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  1. could you give an exact build number that works? i don't want to download every single post-reset longhorn build just to take out taskmgr.
  2. Around 2010~2013, I saw, on an XP installation, a taskmgr that had "image path" and "command line" in the "select columns" list. It had the Vista taskmgr icon as well. Officially, these two columns were added in Vista. But of course, the Vista taskmgr couldn't run on XP. A friend suggested that this might be the result of a KernelEx-like modifications, with the modified DLLs embedded in the program. Googling returned no results. Does anyone here have this version of taskmgr? Or, does anyone know how to make one manually?
  3. Can confirm. The "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" window is "\Windows\System32\wf.msc", which does not exist on XP. I always turn Windows Firewall off anyway; having to approve every single program to access internet is annoying. This only works if a program obeys system proxy settings, which is not always the case. But this got me thinking: I might be able to use a SOCKS proxy server that has filtering or blocking capabilities, and only allow programs that can set a SOCKS proxy to connect to the internet. Has anybody done something similar? (So that they can provide a guide)
  4. I'm planning to use XP as my daily driver OS, which means I need internet connectivity. However, since I only use several specific sites, I think the best approach for me is to use a whitelist, only allowing specific hosts / domain names. Is there a whitelist-based firewall software available for XP? Or do I have to set it up at the router level?
  5. With no drivers for anything, the OS won't even boot. It wouldn't know how to communicate with any hardware, including the motherboard and the SSD. If you're open to doing anything, how about reversing the drivers for newer Windows versions, and write your own for XP x64? Because I don't think there would be another way.
  6. I downloaded the 368.91 driver, and I don't see 970 or newer cards in ListDevices.txt. Softpedia seems to be wrong. The only driver page on the NVIDIA official site that I can find also doesn't list them.
  7. Thank you for the links. I tried WinSetupFromUSB and it doesn't work. Here's the settings I used: The floppy image I used was created by copying everything in the Floppy64 folder to the root of a 1.44MB floppy image. The Windows Setup can't load the driver, and shows this error message: "File \amd64\mv91xx.sys caused an unexpected error (18) at line 2335 in d:\nt\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c." I don't want to use the memdisk method because I don't have a CD or CD burner, but I tried with RMPrepUSB and had the same result. Update: Tried directly extracting the drivers to the root of the floppy drive image, instead of copying after extraction, because some websites suggested this might fix the problem. It still doesn't work for me, and this time another error happened: "File txtsetup.oem caused an unexpected error (257) at line 1896 in d:\nt\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c". I think the problem lies in the inf files and the txtsetup.oem file. DriverPacks doesn't use those files from Marvell, and it's the only method that worked for me. So I'm now considering to try to manually replicate the changes made by DriverPacks. Update 2: Solved. I don't know if I should blame Marvell or all the tools I've tried. The problem is that the Marvell driver comes in two parts: mvxxmm.sys which is the "shared library", and mv91xx.sys which is the "real" driver. Both need to be installed, and according to the name of the drivers, the shared library needs to be installed first. All tools I have tried (nLite, WinSetupFromUSB, WinNTSetup, RMPrepUSB) either only sees one of them and ignores the other, or just fail to parse the txtsetup.oem file at all. nLite only sees mvxxmm.sys; mv91xx.sys is absent in \WINDOWS\System32\Drivers after the text mode phase. I manually copied mv91xx.sys to that location in WinPE, and now the graphics mode phase of the Windows Setup proceeds successfully.
  8. I need to get the driver for Marvell® PCIe 9128 controller onto XP x64. Here's what I've tried so far: - Extract ISO to a folder with 7-Zip, use nLite to slipstream drivers to that folder, and use WinNTSetup to install. It BSODs (error code 7B) after the text mode "copying files" phase, when the XP x64 boot animation is seen for the first time. - Mount the ISO with Win10 explorer, point nLite to the virtual CD drive, let nLite copy the files, slipstream the driver, and create an ISO, then use Rufus to write the ISO to a USB drive. The PC doesn't boot via the USB drive and gets stuck at a flashing text cursor with no text. - Integrate drivers with WinNTSetup using a vanilla XP x64 SP2 ISO. Windows Setup complains that it can't find some files (probably related to nLite since nlite.inf is among them) at around 60% progress, and complains again that it can't find the Marvell driver files (mv91xx.sys among other mv* files). Ignoring them causes the 7B BSOD again when the boot animation is seen for the first time. When slipstreaming the driver with nLite, I have tried the following: - Choosing only the 64bit text mode drivers. - Choosing both the 32bit and the 64bit text mode drivers. - Choosing the 64bit text mode and PnP drivers. - Choosing both the 32bit and the 64bit text mode and PnP drivers. All failed in the same way. I tried with drivers obtained from both the support page of my motherboard and here. I chose the latter because the version number is the same with what is in the DriverPack for XP 32bit. I have previously tried to install XP 32bit with the first procedure and it also failed in the same manner. I successfully installed XP 32bit with the driver only with DriverPacks, but it doesn't support XP x64. I'm suspecting that either the inf file of the Marvell driver is malformed, or the way nLite slipstreams drivers is problematic. But either way, I know too little about hardware and drivers to try to fix these things on my own. Every guide I can find on the internet suggests using nLite; it seems to be "the magical tool" that everyone (even Intel) uses, but I just couldn't get it to work. As I want to use XP 32bit on the same PC, using the Intel SATA controller is not an option (there's no XP 32bit drivers for it). Any help is appreciated.
  9. I installed XP Pro with SP3, and then ran the SP4 v3.1b installer, the Post-SP4 Update Rollup, and then the MUI pack, in this order. I followed the readme in the MUI pack exactly. The translations are incomplete. ("Hardware" and "Remote" in the first picture, and the name of the file types in the second) This didn't happen when I used stock SP3 and stock MUI packs, so I guess it's because of the updated files in SP4. How to fix it? PS: this installation is still in "testing" phase, so I'm willing to re-install the whole OS, if necessary.

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