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  1. The (default) value in HKCR\.extension points to another key, where you can specify the shell icon and one or more commands, that appear when you right-click on somename.extension The basic options you can set in Registry are: HKCR\.avi\(default)="Application.Identifier" HKCR\Application.Identifier\DefaultIcon\(default)="d:\apps\mymovieplayer.exe,2" // third icon in this executable file HKCR\Application.Identifier\Shell\(default)="command_name" // the default command to be run when you double click HKCR\Application.Identifier\Shell\command_name\(default)="Play in My Movie Player" HKCR\Application.Identifier\Shell\command_name\command\(default)="d:\apps\mymovieplayer.exe "%L"" // Long File Name HKCR\Application.Identifier\Shell\command_name_2\(default)="Play in Audio Player" HKCR\Application.Identifier\Shell\command_name_2\command\(default)="d:\apps\audioplayer.exe "%1"" // File Name I, for example, have systematically called my custom associations Application.Identifier as "ZZ_extension", so that all of them can be easily extracted from the backup of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (HKCR) key. This way all asociations appear at the bottom, and all extensions at the top of the exported .REG file. Windows ME and XP (and maybe 2000 too) have another way to customize associations – the Open With dialog. If the user chooses something there, this setting cannot be overridden by editing HKCR\Application.Identifier\Shell\(default). I do not know where those preferences are stored
  2. IMHO, the small 16x16 icon should be left in Win98 style. That applies to all XP icons.
  3. Is it safe to attempt to install the new 3.0 (supposed to give Hi-Speed) over previous v2.3 or v2.4?
  4. All this trouble because of forum rules and the copyright law? You ain't serious.
  5. Thank you, Eidenk. It looks like a good free alternative to WinHex.
  6. Why does it have to be a shell plugin? IrfanView is a good image viewer.
  7. Microsoft's own utilities for DOS. UnKwaj.exeUnSzdd.exe
  8. I had – just now. Replaced one 8-bit bitmap with a 24-bit one. I have also modified dialog forms before. Are you aware of any compatibility problems that arise when using ExeScope?
  9. ExeScope supports Windows 3.11 NE executables.
  10. I use Norton/Powerquest Partition Magic 8. It is available on various boot discs. This will work if your drive appears as a Legacy device (P-ATA emulation), and probably not work if the drive is connected to a RAID controller. If you have a RAID controller, you can partition the harddisk on another machine. For Windows 98 to work, you'll need to install it on a PATA drive first, load install the RAID driver, "sys" the SATA disk, and finally transfer the operating system to the new drive.
  11. v1.6 bios appears to be available around the net. http://www.google.com/search?num=100&h...amp;btnG=Search http://ts.down.driverchina.com/bios/Acorp_7km400QPv16.zip
  12. I have successfully installed WinXP SP1 Pro following instructions provided here: http://www.ngine.de/index.jsp?pageid=4176 except, nLite'ing the installation afterwards (makes the WinISO requirement meaningless).
  13. I use 'administrator' and yet during the first few months after XP installation found I was not allowed to do many things – the System File Protection, not fully accessible NTFS partitions, error mesages telling me to contact "the system administrator" here and there etc. I believe a competent user should never be locked out of its own system, if he chooses so. If something goes terribly wrong, I have a few backups.
  14. PCI-E card that does work under Win98SE: - ATI Radeon X550 256 MB (ASUS brand), limited DOS video memory - Gigabyte GA-8I915P Duo motherboard Since old dos programs (games) are important part of Windows 98, it is worth to mention that this videoadapter has limited DOS memory. Many games from nineties (Duke3D, SEA graphics viewer to name a few) could render to very high VESA resolutions, like 1280*960. You cannot do this with the X550. On the other hand dos console windows now open with less delay. nVidia 6200 Turbo Cache also kinda worked with this motherboard, however… - the display was being reset about every 20s (it just went black for a moment and sometimes went permanently into standby mode), - the system could not shut down properly, - DOS memory was NOT limited, I could set very high VESA resolutions. I quickly acquired another brand of X550 and installed on my other GA-8I915P. It also worked flawlessly. I think I'm never gonna purchase GeForce again, although my newest motherboard could not run Windows 98 anymore.
  15. I set ACPIOption = 2, Windows reinstalled all mobo "devices" during 3 reboots. ACPI Power Button is no longer listed as system device and the system timer is alone on IRQ 0. I hope this would fix my issue..
  16. This motherboard works under Windows 98SE: Gigabyte 8I915P Duo, as another person at this forum wrote 915P looks like the best chipset for Win98 compatibility. However, I'm not sure if you'll find these mobos on sale. I have tested three 250 GB hdd's connected to the onboard RAID controller. They worked properly. It didn't matter whether the system's esdi506.pdr had or had not HDD size-related bugs. I've had bad experience with the stability and performance of onboard sound driver on this i915 board and another i965. I don't think it's a good choice if you actually need audio.
  17. modicr :: I'm gonna try to switch the system to APM upon next reboot (running XP at the moment) and see if there will be any changes. I believe ATi videocards up to X850 work properly. At least the latest Catalyst v6.2 reports support.
  18. Thank you for your replies. My apologies for posting in the wrong forum. I'm gonna check out CDImage now.
  19. I have a set of files with many duplicates. It is not an option to delete them. Is there a file archiver that would gather information about the dupes and efficiently pack them. This could be accomplished by a generic compressor with extremely large dictionary (~ 48 MB or so), but the system requirements for shuch an operation, including later decompression, would be inadequate. Maybe disc image with multiple references to the same data?
  20. None of them. It is yet to be seen if any of these two recordable medias will become affordable (and reliable). Right now my choice is Verbatim DVD+R. (Movies? What movies?)
  21. Reinstalled the my previous Win98 system 5 years ago. My current WinXP system has worked for a year now and I'm not going to reinstall it anytime soon. It's a completely different case with other peoples computers. Thank god none of them happened to have RAID on board. Voted for 1 year because I do not use imaging software, only backup individual files on DVDs. I feel there is no need to restore an entire partition. My backup also allows to restore the OS on another machine which happen to have the same motherboard.
  22. Thank you for the explanations, Spooky and Fizban2. It makes sense. I liked the agent characters in Office 2000 (and 97) ... until I had viewed all available animations and discovered how limited their intelligence was.
  23. The question was not about how to accomplish removal of useless components (Nuhi is already working hard on it), but why these features exist in the system in the first place. Does Microsoft see every legal user as a beginner who needs to be directed to the Search button by an animated dog? Windows 2000 is a good clean operating system, but the time will come when it can no longer be run on current h/w (as it has more or less happened with Win98).
  24. Thank you, Stranger. I have recenltly found Dragon's Unpacker (by searching for "ADF MP3 encryption" in google). Very useful and clean proggie. The same goes for Cab viewer. I will investigate Game Extractor, it looks promising. However most of them are applications of their own and wouldn't benefit from a frontend – Universal Extractor.
  25. Recent M$ operating systems – XP and Vista – have a mind on their own. The more recent the version, the "smarter" OS has become. It tries to protect you from viruses, hackers, malware but in the end (at least in my case) it protects you from your own computer by setting various restrictions on what you are allowed to do. You need to search the Internet for various tweaks in order to reclaim control. There are at least 6 different "editions" of Vista. Why coldn't Micro$oft create an Expert Edition which had the really unprofessional eye-candy, reminders about security, disk space, digitial signatures, etc removed? Thank god there is nLite.. But could the company really blame a pirate who's distributing this striped down version if there is no legal alternative to obtain one?

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