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    The install file must have been written improperly for the name thing, because I just triple checked this and my full name is specified nowhere. Even after installing Windows, under System, it just shows Tom, not Tom Spea or Tom Spear... I just double checked and the themes service is being started, and part of a theme I just added is being applied, so I'll have to do some further investigation
  2. Well darn, because I just double checked mine, and themes service is starting now, but it's still giving me grief.
  3. Brando, did you select Classic Setup or did you just leave that alone? I am having this problem as well, with 2 minor differences. My themes service is there, it just won't start. And, This problem only occurs when I use Classic Setup. If I dont enable that option, then I get my themes just fine.
  4. as long older binaries are replaced by the newer ones, then it's fine as for RyanVM2.1.5 on top of 2.1.4, i think it is fine ... I pretty much figured 2.1.5 on top of 2.1.4 was ok, since i did 2.1.4 on top of 2.1.3. My question was would there be a problem doing that if IE7 was integrated as well. I am testing this scenario right now on a Virt PC. No problems yet, but then again I wouldnt expect any since nlite actually asked me if I wanted to keep the newer file and I said yes. I'll post more later once I'm actually in windows on the Virt.
  5. So basically, as long as the IE7 versions of files have a higher version number than IE6 versions, then I dont have to worry about integrating RyanVM2.1.5 over the top of 2.1.4 with IE7. That is what I needed to know. I will try with a test CD and post results in a new topic.
  6. Hi. Kiki's bad spelling aside, you can use Booogy's WMP 11 addon from http://boooggyaddons.xable.net .. Just get the first one you see there, WMP11 Vanilla Addon for XPSP2. Here is the way I do this. I take my original CD from MS and copy it to my hard drive to a folder C:\XPCD. Then, since my original CD is a SP1 CD, I download SP2 network install from M$, and use nlite to integrate it. Download RyanVM's Update pack from http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn and use nlite to integrate that. Download the original IE7 installer from M$ and use nlite to integrate that. Download the Booogy Addon fromthe link above for WMP11, and use nlite to integrate that. Download RyanVM's DX9c addon (DirectX addon) and use nlite to integrate that. To Integrate all of this stuff, you open nlite, click Next, Browse, find the location of you XP CD (C:\XPCD) and click Next. It will scan and tell you what service pack is installed. Then click next again and select Integrate Hotfixes and Update Packs. Then load each of those files in the order I typed them. Then click Next, and Yes to start the process. Once you are done, re-open nlite and hit Bootable ISO. Either burn the CD or make an ISO file, and test it out. If you have problems, let us know in a new topic, if not, find other addons and add them on top of the C:\XPCD folder after you tested the ISO. One note: I have not tested adding a new version of the RyanVM pack on top of IE7. (Example) I integrated RyanVM Update Pack 2.1.4, then IE7 a few days ago, and it works great. Now v2.1.5 came out. My CD has 2.1.4 and IE7, but 2.1.5 has a fix for IE6. If I put 2.1.5 on top of my CD, it may cause unforeseen problems. I am going to test and post results shortly. It would not be a problem if I did not have IE7 on the CD already. I could just put 2.1.5 on top of 2.1.4 and then do IE7, but since IE7 is already on there I'm not sure what will happen. We will see.
  7. Would you mind providing a link to where I can find that info?
  8. To answer your question, the file you downloaded is a cab file. Just load it up under nlite in the hotfixes and updated packs section, and it will integrate fine.
  9. Possibly something with the CD. Make sure your sources are 100% clean (copy the CD to HDD into a new folder and re-slipstream if you have to). I have an OEM XP SP1 CD that I slipstreamed SP2 to and then slipstreamed IE7 (using nlite of course) to and I have no problems. My CD still requires activation, before and after having made these changes to it, so the problem is not whether your windows has to be activated, and it is not whether it is retail, oem, or corporate, its something else to do with your files. Here is the easiest way to fix the problem: 1) Delete any copies of XP cd that are on your HDD 2) Copy original (not burned) cd to HDD 3) If your original CD is not SP2, slipstream that. If it is, then skip to step 4. DO NOT SLIPSTREAM ANY HOTFIXES, NO RYANVM UPDATE PACK, NO BOOOGY UPDATE, NOTHING. 4) Use nlite to integrate IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe 5) Test If that works, then go back and do over, but include one of the update packs (ryanvm, or booogy, or siginet)
  10. If you want to disable that NOW Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;Show Windows Version on Desktop ;(00000000 = disabled, 00000001 = enabled) [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "PaintDesktopVersion"=dword:00000001 Paste that entire thing into a text file and save it as versionoff.reg Then double click on versionoff.reg and click yes. Then restart. If you used nlite on your CD, then you need to go back into the tweaks section and find that option (most likely under Desktop) and set it to off, or you can have it apply from RunOnceEx/GUIRunOnce (see unattended.msfn.org for more info on that).
