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  1. Install from Dos gets stuck.

    *nods* its getting hectic around here but when I have to do an install or when I have time I'll try it.
  2. Install from Dos gets stuck.

    its winnt.sif, I used the correct command lines to point to it as winnt.sif. Do you think renaming it will make a difference?
  3. Install from Dos gets stuck.

    Whenever I try to install from the commandline the isntall always gets stuck, also . It hangs at the copying files part on drivers.cab I believe. It doesn't matter if the files come from a network share or from another local disk (internal or external) it will just hang at that part, I can quit or exit but still can't finish the install. The files are correct and readable, even if I start the install and point at the files on a CD it will not finish, boot from the CD and let it autorun and its fine. Anywone know whats up? I'm using the autoanswer files so the install is just like the run from the CD.
  4. nliteos.com featured in Maximum PC

    The idea of nlite alone is something MS should have done a very long time ago. Even if it was just lesser known feature like RIS, it needed to be done! I can walk to a computer that needs an OS reinstall, pop in a disc, set the partition and walk away. It will show up in my management tool because its automatically installed and I can do any custimizing needed for that system remotely and critical updates are arleady included!
  5. Unattended script

    Thank you Kindly! I was looking for possibly a ini file or an compressed in_ file. this is exactly what I was looking for, not only that I but I can edit my run once strings and just reburn!
  6. Unattended script

    Hello, I have had stupendious results with Nlite, I might need to do some installs today and because of my Nlite altered images it will be a breeze! Thank You very much for the program and the help and support of this forum. I have one question however. I have a wonderful Unattended setup script for windows via Nlite, if I install from the CD's autoboot portion it kicks in and runs just fine. I'd like to extract the unattended setup and answer file so that if I run winnt from a command line or winnt32 from say PE I can have it auto setup as if I used the CD. how can I do this?
  7. Interent Explorer Intergration?

    Alrighty, I have no idea why I didn't think of asking the author how they did it but Meh. I'll just use the work already done and save myself time and headache heh. Thanks
  8. Interent Explorer Intergration?

    Thanks boooggy. Do you know of anyway I can do this myself though? Sometimes I'm just nitpicky about doing it myself.
  9. Interent Explorer Intergration?

    Hello. My searches don't seem to be fruitful. I'm looking for a way to intergrate Interent explorer into a windows 2000 SP4 disk. No I don't want to do IE 7 (IE7 isn't an option for 2k anyway) but rahter just IE 6.1 SP1 so its the most current IE possible. I haven't been able to find any documentation on doing this. Help?
  10. Where Windows Updates files are stored?

    WIndows update uses a folder named "WUTemp" It could be in the root of C, your documents and settins temporary folder or under intert temp however this is all moot because you don't want to do it that way. When you lownload files you can go through the more link to get the files that you download later, however what you really want to use is not windows update but the lesser known windows update catalog. This site will allow you to go through and download all updates for whatever you specify in one shot to one directory, also you can specify to only see updates from the past month or so etc etc. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/catalog