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  1. Well there isnt a debug log unfortunately. Looking at your last session.ini though, for some reason I have a hunch that the culprit is the SATA RAID drivers. Rather than manually adding each driver one-by-one, though you can narrow the list down a lot faster by just taking half of the drivers out. If it gives you the error, then take another half out, leaving you with ...well you get it.
  2. Did the "Parameter is incorrect" message appear during the nlite process, or somewhere during setup? If during the nlite process, do you recall _which_ driver it was integrating at the time the error popped up?
  3. It would be really nice if we could import our own reg tweaks (via an import button that parses just a standard reg file), so that we can have them applied "the nlite way" instead of having to have everyone come up with their own custom way of importing them at first logon.
  4. I agree. Perhaps you could send a PM to nuhi and explain your situation and get his agreement to let you use the program even though it is a business environment.
  5. I cannot read your language, but I assume that one of those services would have something to do with the Server service.
  6. I also notice in the section from LAST SESSION.INI I copied above that some languages are commented out even though I checked the whole section. The ones that are commented out are actually just notes to show where the start of the removal of the different dialects for that language is. Just like there is US English and UK English, there are varying dialects of Arabic, etc. As for the items above not appearing until after removing all of the others, I'll have to let nuhi answer that one.
  7. snipped rest for brevity..... Ouch, now you guys are making my brain hurt. And I just got up this morning and am still on my first cup of coffee. The file copying, editing, etc I follow easily enough. As I've stated, I'm not a complete computer newbie. What's making my head hurt is all the different info and views about this licensing or product key thing. Probably it's just that I'm sort of dense, slow thinking, and a knuckle dragger pretending to be a homo sapien. I'm probably misunderstanding. But some of the info here sounds like methodology to circumvent having a LEGAL copy of Windows and using it. What makes me reasonably certain my impression is wrong is that in numerous posts to this Foum which I've read, the majority of posters appear to honest and intent upon not doing that. Ohhh, some may push the EULA thing by making hacks or changes not approved by MS. I'm not against that. Have done it myself with Win98. I just don't expect MS to provide customer support if I change their original stuff. And all I change is my own personal copy of the OS. (In the case of Win98, I haven't even tried to do such with XP as I know far too little about any of the NT based versions of Windows.) My conclusion? My head hurts. And I know I've gotta be misunderstanding something. I THOUGHT ... that the product key or COA, whichever as I'm not sure of the difference, was the equivalent of my "Proof of Purchase". A method to prove to MS that I did indeed buy and pay for one valid copy of a Windows OS, which I could freely use on ONE machine at a time. Thus, that has been the principle I've been going by. For each machine in my home, plus a few in my adult children's homes, I can produce one original CD, with the product key factory printed on it. I've got a CD storage cabinet with assorted and sundry original CDs in it. For various versions Windows, MS Office, etc. I do have backup copies of the CDs, with product key penciled in on a label. But if required can produce matching original. The backup is just that, a backup. Now, some of the machines in my home are running XP. And I've one copy for each of an original CD. Tho, not one for my wife's new machine, as it didn't come with a CD. Which caused my original question. How do I make a LEGAL backup of an install type CD, that I could legally use to rebuild her system if the HD crashed or something. Legal, as in she could reactivate HER copy of XP, go to MS's website without worrying for customer support, to get updates, etc. She could let em run their validation tool, with no worries, and so forth. Because she could demonstrate she has a valid license. Honestly gotten. I avoided asking any such question at any Warez or crackers group or forum, figured somebody on such would know, but also figured I might get questionable (as concerns legality) answers. I'm not particularly afraid of the boogey man, or MS trying to track me down, or anything. If I wanted to go an illegal route, I would. Simple as that. And figure my personal chances of getting away with it are pretty good. I'm not in the class with many of the folks whose posts I read here, but I do know a thing or 2. And have muddled my way thru reverse engineering a few times. (It's been a while, tho.) Even have all the basic tools and am not totally lost when dealing with assembly, C, C+, etc. And am quite aware one can find sites where one can download updates, fixes, upgrades, etc without ever pinging MS's sites. But I am a practical man. I'm not against MS, or any programmer, making an honest buck. (I am myself a programmer, but