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  1. This website causes the browser to allocate huge amount of memory. When it reaches about 1.5 GB, New Moon 28 crashes, Serpent starts to release memory, then allocates it again. The website does not become usable. It shouldn't be possible for an application to to crash the system to a BSOD. Maybe you have some faulty configuration in the OS that manifests when too much RAM is used.
  2. You should install a newer free and easily configurable web server in any case. All games have their own server, so the OS is mostly irrelevant. Server 2003 is basically the same as Windows XP, with additional support for more memory if all drivers are compatible, large hard drives in GPT format and slightly faster TCP/IP driver. Server 2003 is much smaller than an NT6-based OS and therefore a better fit for a low memory system, without sacrificing functionality such as GUI. It should work well if you have all critical device drivers available.
  3. How do I grab the PmPlayer addon linked on the PaleMoon site? It shows the button "Only on Pale Moon".
  4. 1) Is BitChute.com supposed to work with Serpent? I see only animated loading bars on video pages. 2) Has anyone got an idea what Swedbank.lv uses to detect the browser? It is a Bank. I can't even read public information on this website as long as JavaScript is enabled. It does not respond to user agent. Could we perhaps get a more thorough version obfuscation in the browser?
  5. It is solved in the sense that I was directed to a method of identifying required DLL files by a program. This is useful for other software.
  6. We've reached a consensus on the official forum that "supported" only covers the base program without optional plugins. There is a WebP plugin that doesn't work in either IrfanView or XnView. A user recently came and hacked it. But that only covered one version, and I found it to be unstable on my computer. And there are probably more plugins that essentially encapsulate 3rd party software with its requirements. After looking into the module with a hex editor, I noticed what appears to be a dictionary for text compression, with strings such as "New Testament", "Jewish Protest", "regarding the Roman Catholic". These are not that common on the web, and definitely do not occur in picture data. If a new data format requires a modern computer, I don't think it will go anywhere. It may get used on the web without users being aware of it. I will use the simplest method to convert it into something widely compatible.
  7. A search for LoadLibraryExW pointed me in the right direction. In Dependency Walker I can use the function Profile -> Start Profiling to see the missing DLLs. http://www.dependencywalker.com/help/html/application_profiling.htm
  8. Any developer today will say that XP is not supported, which is already obvious without the need to waste mental resources on the communication, and that we shouldn't hack any of his files. The tone in which they respond will vary, but its futile to expect actual help. The DLL doesn't load when trying to use regsvr32.exe to test it (LoadLibrary failed), and in Help > Installed PlugIns there is no checkmark in front of it. Like the WebP format, the libraries were not written by Irfan, and therefore come with baggage attached. I wanted to check out the new image format, to see whether it is worth the discussion it has generated, and also how to identify and fix a DLL file like this one, which doesn't show missing dependencies in Dependency Walker. This situation could occur with another program too. I did change the subsystem version from 6 to 5. The author of XnView said that he will add support for JPEG-XL only in the "MP" product, which is very bloated with the Qt framework and requires a new OS. I recently tried the Classic version, and it wasn't added. Sorry to hear that you had difficulties running the program. I've also experienced bluescreens from other normal programs on old XP (the cause was the manifest resource). The cleanest installers are at the bottom of the page after clicking "Other download sites". There is a direct link from Irfan's own site without advertisements to either an EXE or a Zip-package.
  9. Tools that interact with YouTube have a short lifespan before they stop working. It's not worth working on this script for the dislike count, and switching to a compatible browser. I still see the button. But from what I've read it's supposed to be hidden from all videos on the platform to most people, not a narrowly defined group of them. Therefore the definite article shouldn't be used. The counter is a specific aspect of each video page, so I'm in agreement there.
