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  1. Fakes have a higher chance of being accepted because we are accustomed to seeing pictures and voice reading significantly affected by digital processing. We have pop music that sounds like robots. Speech is often denoised or sped up and sounds similar to a speech synthesizer where pauses are skipped. Pictures on social mediums are usually posted in poor resolution.
  2. Do you mean Serpent by sp52? There are two configuration setting for moving the disk cache in Serpent. I would still want the rest of my profile to be on disk. browser.cache.disk.parent_directory browser.cache.offline.parent_directory I think 360Chrome accepts a command-line parameter for this. But I don't use 360Chome. --disk-cache-dir
  3. How can you be certain that the swap file is working if most of your tools show that there is no swap file and it only appears in some unsual situations? The file has to be on the ramdisk. The quickest way of filling memory with normal programs is by creating a large 1.5G image in IrfanView. Do you get a larger commit charge limit in normal task manager? For me a swap file works with Gavotte ramdisk if I use the automatic disk size without a mini image. It appears everywhere it should. But the disk seems slow, and there is a constant activity of copying to and from the swap file when minimizing large games. The memory "whistles" and sometimes I get a pause, which looks like two operations trying to access the ram disk and waiting for each other. If you don't have a Creative Labs sound card, then normal PAE memory in Server 2003 works better.
  4. Are you talkin about formatting a Flash drive? Yes, writing to it will wear it over time. If you are doing a quick format that completes in a minute or two then it is not so bad. Do only games that play sound close? Usually it's mandatory to configure each game with the IRQ/DMA parameters of the real or emulated sound card. Try disabling the sound and see if they work. You only need to use nLite for drivers that the installation process itself depends on: RAID disk controller, ACPI patch. Maybe network could be helpful. Sound can be installed later. I've already commented to you that the experience of DOS games under WinXP won't be smooth. You won't get high resolution VESA modes under XP, so the resolution will be limited to 320*240 or 640*350. It's preferable to use DOSBox for smaller games that are light on the CPU or Windows native ports.
  5. You can only ever use 32-bit drivers on a 32-bit system. Why would you want to copy x64 drivers to the ISO? If you want to make changes, you should start from a set of extracted files and build a fresh ISO instead of deleting something from one you've already made. You should only try to integrate sound drivers if it would save you time installing on a hundred computers with similar hardware. Drivers that come with a setup program can be complicated. To make sure you have the right driver, you should install it from an INF file manually without using setup program and verify that everything works.
  6. I've never heard that WinXP was particularly prone to memory leaks. Unless the author takes the word "program" liberally and includes installed drivers, programs are actually unloaded when they are closed. I have noticed that browsing the file systems gets slow after weeks of uptime. I don't believe entries in system.ini have an effect on WinXP. They are for Win98. Does it work? The time when 256 MB was a lot of memory...
  7. There are differences at 2910, 21370, 3137C, 28362. The source of the program code is held by Intel. You can use PE Tools by NEOx to update PE checksum. The checksum is the sum of all 16-bit words of the sys file excluding the checksum in a 16-bit unsigned integer, and the file size.
  8. So which one does it download now if I request 140 with a previously configured command line?
  9. I guess that the instructions may apply only to digital output. With VGA, custom resolutions work, and the scaling options do not show regardless of the currently selected resolution.
  10. Of course it is a blessing. People play down the value of immortality because it is out of their reach. One purpose of death and regrowth is to drive evolution forward. We don't subject ourselves to natural selection anymore by helping weak or sick people make children with invasive medicine and social support. The population is already declining overall because raising children is too expensive and painful. One could still commit sucide if he was immortal. It doesn't mean complete indestructibility because that would violate the laws of physics. Look at it from another perspective. If your loved ones were immortal, they wouldn't suffer from degenerative diseases.
  11. Thank you for your work. The current works again.
  12. Google has entered trolling mode at 31 kB/s. I'd still rather watch a video the next day than view advertisements every 5 minutes with 100% CPU usage. The last version lasted several months, now a fix is needed already after a week.
  13. I have custom resolutions in the last iCafe driver, but I have never seen the scaling page in the control panel under WinXP. It is there under Win2008, but not under any driver I have tried in Win2003. What do you mean by "a PC resolution"?
  14. Have you installed recent Intel Rapid Storage drivers? The Standard IDE Controller driver included with Windows does not support big disks, and neither do old versions of the Intel driver. I forgot which ones were bad, probably when they were called Matrix Storage v8 and v9. Version 11.2 works with at least 4 TB.
  15. I remember Pegasus was used at my mother's office more than 20 years ago. It goes back a long time. 50 MB is a bit much for an e-mail client if it installs all the crap. I don't get the role of a "web server" for OAuth. Most people won't have a white IP to host a server. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly Help popped up in the installer on my older computer. Recently my ISP stopped their e-mail service and transferred all customers to a free web-based provider. I can still log in without encryption, but it has some limits attached to it like needing to log in every so often to not lose the account. I guess an ISP today will have difficulty keeping up with demands for "security" and user interfaces understandable to millennials.
  16. One more thing I forgot. Get a disk with spare capacity. Then you can write more to it before it slows down. If you think you will ever fill your disk to 200 GB, buy 512 GB. Basic SSDs are now affordable.
  17. You can probably do with any SSD as a replacement for HDD. A stealthy problem with SSDs is that they slow down if too much data is written to it. This happens because they initially write it in a fast mode that use up more memory cells, and then reorganize it later. But in a typical usage scenario, where you write games to the disk once and then load them many times, you are only concerned about the read performance. It is probably not a good idea to write virtual memory like the Windows swap file or Photoshop scratch disk to an SSD, but get more RAM instead.
  18. The ovw_winpmail.htm page is seriously out of date. It claims that the program runs on Win98 and uses only 10 MB of disk space. The installer unpacked into the temp directory is over 50 MB. The legacy version 4.51 is nowhere to be found. Why have we let Google get away with locking down e-mail and adding so much bloat to it? All the forums and commercial websites rely on e-mail to enable accounts. If e-mail can't arrive, we will get locked out of those. Google has OAuth today, but as the author of Pegasus writes, they already changed it to require new software. Next year they will have something else. I like that Pegasus still has its own basic HTML engine that opens fast. Everything else today bundles a web browser.
  19. The linked version on dropboxusercontent works for me and is fast again. I have YouTube-DL integrated into New Moon, which I use from both WinXP and Win2008, so I like that it works in both.
  20. Do you know why YT-DLP does not run on Windows NT6, but runs on WinXP? YouTube-DL works on both and is better to use in dual-boot. The procedure entry point GetCPFileNameFromRegistry could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32.dll.
  21. Thank you. Looks like they need to update youtube-DL because it works slowly again. "Unable to decode n-parameter"
  22. Some months I go I stumbled upon a link to compiles of YouTube-DL and Yt-dlp working on WinXP in someone's signature. But I cannot find it again. It doesn't seem to be possible to search for the contents of signatures. Who has them?
  23. If the USB stick is new of the USB3 generation and the motherboard is old, there could be an incompatibility because at some stage it wants an USB 1 speed, which the USB3 device might not support.
  24. The old DOS soundcard emulation on Windows XP is not good for gaming. You should use either DosBox or a Windows port of Doom, such az ZDoom or GzDoom (old version).
  25. You can reduce the workload for the hard drive by avoiding processes that write small fragmented pieces of data to it. Get more RAM and don't use the swap file. Download in one or a few continuous streams. Keep temp files on a separate partion and wipe it out occasionally. It's rare that you would practically run into the limit of the drive's linear speed.

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