within a rather specialized field) Besides, if you're a legal owner of a liscense, you can reasonably expect at least some customer support and help. ie In my work I own legal liscence for a few specialty programs which I use daily. I quite reasonably expect that if one does not work as advertised I can call maker and complain. Have em fix problem, or tell me what I'm doing wrong, or provide some sort of work-around, etc. This is what I've been trying to maintain with MS. I don't use or like ALL of their apps. In some cases I think others do a particular chore better. And I'll use an app made by someone else instead of the MS equivalent. But my world, work world, is a DOS and Windows world. (Yes, DOS is still being used here and there. A number of things I work with still employ DOS, or a version of it. Sometimes embedded.) And most of the tools I use for automation work; dedicated controller setup, controller programming, GUI front-end creation, etc; are based upon the Windows platform. On the home front, I don't want my wife, for instance, to have to come to me for every nitpicking little thing as concerns her machine. I want her OS to be at least reasonably compliant and standard, so it'll run the things she uses without unnecessary hassles, I want her to be able to openly just click on "Updates" and get the latest changes, and I want her to be able to openly go to MS, her computer hardware maker, etc and ask for help when she has issues ... no problems ... because she's a legite customer. Sorry for being so long. But I'm trying to be clear. There are very good and valid reasons for being a LEGITIMATE customer. I wasn't asking for any illegal hacks or cracks. Not that I know that was what some of you were offering, I don't. I'm just confused about this product key/COA thing I'm guessing. I'm evidently not the least bit familiar with how it actually works. I was presuming it was something like a method we use for products we sell. Customer gets a unique "key", if yah want to call it that. Although other info is also required, such as customer name, address, ec. Copy of software CD is freely copiable. Make all the backups yah want. Want to put software on a different puter? Be our guest. But first wipe it off the original puter. The software does "phone home" so to speak. We don't care about customer's personal business. Or whether or not customer moves software once a year, once a month, or once a day. <Shrug> Customer's copy, do as yah like. But if TWO running copies with same identifier "phone home", we're gonna ask questions. Or if one copy "phones home" and has an identifier we have no record for. There are ways to defeat this, of course. I haven't done so, but could probably do it myself. But I won't. Want to run software on 2 machines at same time? Buy 2 copies. There is a discount for this. Also site licenses for running many copies. I'm guessing MS's system is not like this? Must be. My head is still hurting. But that's not at all unusual for us knuckle draggers. We're always behind the times and have trouble with new concepts. :-) Am I being told I can copy, for instance, my original ... it has the holograms and everything, Windows XP CD and use it to restore/reinstall my wife's system, as long as we enter that code on the sticker on the side of her new puter? Granting it's the same version of Windows? And everything will be legite? I appreciate everything everyone has said so far, and REALLY appreciate the patience you've had with this Neanderthal. The COA is your "Proof of Purchase" along with an original disc. However, each CD has a unique "Product Key" that uniquely identifies that copy of Windows, different from "CD Key" which is global. Windows Product Activation takes a snapshot of your hardware, and ties that with your "Product Key" and sends it to Microsoft to make sure that that "Product Key" is not installed on another machine at the same time. If you did not receive a CD with your Wife's PC, then the OEM has the CD on the hard drive on a recovery partition, or possibly somewhere under the Windows Directory... Now, with that being said, you should be able to tell that you cannot legally use one of your other CD's and install it on her machine, as the hardware is different, and therefore Microsoft would know it is installed on 2 machines at once. The CD Keys that the original poster was talking about are CD Keys designed for Manufacturers to use that are publicly available to get Windows installed on the machine. Who manufactured your wife's new machine? Perhaps one of us could help you locate the CD's files on the Hard Drive. One indicator that the OEM used a recovery partition is if you have a choice when booting to pick Windows XP or something else, and the other is if, when you look at the Hard Drive total capacity in Windows, it looks _way_ off from what the manufacturer said the total capacity would be (IE manufacturer says it is a 300GB drive and Windows reports it as a 250GB drive) If it says 279 GB, then that is fine because that is what my 300GB drive shows as and mine was bought at a retail outlet.
  8. Your issue is because you set your computer to autologin as administrator one time, and so when you rebooted, it turned that off (no logging off does not do it, like you would think that it should..)
