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  1. Will update MD5 and other stuff tonight, just wanted to get this out the door before going to visit family for the day. Downloadable at http://www.filefactory.com/file/8e9a4a/ Make sure you either integrate this separately from IE7, or when prompted to keep newer file for ieapfltr.dll and mshtml.dll PICK YES.
  2. Ah, ok. I'm not a programmer (so I don't really understand these things). I thought that it would be quite trivial to implement. Sorry, I don't understand that bit. NLite does know if errors have been encountered. It's NLite that tells me (it pops up a dialog saying so). If the session ini file has already been created at the beginning of the process (at time that the hotfixes are added) then the file already exists and so it can have text added to it by the 'process' that generates the error pop up dialog. (Excuse my inaccurate programming terminology). There must be code somewhere that performs the function "if file is not of correct type, then pop up dialog to warn user". So all that needs to be added is "and then add a comment to the existing session ini file". NLite would not need to know of these errors before hand, it would just write them into the pre-existing session ini as each inividual error was encountered (during the NLiting process). But maybe I am over simplifying matters. It is a good point, perhaps just an added section to the end of the file that is called the errors section? I actually didnt think of that, which is why I'm not the one that writes nlite lol
  3. any thoughts? thanks! The only time SFC is grayed out is when the patch is already applied to the file. nlite detects this when it is scanning the folder you tell it to modify.
  4. Drivers: Most likely Modems. However, I would leave Ethernet, ISDN, Modems, and Multifunctional to be sure. Hardware Support: Bluetooth, Infrared, Modems, and Windows CE USB Host are most likely ANY compatibility options for the above mentioned components.. Most phones are recognized as a modem because most service providers support connecting your laptop (or desktop if you really wanted to) to your phone and using it to connect to the internet.
  5. Good work on fixing the issue. Just a little tidbit of info you will probably never use: EHCI- Enhanced Host Controller Interface. USB comes in 3 flavors (as if version 1.1 vs version 2.0 wasnt enough of a headache) OHCI (o=open) UHCI (u=universal) and EHCI. The handoff option you are seeing is apparently something specific to ASUS boards that controls the handing off of the usb devices to the OS, as you correctly surmised. My guess is that this is handled automatically on all other boards, and perhaps ASUS knows of this causing issues with older (or newer) os's, who knows? Back to the O/E/U HCI thing tho. If, after your machine POST's sometime, when it is on the screen where it shows you something like "Attempting to boot from CD", above that line is a page of information about detected devices. Have you ever wondered what the pause key on your keyboard does? This is the time to use it. As soon as your machine finished the POST, hit that key, and it will freeze the screen (press enter to unfreeze). If you timed it right, you will be able to read all of that glorious information. The point of me pointing this out is that you can actually see that you have 2 controllers for USB...... WTF?! you say? Look toward the bottom, and you will see your EHCI (or it might even say Enhanced Host Controller Interface), and you will also see either UHCI or OHCI. The EHCI actually controls all of your USB 2.0 ports and devices. and the other 2 control any USB 1.1 ports and devices. Like I said this is all useless information but I felt like sharing for those who google, find this page and are curious once fixing the issue.
  6. Speeddymon


