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  1. A little more ionfo would be helpful here. We already said that it works for us. Did you try manual slipstream? Did you check to see if the files are even on your CD both before and after the slipstream?
  2. That's right, even I have a question every now and then lol.. When you integrate a textmode raid/scsi driver, does nlite automatically setup the driver so it will install in gui mode (PNP) as well?
  3. nlite's runonce function puts everything into guirunonce in your winnt.sif so use the unattended guide at unattended.msfn.org and find the part on guirunonce.
  4. Best bet is to remake the CD with nlite with outlook installed, and do a reinstall of windows. Unless someone knows of some other way to get it back, but I doubt.
  5. The reason it says there are unattended options is because your original CD apparently has some preset unattended options. Is your CD an original retail CD or did your CD come with a computer purchased from somewhere like dell or hp? The answer to that question may help us to figure out the other problems.
  6. The framework 2.0 is not used by the other programs, just by nlite, so it was strictly nlite.
  7. I second this one! !!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT: After doing a little research, this might be a little more difficult to do. The key on my machine is: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\{9C512CF9-22C5-4B77-A438-ED351CFFB9B4}\Connection] "ShowIcon"=dword:00000001 and the 2 sections in braces are unique to my machine, so I'm not sure if it is possible to get the id's especially if someone were to change the NIC after install.
  8. I dont see any reason why the SP2 hotfix shouldnt integrate manually, however nlite may do what others cant. nlite was written in .net 2.0 which is why the 2.0 framework is required. There are no known problems as 2.0 is backward compatible with 1.1. You can get framework 2.0 from microsoft's website if that makes you any more comfortable.
  9. IE7 calls home for updates, and that is it as far as I know. It may try to do something more on corp or non-genuine windows versions but I'm not sure.
  10. Unfortunately, no, because each individual version of windows is tied to the hardware it is installed to. However if you want to try to learn, people here will be glad to help you, and there are plenty of guides on using nlite on this forum and others.
  11. The USB stick stil has to be told how to _use_ that file. If you just put boot.cat and boot.bin on the usb stick, that is not going to make it bootable.
  12. Also, please attach your txtsetup.sif from the original DVD. I found the problem and need to see how the original is done so I can show you how to fix it.
  13. It is MCE, but all the contents are on one DVD, not on two CDs. I copied the entire DVD into a foler. ok, could you post the txtsetup.sif file in the i386 folder of the modified CD? Please attach it, do not paste it. Thanks
  14. If you need to do some modifications for every new user account you might as well use some Group Policy logon script. These scripts are run automaticly at logon for every user, plus completely hidden to the end-user. These scripts are saved in Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User\Scripts. No need for any helper dlls Just to clarify, as far as I can tell, the nhelper that nlite uses is an EXE, not a DLL..
  15. This last entry is why. Try without removing that component and it should fix the problem.
  16. I have tried several different things to get it to work, including taking out my drivers, and different tweaks and stuff, but every time I get the same error. Can anybody offer some help as to what would be causing this? It is MCE, so I assume you have 2 original discs (disc 1 and disc 2)? Before nlite-ing, you need to copy the contents of disc 2 to the same folder as you copied disc one (so they overlap).
  17. Actually, it is possible. Since whats happening right now isnt actually affecting any disks, have you tried just rebooting with the disk in (and hitting any button to start setup) and see if it does it there too? It seems strange that the image would be written incorrectly. If it does the same thing when you run setup on the real machine, try making the ISO with the mkisofs engine in nlite instead of the default one.
  18. I put them both in the same zip file.Thanks for looking at this for me. Ok after looking at both files for what I thought was the problem, I have one thing to say: ARRRRRGH! Could you walk me thru the process up to the point where it gives you the error? Basically I want to know the very last thing that appears on screen before the error occurs. It may be something at the bottom, like loading some driver, heck if you can get a screenshot of it in a virtual machine, that would be even better.
  19. Here it is. There's a LOT of info in that one file, isn't there? I've had to zip it up so I could attach it. OK, I just compared your modified txtsetup to mine, and I see no major differences. Could you now attach the "Last Session.ini" from the root of your CD? It almost seems like there is a file it is trying to load during the driver load phase that isnt coming up. Also, could you open a command prompt, navigate to the i386 directory on the CD, and then type: dir > C:\dirlist.txt then attach that file as well. You will probably have to compress the dirlist.txt too as it will be quite large. Thanks
  20. Crap! I meant to ask for txtsetup.sif. Please attach that one lol sorry.
  21. Speeddymon

    Driver Pack

    Hi, and welcome. I think you might get more help from the driverpack forums, as the driverpacks base needs to be integrated with the driverpacks utility, not nlite. Sorry
  22. http://www.doitrightconsulting.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=132 First post has a switchless silent installer and instructions for integration. Personally I use the package called "Microsoft .NET Framework V3.0 and Visual J# 2.0" and I have no problems using v1.0, v1.1, and v2.0 .NET Framework packages.
  23. I wouldnt advise trying to do it from the CD, as the CD's drive letter can change, depending on how you partition, and what you do in nlite. I would put it in $OEM$\$1 and then make the line "regedit /s C:\registrypatch.reg"
  24. hmm.. that is a problem.. the only way then is to modify the msstyle or theme file, as even with a tweak in nlite to apply the default fonts, once the theme is applied, they will be overwritten.
  25. lol i know about reg2inf rick, but I dont like the idea of having to import them as an "add-on", as I often times find myself not importing addons to figure out if they are the cause of some problem I am having with integrating something.

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