  11. Well I guess I should clarify, and sorry for no response for so long. I have not been able to find any way to automate custom partitioning, I've given up on that one. You can actually delete the partitions and recreate them with this method too, and you can use the non-quick method to check for bad sectors if you want to. How to do it: Do as before, where you insert the CD, and get to the prompt for where to install. Delete whatever partitions you want to delete. Create the C partition at whatever size you wish, by hitting "c" to create. Then it will take you back to the choose where to install screen. From there you should see: "New Partition C (Raw)" Unused space Go to the Unused space, and hit "c" to create again. Make the D partition whatever size you want. Then (for the E partition), and do this same line again. When you finish that, you should have: New Partition C (Raw) New Partition D (Raw) New Partition E (Raw) or something like that. This next part is backward from what I said before, but if you pick one of the others first (after just deleting the partitions anyways), you get a warning saying that C will be formatted as FAT32 (whereas if you dont delete, then you already have C as NTFS, so it wont format it, and you have to do one of the others first).. So, select C and hit enter. Pick which format option you want (NTFS quick or NTFS are preferred). As soon as it is done formatting and shows the Checking Discs Screen, either hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, or the reset button on your case. Go back into setup and back to the same screen. You will see that C is NTFS and D and E are both listed as Unknown. That is because they were not formatted yet, which is what you take care of now. Pick D or E and hit Enter. Pick format option, and then reboot as soon as it brings up the Checking Discs Screen again. Then do that same thing for E, including the reboot. Once all of that is done, and you get back to the setup and pick where to install screen, just select C to install to, and do a format one more time on it (so in case any files were installed to C before, they get blown away). Once it is done formatting, just let it finish going thru setup, and you will have done what you wanted to do. Hopefully that didnt get too complicated, and you aren't intimidated by it. It looks in text a lot harder than it really is. If you need any clarification, just send me a PM.
  12. That is correct, if UAC is disabled, so is Protected Mode, regardless of the option in IE. However, it may be a bug that will be fixed with some future MS patch.
  13. The error went away, Im not sure why, but SFC was still telling me (at the time I posted) that the file was replaced with an invalid version...
  14. This does not pertain to this topic, however I will answer the question. No there is no Language column that can be viewed in XP. If you right click on one of the column headers under XP you can see what columns can be enabled and disabled. If you click more at the bottom, you can see that there is no way to add any other columns. The reason that there is no Language column is because not every file includes language information in the file info, and even when it is included, that language information most of the time says en_US even when it is in some other language.
  15. Could someone that has this option but has not enabled it yet, but is willing to do so, follow these instructions? Go to MS Update, with the option off Make sure that you can access and install an update. Close all instances of IE, and make sure that taskmgr doesnt have it listed anywhere Enable the option Go back to MS Update, and see if you can access and install an update again Let us know. If you can access and install before, but not after, then we know that this "Vista Only Feature" is now an XP feature as well, but if you can both before and after, then it probably doesnt do anything.
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    Ok, that still doesnt answer my question
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    Just got my windows CD custom nearly the way I want, but I have 2 problems, 1 that I can fix with a registry hack (once I find the proper key), and the other I can't. nlite 1.2.1 XP Pro (originally SP1) OEM (non-corp) Slipstreamed SP2, RVM addons, RVM updates, and various other packs, although the problem occurs even with nothing but SP2 slipstreamed, when I use nlite on the CD. Here goes: 1- I pick Classic Setup and Black background in Options, and in Unattended, I pick XP Blue theme, and XP Start Menu (specifically picked them, instead of leaving defaults). When I go into first boot, and any boot thereafter, until I change the option in Display properties, I have Windows Classic theme (although the Start Menu remains XP-style). 2- In Unattended, under the Users tab, I type in my Full name, Tom Spear under the Full name field, and none for Organization, so that I don't get prompted for that information during setup. I do not add any other users, and I set an Administrator password. Under OOBEINFO.INI I have 1 user created, which the username is just Tom, not Tom Spear. When I load windows, however, the user Tom is not there, but there is a user named Tom Spea (notice the missing 'r'), and of course, Administrator. Please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong! EDIT: Attempted to add a user via nlite itself, to no avail. Tom Spea is still there, and Tom still is NOT there. I also tried changing my Full name to just Tom and it still creates the user Tom Spea ....
