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  1. I was against masks at the beginning, hence my avatar of Araym of Jinaam, who were at war with the Ankarans and released a plague. But now I enjoy being able to go for groceries without shaving and with bad breath. The mask doesn't get that dirty, only the string around the ears. I poured technical alcohol on it a couple times.
  2. The solution to climate change appears to be moving more consumers to electricity, transportation, house heating, cooking, but without adding new nuclear power stations to increase supply. Electricity here has doubled in price since last year. Officials take European money and buy useless hydrogen powered buses, and probably pocket a good fraction of the funds. I'm using the same facemask that I got for free after entering a market, and refuse to pay for these things.
  3. Thank you. Installing the 347.25 driver version returned this function. What makes the newer driver very bad? Most people wouldn't notice the missing feature for these old games. But 347.25 doesn't work with Euro Truck Simulator 2, which now crashes in nvoglnt.dll. I must decide what I want more.
  4. I've recently returned to playing Doom using GZDoom Windows version after reading a discussion about it. Then I discovered that I can't enable anti-aliasing anymore in Half-Life, GZDoom, or GLQuake. It worked before and oversampled the entire screen to calm down unfiltered textures in the distance and borders around pixels up close. This is the setting that should work. I also tried 8x and Sparse Grid, but not even edges of geometry are processed. I have Windows Server 2003, GT 610 and driver 368.81, which is one of the latest. I previously played on XP with an older driver, and single CPU core. I can't ask about this on gamer forums without being dismissed for using outdated stuff.
  5. LZDoom works (without sound) if I patch the subsystem version to 5.1. It doesn't complain about any missing imports. I have no idea how complete it with regards to mods. Apparently they changed the sound engine from Fmod to OpenAL some time ago since version 3.0 for licensing reasons, which genereated some controversy at that time. Nothing with OpenAL works for me. I have to remove the DLL when playing Euro Truck Simulator.
  6. Oh I've never been interested in mods, only for the nostalgic value of the game itself. OpenGL looks nice on Windows with anti-aliasing, and modern controls such as strafing and jumping. And it works with modern video cards where Doom95 doesn't. I see that 4.1.2 already has some funky sound engine that is incompatible with E-MU 0404, and sounds like a constantly firing machine gun. Did they really need 128 sound channels for Doom... lol.
  7. Do you really need Doom updated to enjoy it? The work of GZ was complete when the game was ported. Original games don't receive many patches and can continue to be played. Problems sometimes arise if you want to run them on very new systems, which XP is not. I don't understand the hatred expressed towards older Windows by developers who work on even more obsolete games. They wouldn't appreaciate posts on their forum saying how Doom sucked.
  8. It appears to be impossible to either type or paste any text in Facebook comments with New Moon 28. Basilisk still works.
  9. The contrast setting of the monitor might be too high if you are using it with curtains drawn or at night. If the adjustment is only a few button presses away, I would tweak that, and avoid losing dark adapted vision. If you try to set a dark theme to every application, there will still remain more than one that is light, and that will make it hard to see anything on your customized dark applications. The increased size of SP3 is still smaller than the weight of modern applications. IIRC, SP3 added a few DLL functions that the last XP-compatible applications depend upon. The SP2 version might useful if someone has an older system and no desire to reinstall and reconfigure it from scratch.
  10. There are only two browsers left, without much choice. The other one requires way too much memory. I stopped using Chromium (Opium fork) when I found that it needed encryption from the system, and was useless on WinXP. Does the Chinese browser have its own certificate module, and does away with the multi-process mode? I refer to all Mozilla forks collectively as "Firefox", because there aren't many obvious differenve between Roytam's Basilisk and a recent stock Firefox, or New Moon vs Firefox 20x. PM developers act surprisingly protective about their brand, when nobody is aware of it outside of enthusiast circles. There aren't any downvote options on this server.
  11. In the registry bold is recorded as "700" and regular as "400" in color schemes. These values appear in some other programs too. To produce a highlighted menu item, Windows adds "200". Now 400+200=600, which is not bold. If you select a font that has a hand-drawn bold face, the difference is clear. Not so with MS Sans Serif. This is so on Windows 98-2003, where the classic scheme has been almost unchanged. I wouldn't fault an application for not focusing on this nuance, but DisplaySet is in other ways very thorough with exposing all the values in a color scheme preset. Well, you would have to have an open service of some kind on the computer for malware to connect to. Most people are behind a router. I think that by calling computer programs viruses, people might think they are as scary for a computer as they are for man walking with dozen open ports.
  12. One of the addresses of wsus.ds.download.windowsupdate.com resolves to on Level 3 for me. I suppose Microsoft has content distribution networks all over the world on various IPs. How else would you get the certificates if the server required SSL but you didn't have the certificate because you need to run the updater? An SSL server typically asks for the newest algorythms and cerficiates to appear professional.
  13. Can you add Heinoganda's updater or any other updaters that have been released here to the first post? The link is in the middle of the thread and hard to find.