    Wow, well spotted Ponch! We have a sleuth in our midst. Even I hadn't noticed that particular clue (and I was the one who wrote it!) OK folks, thanks to every one for their comments. Here is an update: I have now managed (for the very first time) to install DX9 unattended Yes, after spending more than 75 hours over the last week trying to sort this problem out, I am finally getting somewhere. I used RyanVM's DX pack with a manually edited txtsetup.sif file (with Ver Greeneyes' corrections added) and not only did this install DX9, but it also allowed me to slipstream my ATI Radeon drivers for my PowerColor X1950 Pro. However, none of this would have been verifiable or testable had I not also solved the 55% hang issue because I was totally unable to complete any installation of Windows 2000. But now this problem has also been resolved (yes, I'm on a roll!) @ Speeddymon - Thanks for the kind offer to help me find a fix. A link to the 55% Hang bug was posted in my earlier post (message number 17 of this thread). I'll include another link here (see the green "55%" text above). I've coloured the link this time, to make the it a bit more noticeable. I'll update that 55% thread with my solution after I've finished writing this post. There were a couple of minor issues though (but nothing in comparison to the grief I've been enduring over the last week). 1. DX9 appears to be fully installed, allowing ATI Radeon drivers to work and all tests in DXDiag to complete successfully. However, the version number on the first tab of DXDiag is still showing as version 7 (i.e. the original Windows 2000 version of DirectX). 2. Drivers for the RealTek onboard HD audio (Azalia) were also integrated. These did get copied to the system, but the drivers don't actually get successfully installed. Closer investigation showed that a requirement for the installation of these sound drivers is that a minimum of DX8.1 be installed. So I am wondering if these 2 issues are related (perhaps the RealTek drivers just look at the DX version number and then refuse to install). I was going to post back here to seek assistance with these two issues, but having read the more recent comments in this thread, it seems that I was lucky to get this working at all! (because it seems the DX update packs are really not intended for Windows 2000 use). So, I think I should make another install with a more appropriate DX pack and see how that works instead. I'm just wondering which method (and which actual DX pack) would be the best to use in this circumstance. Although I really like the idea of the code being slipstreamed, I wonder what the downside would be to having it done as a silent install instead of a slipstream? Any comments or advice on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks again everyone Ok, this one is a doozie! :-P Microsoft only made one release of DirectX for December. This release covers all versions of Windows that are still supported by Microsoft (including 2000). So technically speaking, this release of DirectX should work fine (and is in fact designed for) 2000. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectX is the key that stores your installed DirectX version, so if it doesnt mention 4.09 somewhere in there, then that is why your Sound drivers wouldnt install. Try importing this xtrememac.ini file. As far as silent insall vs slipstream, there is technically no difference, except that silent installs typically take up a little more space on the CD, and cause your total time to install windows (TTI) to go up some. If you want to do that, I would suggest getting this file: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download2924.html and then extracting it to somewhere on your CD like (cdroot)\$OEM$\$1\Install\DX9Dec06 Then setup runonceex or guirunonce to call the installer with the /silent switch like this: C:\Install\DX9Dec06\DXSetup.exe /silent That will install the whole thing the proper way for Windows 2000. Like I said a lot of people prefer slipstreamed just due to the decrease in time to setup windows, however in cases like this where you are using Windows 2000, I think that the installer from MS would be the safer bet. Of course, the other option is to use the pack you modified and just put the 2 entries in the attached file into the proper INF file, or import the reg file at guirunonce, your call. Hope that helps Speeddymon
  7. hi kris33! look for Last_Session.ini from your burned CD ... this file is generated to reflect modifications you have made using nLite ... attaching this file is required when posting issues If you are using a virtual machine, you can look in your nlite directory ("c:\program files\nlite" for most people) in the presets directory for it. The file name is "last session.ini". Just attach that file to this thread in a new reply. If you aren't using a virtual machine (if you dont know what a virtual machine is, then you are not using one), then look in the main folder on your CD (the one where the files named "win51ip" are). The tweak that speeds up access to avi files is most likely the problem though. Try to make a new cd without that tweak, and see if the problem still occurs.
  8. Please post your last session.ini otherwise we cant help you. Also, make sure you didn't use the tweak to speed up access to avi files.
  9. NOBODY should use this method. It can cause worse problems. I have asked that that thread be deleted or locked and hidden.