  10. This is a build of IrfanView with preliminary support for the JPEG-XL format. It doesn't look promising because the library is 2.5 MB, and includes some bloat unrelated to image compression. Unsurprisingly, it does not load under WinXP. The usual quick attempts at fixing it and identifying missing DLLs don't work. I can't understand why that is. In Dependency Walker I only see links for KERNEL32 and USER32. On the bottom pane there is an question marker near MSJAVA.DLL, but I don't understand the meaning of this. Any chance it can be made to work? http://www.irfanview.info/test/iview32_test.zip
  11. I had a relatively recent Philips 21'' television from 1999, with extras such as stereo and nicam. When browsing text, it displayed a page counter. If the channel had more pages, the required one would take more time to come around. Of course teletext data is tiny for any PC, and it can save it all. For a TV tuner the inside of a PC is a hostile environment. Do you have text on digital systems? I don't own a compatible television anymore and don't subscribe. I see that DVB offers a program guide, and I can read that without decoding the video (because it requires a new codec). The signal also seems to be more robust than text because I can receive it simply by touching the antenna connector. I do it to receive the current time. I think that codecs are changing too quickly with digital broadcasting. The first generation TVs can't decode current broadcasts anymore. This had upset older people who depend on TV and don't want to use computers. Compare that with conventional TV, which stayed unchanged for decades, and remained compatible even when color systems changed. We have like 6 or 8 broadcast channels, and I think there is enough space in the decimeter band to fit them without the latest compression. It doesn't make much sense to send broadcast over IP network because the same data needs to go to many listeners. It adds a variable delay, and makes it impossible to set the time. You can't have multiple radios playing simultaneously in different rooms. Digital drops out entirely when the signal is poor rather than reducing in quality.
  12. We haven't had teletext for years since conventional PAL television was shut down. When I still had TV cable, it carried text over with foreign stations from Germany and the UK. But then the distribution network was changed to digital, with conversion to PAL at the premises, and it stopped containing any extras. Browsing text on a television was uncomfortable because of small amount of cache memory. It could only remember a few pages besides the root page and the four chosen favorites. I had to wait a minute until the given page was transmitted again. Television receivers for a computer were nothing but a novelty and with poor reception quality. A website containing the same volume of data as teletext, without script bloat and elaborate design would work quite well. We no longer get the cell info over GSM, which allowed the telephone to display the name of the town.
  13. I use this: http://ready.to/search/en/ Then click on the search bar to add the preset. The functionality should be built-in. In case this website closes. Do you play games or watch videos in the browser? It only tests the browser. Other programs can get v-sync easily, and usually have it working by default. A web browser can't deliver quality video because it does multiple tasks simultaneously like a swiss army knife, composits text and tables, and runs CPU intensive scripts. This a non-issue with reading text where you don't scroll pages sideways. My CPU core gets maxed out with the test. 51 fps in New Moon 28 and 34 fps in Serpent. I do see tearing on the scrolling photograph. Says that "Firefox is hopelessly broken". It can't do one scrolling photograph and the graph!
  14. I don't use ffmpeg. It is only needed for combining video with audio. In SMPlayer the separate audio and video streams are taken as-is by MPV. I can also drag them into Mkvmerge GUI. These programs accept the Dash variety of MP4. Fortunately this format is old enough now. The limiting factor is the download speed, which makes the player go for a second, then have a long pause. But a few people have released new ffmpeg compiles. Perhaps ffmpeg could even be found somewhere on this forum.
  15. Youtube-dlP claims to have a workaround for speed and a part of videos requiring credit card verification. But it does not run on WinXP.
  16. Of course. Nobody should accept a statement as true without careful analysis of all presented arguments. I don't see how untruths could harm an informed viewer significantly. How are you guys watching YouTube videos lately? Since a few months ago, download speeds with YT-DL have been cut to 50-85 kB/s, and watching in real time with media players is no longer possible. I tried going to the website. Jesus, some channels have advertisements every 5 minutes, and cut the narrator mid sentence. And it is sometimes the most "harmful content" about sports betting, and how to effortlessly make impossible amounts of money.
  17. These browsers also run on my main OS Windows 2003, and I use them under Windows 7 too for convenience, familiar interface, included video decoder, removed anti-features, and various small fixes. Everytime I posted on the XP forum because that is where most people were, I expected to be kicked out for off-topic because I don't have WinXP anymore. Recently YouTube changed something, which doesn't allow to go directly to Subscriptions from New Moon 28. A white page appears, and I must click the sidebar. Serpent still goes to Subscriptions, with a longer delay.