  9. Ok thanks for your fast reply!! but still, I dont know what u mean by hit No for browseui.dl_, shdocvw.dl_, and shlwapi.dl_. Hehehe... Do you mean remove files? or keep? Please explain... I ve found the solution for the desktop icon run: regsvr32 /s /n /i:U shell32 (then reboot) Oops:P for hijacking someone else's thread Then you integrate Ryan's pack and IE7 at the same time (like u are supposed to), you get a prompt keep the newer file (because IE7 uses an older version of a file). If you say yes to keep that file for those 2 files, you get IE7 with an IE6 UI which is pointless. Make sure you said no to those. This prompt appears during the actual integration process.
  10. Because the nlite license strictly forbids it. It is free for personal use, but use in any type of business environment is not allowed.
  11. No it isn't. If you integrated IE7 with RyanVM's 2.1.5a pack, you need to hit NO for browseui.dl_, shdocvw.dl_, and shlwapi.dl_. Please make your own thread for this, as hijacking someone else's thread can get you in trouble. Show Desktop is a known issue when integrating IE7.
  12. Are you using a clean source? This issue was fixed in 1.3RC and I haven't seen anyone else reporting it.
  13. In order to help you we need to see the file called 'Last Session.ini' in the root of your CD. Thanks
  14. Actually if you put a cmd file that has the right commands to register the font as default into $OEM$\$1\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup then it will load it from the All Users Startup which gets run _after_ the desktop loads, and therefore afer the themes are applied.
  15. You can go to the Unattended Section of nlite and under the runonce tab, type regedit /s file.reg File.reg should be the full path to the registry file on your CD. To answer your other question, we need system specs (motherboard manufacturer and model, and manufacturer and model of any addon cards). We also need you to attach your 'Last Session.ini' file (should be in the root of the CD, please do not paste it). Thanks.
  16. Based on your description of it, that is correct. RAID cannot be enabled unless you have 2 disks in the machine (on any RAID controller). Well it can be enabled, but it wont let you use the drives if there is only 1 drive in there. So while the drive is in IDE mode it will function like a normal ATA controller, however when you add the other hard drive, and enable RAID, you will _have_ to reformat again. Since you dont have a floppy drive, I recommend going ahead and nliting your CD so that the RAID controller drivers are on there for when you do have to reinstall.
  17. Dual Layer DVD's should work fine, so it may be a hardware issue, however your normal CD may not exhibit the same problem. Could you attach (don't paste it) your 'Last Session.ini' file? Thanks Also, what version of Windows XP is your original CD? (Pro, Home, Tablet PC, MCE 2002, MCE 2005; Gold, SP1, or SP2?)
  18. Without reformatting there isn't a way. However if you integrate the driver, and make your CD, then when you pop it in and boot from it, look for the name of the controller along the bottom. If you see it, then you know it is using the driver. If you get an error before you get to the reformat section then the driver didnt integrate properly, and if you get prompted for the disc for your "devices that could not be identified" then it didnt integrate at all. However in order to make sure that it does NOT use the atapi driver, edit your txtsetup.sif file and go to the [sCSI] and [sCSI.Load] sections and remove the lines starting with atapi. Of course if you do this, it may still not work, as the SATA RAID controller may still need the ATAPI driver in order to read the CD and the driver you are trying to integrate may work in conjunction with the ATAPI driver, I am not sure.
  19. Please attach your winnt.sif file (dont paste it, attach please). I will guide you. Was the original CD a CD like a Dell reinstall cd, or a HP reinstall CD, or something like that?
  20. Right click on the key and click Permissions
  21. flags=IgnoreFileVersions That goes just below the website= line and is exactly what you are looking for.
  22. Do you happen to have an external monitor hooked up to the pc or to a dock? If so, it is probably that windows is detecting that
  23. As for the parameter is incorrect, this message appears while nlite is running, during the integrating drivers stage of "nlite-ing" your cd, correct? If so, look in the root of the CD or in your nlite\presets directory if you havent already reformatted and attach the file called 'Last Session.ini'.
  24. The txtsetup.sif file is looking for disc 2 of your Dell Windows CD's it looks like, in order to restore Dell apps and crap. I'll check the parameter is incorrect in a minute and see what I can come up with
  25. As I said, this was taken from Google Groups, the code is not mine. Why it has a hyphen in it I dunno and why it works with the hyphen I dunno. @Tarun, read the post directly above yours. Hell I'm gonna edit the first post now so it dont have the **** hyphen because it isnt in the original post on GG but it gets pasted when I paste into notepad... who knows?

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