  10. This way you UNDO most of the things you've done with NLITE. Obviously, you removed too much before (something that's needed by your particular comfiguration). Maybe you're better off not touching HARDWARE SUPPORT, DRIVERS, LANGUAGE SUPPORT and KEYBOARDS? GL I agree. Could a mod please lock/hide this thread to prevent someone from actually doing this. Thanks
  11. I use VirtuallTek nLite Add-On Maker with "/s" string. All addons created by this program work fine, but Lan setup addon not. Some hardware / software reasons that I don't know ? Most likely because that is not designed to handle drivers, as far as i know. Your best bet is to find out in the normal setup for your driver will handle some sort of silent install argument like /s I integrate Epson printer driver by nLite as all others my drivers. But when I on my printer, XP look for Epson driver, so I understand that nLite didn't integrate them. Why ? nlite should be integrating them just fine. Perhaps you should try using the setup for your printer drivers. I would say to read thru http://unattended.msfn.org and try putting both drivers into your $OEM$ folder
  12. The only thing I can think of is that you are removing keyboards and one of the ones you are removing is causing this. Try without removing keyboards and see if the problem still occurs.
  13. That is indeed the line. Are there any other lines within that file that mention that user name and have a format similar to that? If so, remove them. If not, try removing the /fullname:""""[removed]"""" part of the line. Once that is done, go back to i386 folder in command prompt and do: del nlite.in_ makecab nlite.inf Then test it out. I dont expect to hear from anyone here during the holidays, so its no big deal and take your time.
  14. can you both post your last session.ini files and remove the password from your last session_u.ini files and post those as well? I had this problem with 1.2.1, but not with 1.3. In fact 1.3 fixed the problem for me
  15. That's odd, because user creation works for me in 1.2.1 even with all of my addons and my oempreinstall, but in 1.3 it doesnt work even when unattended is the only thing i select
  16. I'm checking into it right now. EDIT: This is a beautiful program! Yes it tells you every patch installed on the system, whether it is installed with windows or after.
  17. My point is that the way nlite is currently written (if it does things the way I stated above), it would take a complete rewrite for that to happen. I dont think that will happen between the 2nd beta, and final
  18. bump.. nuhi? is this known and fixed in unreleased version, or is it something im doing?
  19. @ people who "cant log on" What errors are you getting with logging on? Invalid password? If invalid password, decompress nlite.in_ in your i386 folder, and check the resulting inf file at the very bottom. one of the last few lines should have something like nhelper net1 user xxxxx /add blah blah blah in there should be your password. Perhaps if you used nlite on top of a cd that was already done with nlite (even without loading a last session), you used a different password and so the correct password is higher up in the file..
  20. To answer your question, you can remove the ie6 updates, because ie7 doesnt need them. However if there is an update that goes for ie6 and ie7, make sure you get the ie7 version of the hotfix package from ms, so that you get the correct file, otherwise your os may not boot after installing.
  21. There isnt any real (official) way to find out which ones got installed properly, so your best bet is to check the ryanvm changelog and compare that with windows update. If you just want to make sure the pack itself was integrated (without checking on individual hotfixes), there is a registry key to check, but I cannot remember it off the top of my head. EDIT: The correct key is HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Updates
  22. Speeddymon

    IRC Channel

    Actually the channel is over 2 years old.. Read the date on the first post of the thread mentioning the channel.. However, I agree that the forums are the best option for support. Don't muck up the support chain with an irc channel.
  23. As a general rule, with any new release of nLite I would suggest never using a last session file from a previous version of nLite let alone using a new version's last session.ini with an old version! Dont do that either!
  24. Speeddymon


    Actually that's incorrect. If you re-read the thread you will see that I said it before you even posted. That's how Ver Greeneyes spotted the problem (he recognised that the XP style install commands I'd quoted in my message were incorrect for use on Windows 2000). Anyhow, it's sorted now. Onwards and upwards to try to defeat the 55% hang bug! Mind posting a link to the 55% hang bug thread so we can help you to resolve it?
  25. If you are using driver packs from driverpacks.net, please read the help on that site. They advise you to install the driver packs with what they call driverpacks base.. That is their own integration tool, and you need to use that. nuhi might be able to help you, but i strongly advise using driverpacks base to integrate the driver packs, and then if you have problems, go ahead and contact those forums.

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