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  1. Only thing i've noticed that the PCRestore.exe file looks for is a Factory.wim located in the \dell\image dir.
  2. try a search for 'wimmaster' has progress bar instead of cmd prompt. is also one called 'gui imagex wrapper', doesn't have progress bars .. but just as good too. both work good under 'winpe' or 'vistape'.
  3. try launching ghost with the switches -ws- -wd- example: ghost -ws- -wd- disables caching.. might solve your hanging problems
  4. Use stdout.readall to get any commandline output into a variable. You need to use the .exec method, however in order to get this. ***edit*** - - - OH crap, I didn't see the follow up pages to this post! Sorry about that... I also created an HTA for ImageX, and then I stumbled onto this page - see the screenshots... Maybe we could combine our efforts? I've attached the HTA as a ZIP to this post. Also, there is a good example of how to utilize the browse for folder dialog in the HTA (very nice to have). You just need to supply comdlg32.ocx and imagex.exe to make the HTA work. Update 10/16/07: I've worked out some kinks with some logic, and have a .02a release for anyone who wants to try it. Now it will pull the Image info when using the 'apply' or 'append' functions. I'm working on 'delete' next. Note that this one does not require an XML package to be installed in order for it to work - - this was to make things a bit more simple with regards to what you need in order to make this HTA to work. I know it is a cheeky solution, but it does work . Essentially, the HTA uses only filesystem objects, and nothing more (no WMI, either). i get the following error when i try to use the browse function, i have copied comdlg32.ocx to program directory. Line: 536 Char: 1 Error: The control could not be created because it is not properly licensed. Code: 0 anyone can tell me what im doing wrong ? TIA
  5. is this not available for download anymore ?
  6. everything transparent but the title and globe.
  7. was wondering by chance if anyone has the optionsbg.gif from the glossy theme, with a transparent background? TIA
  8. thanks for the updates to a great app btw your link for sources.rar on the files page links to $oem$
  9. only thing i can see that would disable the gui is <WillShowUI>OnError</WillShowUI>
  10. wow this is looking awesome, great work can't wait to try this out! hehe all those options sound really good to me wow!!
  11. not sure if you meant to post v32 but the link points to v31.
  12. only problem i've had so far is with setres not setting what's in the hta. although that was with the previous zip you had up. will try again with this newer zip you posted. heh umm setres settings in hta aren't getting applied, works when i type through cmd prompt but not from hta. weird was working before
  13. %sleep% 120 <-- put in cmd line 2 will make it wait 3 mins
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