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  1. Thank you so much JFX. I would have never figured that out for myself.
  2. Apologies for this dumb question. I'm trying to use 7Customer (which requires ImageX, Oscdimg and Dism). I used GetWaikTools to download the Win7 WAIK files and I can see ImageX and Oscdimg, but I cannot find Dism anywhere. Is GetWaikTools meant to obtain Dism as well?
  3. Cleaning up the New list is all well and good, but it doesn't stop retards like Adobe programmers from arrogantly hard-coding forced shellnew creation every time their programs are run.
  4. I just wanted to say a huge Thank You! to win2000 for his hard work creating this program and his generosity in sharing it with us. The problem of developers making their software XP only (when it's perfectly capable of running on Windows 2000) was becoming an increasing annoyance for me. It seems even small shareware programs are now starting to prevent Windows 2000 capability for no good reason at all. A couple of months ago I heard about an API wrapper that was created for fixing gaming applications (but which supposedly also worked 'sometimes' for non-gaming apps too). By the time I got round to trying to download this API wrapper, the link was broken and the web site domain was no longer registered (http://win2kgaming.siteburg.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7). So I tried to search for alternative download links and that's when, by accident, I found KDW! From what I can see, KDW is an even better solution than the one that I was originally looking for. I have to admit that when I first looked at the KDW web site (and the instructions in this thread) I was really daunted by how complicated the whole process seemed to be, but having now got the hang of it, it's really not been that difficult so far. I just think the instructions are worded a bit confusingly because they're written by someone for whom English is not their native language and all the options shown at once on fcwin2k.exe is a bit scary. Anyway, I have managed to patch a couple of XP only MSI installers (which allowed the software to work just fine without any further adjustment). There was a third program (Camtasia Studio) that installed fine after the MSI patch, but the executables would not run. So I patched the executables too and now all 6 applications run perfectly (and all it took was 2 button clicks!). KDW has been a real life saver seeing as more and more software is needlessly being released in XP/Vista only format, so I just wanted to show my appreciation to win2000 for providing such a great fix for this problem.
  5. It seems that the idiots at Creative have decided not to provide any Windows 2000 drivers for any of their current webcam range. I thought the whole point of WDM was so that one driver could be created and it would work on multiple Windows versions, so I don't know why Creative have gone out of their way to make a driver that is XP only. I notice that some webcams are supposedly driverless (i.e. USB Video Class) but this requires support in the OS. Is there a USB Video Class driver set that will work with Windows 2000?, or failing that can a regular XP webcam driver be hacked somehow to work on Windows 2000? I tried doing an inf install using the drivers that were supplied, but they were not recognised as compatible with the device.
  6. I have an IcyDock MB-664US-1S external hard drive enclosure attached to the back eSATA port of an Asus P5W-DH motherboard. I boot two different OS's from my PC's internal drives (which attached using regular SATA). One OS is Windows 2000 (USP 5.1) and the other is Linux Mint (4.0 Daryna). I've noticed that whenever I click the shutdown icon in Linux mint, the external IcyDock enclosure powers down when the PC switches off, however when doing the equivalent from Windows 2000, the PC powers off but the IcyDock enclosure remains powered and running indefinitely. Does any one know why one OS should result in the external enclosure powering down while the other doesn't? I am at a total loss to even know where to start looking for an answer to this? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.
  7. Just out of interest, why do you prefer that method over others? I'd be interested to know because I am unfamiliar with the pros and cons of the different methods.
  8. I've just tried a couple more of the extensions (I'm loving the check mark on the new Hidden Files Toggle menu, by the way) but these recent additions have also gone to the bottom of my context menu! I installed the Select All item last, but strangely it went into the second-to-last position rather than at the very bottom like previous two extensions did. Is there a means by which the Registry determines where to insert an item into the context menu?
  9. I've just tested out these excellent shell extensions on my Win2k setup. They work fine, but the Sub-menu pack menu item appears at the very bottom of my context menu (below 'Properties') rather than in the position shown in the screenshot on the first post of this thread. Is there any way to fix this, or manually reposition the menu entry? Thanks.
  10. If the newbie that I was helping was capable of installing a VNC server, configuring whatever ports / firewall rules are needed and then using a totally new interface, then I doubt that I'd need to be offering remote help to them in the first place. Netmeeting is very familiar to this person, the configuration is a simple wizard and so this would be the easiest option (if Microsoft just made the dàmn file available).
  11. Does anyone have a copy of the above hotfix file? (Netmeeting-kb927853-x86-enu.msi) I use Windows 2000 and I am trying to offer some remote assistance to a friend who is not using Vista. In the past we just used NetMeeting to share the desktop so that I could fix problems remotely, but NetMeeting does not run on Vista, and whatever crap they've replaced NetMeeing with in Vista will not run on Windows 2000. I've seen on the Microsoft support site that there is a hotfix available that allows NetMeeting to work on Vista. Basically the hotfix is just NetMeeting v3.02 (i.e. version 3.01 patched to run on Vista) however, v3.02 allows the desktop to be shared on Vista (which won't work if you try to force a hack with v3.01). Microsoft (in their infinite stupidity ... as usual) have made this process as awkward as they possibly can by not making the hotfix available for download. You have to telephone them to get it. The Hotfix Share web site is the only other place that I can see where it can be downloaded http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?automodule=downloads&showfile=463 but the stupid site will not send out an email to allow me to register. I've tried to register 3 times with different usernames and different email addresses, but no email gets dispatched to me. So, if anyone has a copy of the file itself (or if they have a Hotfix Share account that they could use to download the file) then I'd be most grateful. I hope someone can help. Thanks
  12. And what do Windows 2000 users do?
  13. Quisquose


    Thanks for creating this great program! I love the concept of it (it's very useful) however it doesn't quite work for me. The program loads fine and the scroll lock lights up when mouse is over appropriate tray icon, however I can still get access to the context menu if I right click 3 or 4 times in a row. The first couple of times it doesn't work, but if you click another one or two times more then the menu will appear. Does this only happen on my system?
  14. I had the same problem when I was trying XP64 a while ago. I mentioned it to Nuhi and asked if NLite could have an additional box for specifying x86 path separately. Nuhi said that it was not a bad idea, but that I was the very first person to suggest this. I made the suggestion to him back in December last year, so I guess not many people requested that particular feature if he has still not added it 10 months later.
  15. I'm using ATI v7.2 drivers on Windows 2000 (unofficial SP5) with my Radeon X1950 Pro. I've tried the drivers both with the dot net Catalyst Control Centre (CCC) and with the Catalyst Control Panel (CCP - the old style tab add-ons to Display Properties) and both of them work fine.

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