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  1. What files is Windows File Protection trying to.... protect? That may help us find the bugger.
  2. easy big fella .. I'm not blaming nLite for anything, just very strange that this pixelation only occurs when I integrate the latest officila nVidia drivers with nLite and not when I install them manually. Thank you Speeddy, I suspected the issue was with the way nVidia constructed their inf files. I'm using nVidia's 81.85 and they integrate with no problem, no artifacts, proper clock settings etc.... Sometimes newer isn't better, have you tried an earlier version that still supports your card? As mine is an AGP card I also integrate the NVGART driver (AGP driver) prior to the nVidia 81.85 video driver in the add driver list. This is also a possibility. Perhaps gkar could integrate 93.71 into a test version of his setup using his method and let us know if he see's the problem as well? I doubt honestly if the _way_ the file is constructed is what is causing the pixellation, but I do think that a lack of some file or registry entry might possibly cause video corruption, and that this entry or file is only not installed on newer versions possibly. I don't recall myself seeing this in the last version that I didnt use setup.exe for, however that version was in the 70.xx series. Who knows?
  3. Just some security fixes. No new features.
  4. No it isn't. I have to toss it into either my SVCPACK.INF or my RunOnceEx. I tried loading it in nlite and nlite threw an error that the file wasn't of the expected type. Of course it's no big deal, I dont mind RunOnceEx
  5. I know I know, but I hate using $oem$ because of all of the stuff I install. I'd prefer to make a disc once every 3 months with the most up-to-date packs that are released. I'm not too worried about if the apps are 100% up to date on CD, just the Win Updates, and in between CD's I can just download them from Windows Update.
  6. oh sorry i thought you were gettin defensive on me.. Technically it would be from nlite integrating the drivers, but its not nlite's fault, it's nvidia's fault for not putting all of the proper stuff into their inf files. If you want to have nvidia drivers install silent at runonceex, uninstall drivers on a running windows, download forceware latest version, and extract to a temp folder (C:\NVIDIA). Then open command prompt and navigate to C:\nivida, and do setup -r Go thru Setup and pick DONT reboot. Then close command prompt, open windows explorer, go to C:\Windows and move setup.iss C:\nvidia Then move C:\nvidia to $OEM$\$1 and make a runonceex.cmd file to run C:\nvidia\setup.exe -s -f2"%windir%\nvidiasetup.log" Make sure the cmd file is proper for runonceex tho. See http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/31/ for more info on runonceex.
  7. This is true, but since I had _just_ finalized my CD (prior to burning) when 2.1.5 came out I didnt want to have to redo all of the integrations and tweaks and unattended setup. Besides that, both nlite and RVM Integrator now process a section in the inf that deletes obsolete files, so technically speaking (as long as ryan makes his packs right, which he does for the most part), as far as I can tell the problems from integrating a pack on top of an old one shouldnt occur any more. As long as you dont do like I did and put IE7 in the mix, unless you know what you are doing. I know, but like I said above, I had just made my source with all of the addons and 2.1.4 and didnt want to have to reintegrate. ----------------------- To recap on the other thread that was mentioned, I took a source with SP2, put RVM 2.1.4 on it, put IE7 on it, and then put 2.1.5 over it, and kept newer files. That disabled tabbed browsing in IE, but no other problems. So I redid it with SP2 source, RVM 2.1.4, IE7, then 2.1.5 keeping newer files, and then IE7 again NOT keeping newer files. That time it worked as if I had done 2.1.5 and then IE7 on a clean source, in case anyone wants to know.
  8. I'd guess it's the carbon CD's because before nlite 1.2.1 I burned with nero 7 all the time and never had any problems. With 1.2.1 I never had any reason to burn with nero tho cause it does it itself.
  9. Nuhi, get off the defensive plz. I didnt even imply that it was due to nlite. This is due to the way the inf's that nvidia includes are written. That is why they have a setup.exe instead of just telling you to use Device Manager to install the drivers. As a test, completely delete your nvidia drivers and uninstall the card from device manager in a running copy of windows. Then reboot. THEN use device manager to install the drivers, and reboot again. When it comes back up, you will see that the nvidia extensions to the right click menu on the desktop are not there, and the tray icons are not there either. Now use device manager to delete the card and drivers again and reinstall with setup.exe, and those items will be back.
  10. File protection may be from the hotfixes. Check your CD in the i386\svcpack folder. Make sure there is a .cat file for each hotfix. If not, that is your problem. For defrag, you may want to check your Event Log (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer) And look for errors that mention defrag.
