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  1. Where is setup.exe /s being called from? How are you trying to install epson drivers?
  2. I'm pretty sure disabling sfc works because i dont remove any components, but i do disable sfc, and i have nhelper
  3. [quote name='scarslilpyro' post='603385' date='Dec 22 2006, 11:01 AM'][quote name='mrmr' post='603259' date='Dec 22 2006, 05:31 AM'] but isn't better chose another network? imho something like Freenode could be better mrmr[/quote] How so? [/quote] I think he's saying that he thinks freenode would be a better home for the nlite channel.
  4. Tell nlite to combine driver.cab and sp2.cab into one file and problem solved. what version of nlite? could you post your last session.ini?
  5. according to http://www.nliteos.com/changelog.html, no it doesnt..
  6. nuhi, in case it isnt already there you might want to add something about dialup modems using com ports as well
  7. empire: were you using 93.71 drivers when this occured, or an older forceware version?
  8. Unfortunately the way last session.ini works, it shows what was specified by the user. The notes would be a good idea, but it is created before the process actually goes thru and makes the changes as far as I can tell, so there is no way for nlite to know if errors were encountered.
  9. If you are having issues with that, it is Windows Installer. nlite may not have full support for it, but it is included in ryanvm's update pack, so your best bet may be to go with that. Maybe someone should make a new thread about 893803 not working thru nlite to have nuhi investigate it.
  10. Still won't download. Just goes right back the the download page or I just get an error file downloaded instead of the exe. Stephen Dude, check your PM's ================= deskman: the file is probably corrupt. When installing, windows checks the size of the file against the entry for the file in txtsetup.sif. 2 options: 1) ignore the error, as that file probably isnt ever going to be used anyways 2) edit txtsetup.sif, find the line that mentions that file and delete everything after the last comma on that line I'd advise doing the first if you are fairly new.
  11. That is one way to do it.. The recommended way is to apply all of your patches (ryanvm update etc) and get the source disc all nlited out how you want first. then copy the files (shell32.dl_ netshell.dl_ and explorer.ex_) from the i386 folder to somewhere like your desktop then open command prompt then do: cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop extract explorer.ex_ explorer.exe extract shell32.dl_ shell32.dll extract netshell.dl_ netshell.dll make your mods with reshack then delete the files ending with _ then in command prompt do: makecab shell32.dll makecab netshell.dll makecab explorer.exe that will make them back into files ending with _ then copy those ending with _ back to i386 folder. You will need to do this every time you make a new CD because updates will overwrite your changes.
  12. Yes you can use nlite. There are nlite integration instructions on the page where you download ryanvm's update pack. Look near the bottom. If you have a problem with ryanvm's pack he will not support it if you used nlite to integrate it, but thats why we are here in the nlite forum! Go ahead and try that and see if you get the problem still.
  13. Double check your last session_u.ini file for the password for your user, if that doesnt work, let us know.
  14. Please see my post in the Customizing windows forum and reply if you have any info.. I desperately need to know this one, and didn;t want to a) double post, and B) post in the wrong forum. Here is the link to the post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=89311 Thanks in advance!
  15. Just like the topic says, I have context menu entries that I only want to appear when holding left shift while right clicking. I know it can be done, because Open With does this, but how would I make the registry entries so that this happens?
  16. Right, but which dll, and how would you make the entry? I'd love to have certain stuff only show up when left shift is held as well.. Actually, this thread is a bit off topic now, so I will make a new one in the Windows XP forum, and post the link here when it's ready. EDIT: Here is the link http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=89311
  17. If the drivers are uncompressed in i386, you should be able to just use makecab to compress them, since windows looks for compressed versions when it can't find an uncompressed version. Try it: cd xp cd\i386 makecab driver.sys driver.sy_ remake iso and see what happens.
  18. Are you saying it didn't tell you to press F2 to enter Automated System Recovery, but it did say press whatever to go into the Administrative Console? Or vice versa?
  19. Absolutely. Quote from the Windows XP SP2 Deployment CHM: "Although the answer file for Setup is commonly called Unattend.txt, for a network preinstallation you can name the file anything you like. For a CD-based Setup, you must name the answer file Winnt.sif." So technically, it can be named anything, however I think it is looking for files that are specific to the CD when it's named winnt.sif
  20. You are right, he wants to see the last session.ini, which is located in C:\Program Files\nlite\presets Note that last folder name.. Presets.. Thats why he said it like he did.
  21. nlite 1.3 beta is fine too, but I would advise 1.2.1 only because it is not beta, and because User account creating doesnt work in 1.3 beta so theres other problems too.. I advise to import the last session.ini because that way we have the same setup between the 2 versions of nlite, however if you want to do a clean setup, that is fine too. Hmmmm... this could be the culprit. What would be "wrong" with not having sfc enabled? How do I go about disabling it (just turn it off in Windows services?)? You can turn off SFC, and that will solve the problem temporarily, but SFC shouldnt be popping up unless one of the files is truely modified, as in hacked in some way. I cant remember exactly how to turn it off myself, in a running copy of windows, just google for "turn off windows file protection".. If you want to turn it off during and after install tho (have nlite do it) there is an option in 1.2.1 that will do it. Theres nothing "wrong" with turning it off, but some people prefer the "protection" that it provides, ie if a virus overwrites one of those files, then WFP (as it is known now) restores it, and if your drive starts crashing, then wfp may kick in on a regular basis to restore files that got corrupted, which will say theres something wrong here and maybe i should look into buying a new drive.
  22. It should be working with 1.2.1.. I havent seen anyone trying to integrate the hotfixes like you are though.. My guess is that it's a combination of IE7 integration and the way you are choosing to install your hotfixes. Try one of the update packs to get as many hotfixes as possible (Ryanvm's or boooggy's), and if there are some left over, then add them in the way you already do, then add IE7 into there as well, and perhaps it wont happen.
  23. The problem is that you activate windows a certain number of times on one machine, and then it wont let you activate it over the net anymore. Your only option is to switch the license to a new machine (meaning put linux on that machine and just build yourself a new machine that is somewhat different from the one you are using and you can activate over the net again)... Micros***'s strong-arming is annoying at best. If you dont want to build a new machine, then search your drive for *.dbl and backup any you find in system32. Move them to $OEM$\$$\System32 on your CD and it will be copied into place during setup.
  24. The easiest way to find out if its a reg tweak is to just _dont apply any_ during setup. If the problem still occurs then its not your tweaks. If it doesnt, then I would say to manually apply like 10 at a time and reboot until the problem starts happening. When it starts, then you have a list of 10 to manually apply one at a time on the next go-round until you find the culprit. It may be that 2 tweaks are interacting badly with each other as well.. Or it could be something completely unrelated.
  25. Please edit your post and remove the last session.ini and contents of i386\svcpack. Please _attach_ the last session.ini. We dont need to know the contents of the svcpack folder, just if something is in there, which there is. Now, once that is done, look thru the i386 folder, and tell me if there is a file named nhelper.ex_ If there is, open a command prompt and type nhelper.exe and let me know if it returns you to the command prompt or if it says that nhelper.exe is not a valid internal or external command. Also, please _attach_ your svcpack.inf.

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