it has been an issue for me I forgot about that. Soon as I finish creating installers this morning I'm going to investigate this and the other items.
  10. Tough to fit a 16gb image file on a 1gb USB stick for offline imaging.
  11. 1. Not sure, not an easy thing to check when booted to WinPE, but I will check that tomorrow, in PE and installed OS. 2. Both are partitioned using the same diskpart script: Sel disk 4 clean create part pri sel part 1 active format fs=ntfs quick assign then the WinPE files are copied over. 3. No i have not I will attempt that in the morning also. 4. Never reported by anyone with desktops. 5. Yes, card reads have never been an issue. 6. I can try that tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions, this has been a fun one to track down.
  12. Ok, so I have a number of 32gb DataTraveler 100 G3 thumbdrives, they boot either WinPE 3 or 4, and using the HKEY_Local_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PEBootRamdiskSourceDrive" to find the assigned driver letter and change it to a fixed letter so we don't accidentally wipe the USB drive if the internal hard drive has no partitions. So on some laptop machines if the power adapter is plugged in the referenced registry value is not created, even if you use "WPEUTIL UpdateBootInfo" to force the creation of it. If the machine is running off of battery it seems to always work fine, issue comes when the machine has a dead battery and can not be run without the power adapter. Another interesting thing to note is that I have the same thumbdrive in an 8gb version and this issue does not happen with that drive. Anyone see this before or have any idea, I've beat my head against it for three days now with no luck.
  13. Did you add anything else to the Updates folder? Your answer file needs to be the first file listed alphabetically. Then all you need to do is run Setup.exe, no switch required. If you put the answer file elsewhere or it is not the first MSP file in the updates folder you need to use the adminfile switch.
  14. There is really no need to inject most drivers into the image. Only drivers you would really need to do this with are boot critical drivers, and I have yet to find any at least for the systems I support. I just copy the unpacked drivers into a sub-folder structure of c:\windows\inf then sysprep and capture. One caveat, this works best if you are not mixing chipsets, some Intel devices end up with the incorrect AMD driver if it happens to be available.
  15. Are you running this with admin rights from a CMD window or just double clicking?
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