  11. Are you trying to remove the icon from Control Panel or are you trying to completely remove Network Connections from Windows? If you are just trying to remove the icon, there is a simple solution. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ControlPanel\NameSpace\{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E} Delete that key and restart. It should be gone. If so, then make a regfile to delete it at 1stboot.
  12. With nvidia drivers, i pretty much always recommend adding them to either svcpack or (preferably) RunOnceEx, as there are certain entries that are not added to the registry and certain files that are not copied if you slipstream them, or use BTS drivers.
  13. I dont think it is possible because you cant run an executable from within txtmode setup that I know of.
  14. I think it still runs ntdetect even when booting from floppies, however if you are sure that it doesn't, then no it shouldn't cause any problems later on. I would try to integrate SP4 manually though if nlite is causing you problems.
  15. I would start over with a clean source and make sure you read each tweak you apply carefully.
  16. I wasnt saying it was anything to do with integrating IE7.. I always keep IE in my sources though. Here is what I was saying: I already had 2.1.4 and IE7 integrated.. I went and put 2.1.5 on top of that (overwriting some of IE7's files). I am surprised that when I installed it, it worked at all, but it did, and the only thing I lost was tabbed browsing. So I remade the CD a different way. Try #2: Integrated 2.1.4 and IE7. Integrated 2.1.5 on top of that, keeping newer files. RE-integrated IE7 on top of THAT, this time overwriting newer files. Created ISO, and loaded up in MS VirtPC. It worked just as if I had taken 2.1.5 on clean source and IE7 over it.
  17. Xable's pack is good, but note that when you install Windows with Xable's pack, if you go to Windows Update (or MS Update) you will still see some stuff there. His pack only installs the critical and high priority stuff, none of the optional (aka recommended) updates.
  18. The problem is that Sonic put 537 instead of f37 in his example.. That would be why the menu added items but not all of them....
  19. What specifically are you referring to when you say UPNP? The services to be able to monitor your router and setup port forwards via UPNP are installed by default even on retail CD's. Is there some component under your NIC properties that you want installed?
  20. You shouldnt have to reintegrate anything because it is actually done into the I386 folder. As long as you didn't blow away C:\XPSP2 then just put $OEM$ into there and make the ISO. As for your sound not being detected properly, It may be because VMWare doesn't use an Audigy sound card. It emulates (as far as I remember) some really old 16-bit sound card. In any case I wouldn't worry too much if certain drivers don't work in a Virtual Machine, just make sure you check them first thing after you install it on your real machine.
  21. That's not entirely true. I have not activated my OS since installing a few days ago (im still getting prompted to do so), and I have both IE7 from MS and WMP11 from boooggy installed via nlite, and both are working just fine.
  22. That is exactly what I just said dude. There is NO way to enable a language column under XP. Period.
  23. IE7 doesn't install OE because it doesnt include OE. If you excluded it, you probably actually removed it from your sources, which means you will need to use an original CD, and probably have to reinstall Windows.
  24. WMP 6.4 is still present in XP because it is used by some websites and that's what the patch is for. I didn't get any integration error, the hotfix got integrated however WU still proposes me the patch. However I think the responsible is WMP11 that probably installs another version of 6.4. Are you integrating this patch before or after integrating WMP 11? Try doing so before WMP 11.
  25. I finally got around to testing integrating RVM's update pack over an older version of that AND IE7. The results were a lot better than I expected, but NOT pretty by any means.. To test this here is what I did. Took a clean SP1 OEM 'hologram' source and copied it to my HDD. Slipstreamed SP2 manually. Used nlite to integrate RVM Update Pack 2.1.4 by itself. Reopened nlite and used it to integrate IE7 by itself. Make an ISO and loaded it up into a Virtual Machine to ensure it worked. Went back to the same source that had 2.1.4 and IE7 and used nlite again to integrate 2.1.5 (without removing 2.1.4 or IE7 from that source). I got a lot of prompts to keep newer files, which I said yes to. I then made another ISO which I loaded into a Virtual Machine. Installed no problems, booted no problems, loaded GUI no problems. Opened IE, minor problem. The problem is that you lose all ability to use tabs in IE7. I can't see the tab bar, but Tabbed Browsing is enabled in the Internet Options. I can open the file menu and see the option to open a new tab, but it is greyed out. There may be other problems that I havent encountered yet, but I don't care to take the time to find out what they are. Deleted that ISO and am rebuilding with a clean source. EDIT: Figured it out. After you do all of the integrating above, reopen nlite and RE-integrate IE7, and when it prompts you to keep newer files, tell it NO. Then make your CD and you are good to go. Obviously the best way to get IE7 is on a clean source, but if you have a lot of addons like me, and dont want to have to redo them all, then this is the next best thing.

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