  18. Is there a software media player than can decode the audio streams from the BBC? It should be compatible with WinXP. But I'd like to know if one exists for WinNT6. The webpage of the BBC is heavy and causes noticeable CPU usage. But the sound quality is superior to FM relay, which has heavy compression and clipping. I tried a version of VideoLAN Client, but it didn't play the streams (on Win 2003). ShoutCast used to be simple and easy, but I guess it doesn't scale to so many listeners. There is an MPD file and a dash file, and then many small MOV/MP4 fragments are retrieved. I don't understand this format. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_world_service https://a.files.bbci.co.uk/media/live/manifesto/audio/simulcast/dash/nonuk/dash_low/cfs/bbc_world_service.mpd https://as-dash-ww.live.cf.md.bbci.co.uk/pool_904/live/ww/bbc_world_service/bbc_world_service.isml/dash/bbc_world_service-audio=96000.dash
  19. Do you see any tracks on the blank disc with a CD ripper or programs that support browsing many file systems such as IsoBuster? Or Nero InfoTool? Does the disc have a physically visible ring of data on it? Good CD-R discs last a long time. My oldest disks are about 20 years old by now, and work fine. Several CD drives I owned had failed though, and they refused to read RW, then R, then any pressed disc. Usually when a disc is bad, the drive would spin and seek over it a long time before giving up, instead of reporting it as blank. Could be that the second disc wasn't written to by mistake. As for verifying the program code, use the same common sense as with downloads from the internet. Always disable AutoRun on the computer. Look at the files, if their size matches the supposed function, try to unpack them with an archiver to look inside, then use an online virus scanner.
  20. Old computers have already been left behind by the raw CPU power required by modern websites regardless of the browser, and the hunger for memory of multi-process Chrome. A Conroe CPU is about the oldest that can be comfortably used, and it implements SSE3.
  21. I suspect that control over moderation on social media will eventually be transferred over to governments. They will codify it into some kind of law. It's much less likely that Facebook or YouTube will get dismantled into a thousand forums. On YouTube, I now often speak to a wall with an internal monologue when the comments get deleted. The society is incredibly sensitive about "misinformation" nowadays. Videos that are clearly saying untruths can be entertaining to watch, trying to understand the reasoning of the authors, and read heated arguments in the comments section. Most uploaders have a fanbase who like these presentations no matter what, and help out. If only positive reaction is possible, then the discussion turns into an echo chamber, just like in recent past when authors could press the heart on comments that agreed with them, or only expressed shallow compliments.
  22. Yeah, this has been reported before on reddit forum. For me, the dislike button has always been there until now. I've also been told that the likes don't always count because the system can treat them as not genuine in certain cases, such as if you watch the video outside the system, and come back only to like. I don't see how a large number of dislikes would practically hurt the author. Controversial videos with the likes split are still offered by the system. A significant amount of dislikes indicate that I should take the presented arguments with a grain of salt. So how are we to react to demonstrations of perpetual motion machines and flat Earth now? YouTube users used to have more moderation powers to vote for spam comments. But now the System wants to be the only completely anonymous law enforcement for viruses and racism.
  23. Without nuclear power, all governments can do is push around financial instruments like carbon credits and make Tesla rich. Unfortunately, I didn't hear any plans at the COP in this area. The 100B allocated to Africa could go a long way. If solar power was to dominate, our current situation of cheap electricity at night and Winter when the sun doesn't shine will be reversed. Do hydro dams even work at -20°C like last year? I didn't take the opportunity to walk and take a look. In order to entice people to switch to electricity they need to offer a juicy "carrot" of affordable price. Recently the price of power has dropped again because there is need for district heating and we are using coal and Putin's gas. It was indeed all Blah Blah Blah.
  24. Oh I see it now that the number of "bits" is simply the count of people that have tested themselves on CYT. 256K people = 18 bits. I only disable advertising servers on sites I visit frequently when I get annoyed by their slow loading. There are too many of them, and they get new random domains to avoid blocking. Tor Browser suggests not to maximize the window in order not to reveal the screen resolution. The list of fonts has to be unique for everybody. Many programs load a font to display some custom symbols, and it counts as installed while it is loaded.
  25. Cover Your Tracks somehow maxes out the information content in its elements at 17.85 bits. It read a long list of unique fonts I have installed myself, the unique browser versions of 77.7 and 6.6.6, and the existence of PDF-Xchange plugin, which together are globally unique. I'd think that would be more information.

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