  14. Thank you for the link to DisplaySet. It indeed allows to change all the colors, and works on Win2003. One thing it doesn't allow is to set or preserve the font weight to 500 in menus, so that a pure bold font can be used for default menu items, as opposed to calculated false bold. In my experience, CRT monitors don't last long if they are used every day. My Trinitrons failed in the same manner where the red output increased over time, and I had to use the internal controls to raise the other colors, which robbed the display of its advantage of being able to show deep black. Eventually the red started flashing brightly, even triggering a safety power cut, and the monitor became unusable. I wish I had saved the monitors by using them less. I asked a competent technician and he said that nothing could be practically done to fix it, but I don't recall anymore what the explanation was. The analogy of computer programs to biological viruses has been stretched too far. Some people believe that connecting a cable to a computer will possible "infect" it. I think that if a computer program started randomly mutating, overwriting its code, there is no real chance that it would do something useful and crash every time.
  15. Last time I looked at Good Old Games releases, they had added a couple patches for playing CD music from files on disk (winmm.dll) and another for working around missing functions in new video adapter drivers (ddraw.dll). You can remove these patches. For the music, it's also necessary to edit the binary because they changed the file name of the DLL. There are older versions of these patches that run on winxp without updates, or you can play music from Daemon Tools. GOG uses the same No-CD binaries with the signature edited out, which are available from other channels. This caused a public controversy in the past. I think most new games are primarily aimed at multiplayer, as a means of copyright enforcement, and you have to have the same latest version to join multiplayer for technical reasons.
  16. It doesn't come from loudspeakers, but from inside the computer case.
  17. Is it common for RAM (or it supporting circuitry) to emit "coil whine" noise? It's a variable pitch squeal when RAM is being accessed in a certain pattern. I observed this before when repeatedly searching through files that had been cached in memory, and now with the ramdisk, this happens every time I alt-tab out of a full screen game. The system copies the memory of the game onto the swap file, which resides in the same memory now, going back and forth quickly.
  18. Wow, Actual Window Manager still claims Windows 2000 compatibility. Not that I plan to use Windows 10 for many reasons, but I'm curious if you set JPEGImportQuality to 100, does color subsampling remain active (blurry red shapes)?
  19. For me, ImgUr works only if I have signed in to my account. Otherwise I get a grey screen. I also often get a grey screen when I follow an album link, which people usually post even when there is only one picture.
  20. Windows NT6 keeps on giving. This one's kinda trivial. But considering the increased size of the system and focus on sleek visuals, I don't understand how they could have messed this up. I have some wallpapers in bitmap format in a directory, prepared for a few screen resolutions. They are ready to be displayed, and work just fine in Windows XP. If I set the wallpaper using the Desktop Properties or the right-click menu on an image file, the data gets encoded to a poor quality JPEG file with color subsampling. It is 1 "actively used" file and should not be compressed. %appdata%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\Application Data\TranscodedWallpaper.jpg To set the wallpaper properly I need to enter the path to the image file into the registry. HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper Then execute this command from the Run box to refresh it (a bat file does not work) {REF}: rundll32.exe user32.dll, UpdatePerUserSystemParameters Seriously?
  21. I see E-MU E-DSP Audio Processor (WDM), which is the sound card. High Definition Audio device is an NVidia video adapter with a HDMI port, not used, but automatically found by Windows. The unknown devices are a Brooktree television/radio capture card that I can't use on x64 and have intentionally not installed. It works fine on Windows 2003 in dual boot to listen to radio (only 32-bit drivers exist). I am fine with how it works now. A pre-requisite of NT6 audio appears to be a CPU with 2 or more cores. Maybe there haven't been more complaints because people usually only install this system on fairly new computers.
  22. I am sure that the OpenGL window is independent of the acceleration checkbox, which is for compositing text and pictures. For me the the browser acceleration has never worked on XP.
  23. For me WebGL works fine at reasonable resolutions and simple games like the sci-fi racing in New Moon 28 and nVidia GT 610, with webgl.disable-angle true. As long as the display driver has good OpenGL it should work. Why would you expect satisfactory experience of 3D without harware acceleration, translating opengl to direct3d while running JavaScript on an old CPU? Intel 8xx and 9xx Graphics had awful performance with native full-screen 3D games.
  24. The color of Windows Me/2000 dialog panels is noticeably lighter and slightly pink. It seemed to me fresh compared to Windows 98. I didn't like to tweak colors in display properties because they automatically calculated and reduced the contrast of the highlight color on scrollbars and disabled/embossed items.
  25. There is a search plugin creator that works with New Moon 28. You can set up an icon so the entry is clearly identifyable. http://ready.to/search/en/ Why is this basic functionality not part of any Firefox flavor? It is a simple preset with a few values, that does not deserve to be called a "plugin". It is a major inconvenience to find and install an extension. I come from Opera, and it was there (except the icon is automatic and Google was forced with the last versions).

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