  18. @nuhi: On the patches page, after patches are applied, the next time you enable the options... option the uxtheme.dll and co options are disabled so they can't be changed (understandably), however, the options are set to the defaults (dont patch), which totally f***s up my install every time, spawning different problems. The only way I have found to prevent the problems, is to load the session where I enabled the patches when I go to make the ISO, which is annoying at best. Could you make it so that if the options boxes are disabled, then the options themselves are enabled (set to patch), so that it doesnt screw me every time? This has happened since nlite 1.0.1.
  19. I'm having 2 problems. 1) I nlited a CD, with just RVM updates, RVM DX9c, RVM Addons, IE7, and Booogie's WMP11, and did not set classic setup. Upon install, IE was not configured (the start menu icon just opens control panel, however I can do start->run->iexplore and get to the web, although it is IE6), and I can't find anything for WMP. 2) Nlited CD with all of the above plus $OEM$ and cmdlines.txt, and the $OEM$ was copied, but nothing in cmdlines.txt was performed... Once I enabled classic setup with nlite, both problems went away. I want to keep the billboards, but I also want OEMPreinstall and my addons to work. Please help!
  20. Noted, and will post there as well. If, by "pure" source, you mean have I hacked anything, or am I using a corporate/vlk/pirated copy, no, it is an original OEM SP1 cd with SP2 slipstreamed, and then the addons applied that I mentioned before.
  21. I'm having 2 problems. 1) I nlited a CD, with just RVM updates, RVM DX9c, RVM Addons, IE7, and Booogie's WMP11, and did not set classic setup. Upon install, IE was not configured (the start menu icon just opens control panel, however I can do start->run->iexplore and get to the web, although it is IE6), and I can't find anything for WMP. 2) Nlited CD with all of the above plus $OEM$ and cmdlines.txt, and the $OEM$ was copied, but nothing in cmdlines.txt was performed... Once I enabled classic setup with nlite, both problems went away. I want to keep the billboards, but I also want OEMPreinstall and my addons to work. Please help!
  22. Actually I did, but the person that released it has disappeared, and it gives some errors and not all .net programs work with it installed, so I am just making my own version that I can test and release. I will probably make separate releases for 1.1 and 2.0 and then combine them into one later on. For right now, I just want to get something out the door.
  23. I also posted this in the Unattended forum, and am documenting my efforts in that thread. Link: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=83012
  24. Ok status update.. I found a tool that lets me view the tables in the MSI (Orca, which is part of the WS2k3 SDK), and discovered that CA in the inf actually DOES stand for CustomAction, and that the 1.0 msi is nearly identical to the inf. With that now being known, I set about looking at how the tables are done in the 1.0 msi so i could figure out the netfxcfgprovm.mof problem. I then looked at the tables in the 1.1 installer that had the same thing at the beginning of the line and saw that they are done the same way, but for aspnet.mof and aspnet.mof.uninstall.. So, the customaction is now outta the way, and I'm working on setting the registry keys. Once that is done I will go back and make sure that all of the files are setup to be installed in the right place, and I will post this to the releases forum.... Hope to have it done by the end of Sept, but we will see.
  25. I've already extracted and patched .net 1.1 to sp1 and asp.net patch, I want to get rid of netfx.msi and just install from an inf (so i can have it install during txtmode setup).. Ive got the basic parts done, but I need help with one thing.. In the netfxocm.inf file that comes with xp pro, in the netfx_install section, there is an entry named CA with a value of ActionInstall. I cant find any information about CA entry on the web, but the ActionInstall is a section and in it, the first entry is: """mofcomp.exe"" ""%10%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\netfxcfgprovm.mof""",netfxcfgprovm.mof,%11%\wbem To me this looks like it is trying to run mofcomp.exe, process netfxcfgprovm.mof and put it into system32\wbem but theres 2 problems with that.. 1) wbem doesnt have anything from .net in it after running the .net 1.0 msi installer 2) mofcomp.exe only requires the filename of the file to be processed.. any other actions need a switch, and there is no switch after the final " in that string, so wtf is the 2nd netfxcfgprovm.mof for, and what is the %11%\wbem for? Any assistance would be appreciated

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