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  1. Hmm.. If the cd isnt working after being nlite'd even when being burned with some other prog, the only thing I could guess is it has something to do with x64 compatibility within nlite. Try isobuster, but I wouldnt get my hopes up now that I know that about nlite.
  2. Re-read the first post, I said I did.
  3. Might want to remove the last session_u.ini as it has passwords in it. First thing I would say to try is to upgrade to nlite 1.2.1 and import your last session.ini and apply that to a clean source. If it still occurs, we can further troubleshoot from there.
  4. Speeddymon


    Please try to stick to the format of message in first post. If you are having problems with your setup, make a new topic, and if you are just trying to post a success story with your setup, make a new topic as well. Thanks
  5. Tell nlite to combine driver.cab and sp2.cab into one file and problem solved.
  6. [quote name='Gerzean' post='602624' date='Dec 20 2006, 09:24 PM']I'm getting a "cannot copy SOFTKBD.DLL" error. I think it may have to do with the Office Update included in Xable's Update Pack. What's this "IME", and how do I leave it in?[/quote] You are reading a post from 2 years ago man. IME is under the options section of nlite. "Clean MUI Language Entries" Also under component removal, make sure to leave languages and keyboards.
  7. Go into unattended part of nlite and go to RunOnce tab. In there just add the line REG ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa /v forceguest /t dword /d 00000000 Your only other option is to check nlite.inf (in i386 folder) and see where the registry tweaks are applied, and add it there, or add it into one of the registry inf's on the cd, like hivesft.inf, hivedef.inf, etc.
  8. The only thing that I didn't see mentioned is RAM. Try running a memtest on your RAM. If that checks out clean, then it is possibly your graphics card, although I havent ever seen an issue that 2k couldnt get around that xp could.
  9. That's what i'm doing however I found out that after extracting the rollup2 package inside there are normal hotfixes that can be applied by hand. Some of them can be integrated but all the ones regarding MCE strangely won't install. The problem is that running that hotfix takes forever and also requires a reboot because IE won't show webpages unless windows is restarted. That is unusual. Maybe someone could make a MCE addon, that slipstreams MCE (direct integration into textmode setup).
  10. Most likely. Steam is designed to work only with IE, not some other browser, so if you remove IE, regardless of whether you use some other browser and have it set as default, applications that depend on IE, like Steam are not going to work. Best bet is to remove IE but leave IE Compatibility.
  11. Try using your original CD and installing windows, go to Windows Update and get all updates and keep rebooting and getting all updates until it says there are no more. Let us know if this happens after that. If not, its not a windows update specifically, so you can rule that out. ALSO before we go any further, if you havent already gotten it, get nLite v1.2.1 or 1.3Beta1 Once that is ruled out, make another CD and ONLY integrate SP2 and RyanVM's pack. Dont change any options, dont change any tweaks, no hacks, no other addons, dont remove anything, just add RyanVM's update pack. Then install from that CD and report if it happens. If it does, then try 2 things: 1) Try making a CD with version 2.1.0 of Ryan's pack and report if it happens, if not, try 2.1.1, and report, if not try 2.1.2 and report, etc until you find the one that causes it. Then report that to Ryan and say since x version it has been doing this. 2) Try making a CD with the latest version of either Boooggy's Windows Update pack, or xable's pack, and report if it happens. If it doesnt happen with just one of the update packs integrated, and nothing else done to it, then it's one of your tweaks, or something in your options or unattended setup, or one of the addons you are using. Basically you are going to have to go thru and try it with various sections (unattended, options, tweaks) enabled and disabled until you find it. Might want to try this in a virtual machine, so you dont waste a bunch of CD's. If you need a virtual machine, google for "Microsoft Virtual PC 2004". It's free from MS, and works perfectly. Actually I have discovered that one of the Addons I'm using (not sure which one yet, but I'm going thru this process now) is causing a lot of stuff to not work in my install....
  12. Check to make sure that your DHCP server is working properly, and make sure your DHCP client (service) and DNS Client (service) are both Started. If that doesn't work you may have to try setting a Static IP. Also, you removed some compatibility options. Try leaving those in.
  13. Try 1.3 Beta1, there were some x64 issues fixed. If you have an x64 machine, it may be issue with 1.2.1 Try to use some program to extract the boot sector from your original CD, and then use custom boot sector in nlite, and pick that one.
  14. Speeddymon


    Unattended setup and have all my apps installed without me spending a day and a half or more trying to find and reinstall them all (note cd is not finished yet lol) Desktop - Home
  15. Is your "autoanswer file" named winnt.sif or unattend.txt? If you aren't sure, try renaming WINNT.SIF to Unattend.txt and load setup from command line again. Both files are located in the i386 folder.
  16. Please look on your CD in the main folder for a last session.ini and post it here. Also look in your CD at i386\svcpack and tell us if there are any files there. As for the nhelper, I haven't seen that one before. Anyone else want to take a gamble on it?
  17. Could you look in the main folder on your CD for a last session.ini file and post it please? that will help us to figure out the problem. Thanks.
  18. What part of windows setup are you trying to install from? RunOnceEx, GUIRunOnce, SVCPACK.INF? Have you installed this successfully on your machine before, on that windows version, aside from with nlite?
  19. Best bet is to google for "Turn off Windows File Protection" and put that in your registry, and then reboot. Could you post your last session.ini file from when you made the CD here? It's in C:\Program Files\nlite\presets
  20. Ok, so I got 1.3b1 and applied all of my addons and unattended setup options and tweaks, installed in a VM and got prompted to login as Administrator. Looked around and saw that my user was not created. Redid the CD without any addons or updates (except for SP2, RyanVM's post SP2, RyanVM's DX9c and IE7), and without the OEM directory, so that the only thing done to it was nlite's Unattended setup, tweaks, and options. Remade ISO loaded in VM and then I get prompted to create a user, so I create my user... Attached is my last session.ini from the 2nd try..
  21. Just keep trying.. Theres a lot of people downloading right now, soit is overloaded, but eventually you will get thru.
  22. User addition in 1.3b1 doesn't work. See attachment. The only user is Administrator.
  23. Feature request: When integrating a theme thru Hotfix integration, detect that and add it into Unattended Themes Setup tab so that it can be selected as the default theme.. I know I could just integrate the theme thru that tab, but it's easier to manage when it's in addon form, and theres other themes I want to integrate that I dont actually already have installed..
  24. Definitely.. IR typically uses what used to be known as Serial port #2 (aka COM2).

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