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  1. about 1 I am not sure. for 2, however, nlite can burn a dvd. Just stick a dvd in the drive and it will detect and burn just fine. If you want, though you can make an iso, and then burn it with your favorite program, its up to you
  2. Title and description explains it all, however I think that this is due to: msconfig.exe = 100,,,,,,,,3,3 should be: msconfig.exe = 100,,,,,,,2,3,3 in txtsetup.sif. 2 being the system32 directory in WinNtDirectories It is possible that whatever component that removes msconfig by default has modified the line and the keep files (msconfig is listed there by default) isnt preserving the copy-to directory.. ini is attached. P.S. That only started with 1.3 as far as I know LAST_SESSION.INI
  3. Known issue. It isn't anything to do with the PC being a Dell or the fact that it's on a DVD. It's triggered by slipstreaming or integrating SP2. If SP2 isn't slipstreamed or integrated, this problem isn't known to occur. This must only happen on certain CD's then cause I have an OEM (non-corp) Pro SP1 Hologram CD that I slipstreamed SP2 to, and I have no problems. I have been using nlite on that for a while now.
  4. have someone send you the file uncompressed and just download it to your windows\system32 dir
  5. Speeddymon

    silent install

    for Kaspersky (Installshield), extract file to a temp folder, go to temp folder and delete setup.iss then run setup.exe with -r Choose your options, and make sure you pick do not restart at the end. Then go to windows dir and move setup.iss from there to the temp folder you installed from.. Then when you run setup.exe run it with -s and it will install silent and not restart.. /norestart was actually for nod32, not kaspersky, so try /norestart on nod32 and see if it works.
  6. Are you using 1.3 BETA or 1.3 RC? Try 1.3 RC and it shouldnt happen
  7. what order are you integrating them in? I do ryanvm update first then wmp11 then the others, and havent seen this before.
  8. UPDATE - Remotion of "Malicious Software Removal Tool" Remove files section (same place keep files is) put MRT.exe - If removed "images and background" preserve "luna bliss wallpaper" (if this is not already implemented) already answered - If removed "screen savers" automatically preserve "logon.scr - scrnsave.scr - ssmypics.scr" (if this is not already implemented) already answered - If removed "telnet service" automatically preserve "telnet.exe" (if this is not already implemented) already answered TWEAK - Add "Turn off Automatic Updates" (security center related settings) Already implemented (unattended section) - Add "Show Quick Launch" (taskbar related settings) Good request - Add "Turn off Advanced text services" (keyboard/language related settings) Good request FEATURES - From "unattended" tab of nlite "misc" options: add ability to "Turn off Security Center" (monitor section and service) This would be nice too - From "unattended" tab of nlite "misc" options: add ability to "Disable UPnP" (like grc.com upnp disabler) Dont matter to me but I guess some people want it - From "unattended" tab of nlite "misc" options: add ability to "Disable Messenger Service" Already implemented, from options, under services just change from default to disabled - From "regional" tab of nlite "keyboard" option: insert ability to add more keyboard layouts (for example english keyboard with english - italian - french - and spanish layouts) Can this even be done manually? - From "patches" tab: add ability to set dos mode windows installation video @ 1024x768 Changing textmode resolution would be a BIG plus IMHO - From "patches" tab: add ability to enable "RAID5" support Just use the addon that is on RyanVM's site - From "patches" tab: re-add usb freq 1000 Requested before, nuhi said no DEPENDANCE COMMENT - If "Terminal Services" are removed event log report infrared error (for full remotion of terminal services remove also infrared support and drivers) These shouldnt be tied together.. Bug? FIX - Burning problem (direct burning and image burning) Already reported (by me), nuhi is testing and will fix or ask for additional info
  9. 1.3 beta had this problem, 1.3 RC does not. Make sure you are using 1.3 RC
  10. You are most likely correct. Try removing components first, then in a separate session add your driver, and it should work.
  11. Sounds like a bug with nlite integrating ie7. There are still a few small issues with it and it seems you ran into one of them. Nuhi may have a fix in the next release. Are you using nlite 1.3RC or an older version?
  12. nlite wont remove your oem directories itself, you have to remove it manually. However you could go to unattended setup and turn off the OemPreinstall. That will stop the $OEM$ folder from being copied to your HD from the CD, and stop everything in it from being installed too, however deleting it works better and saves space too!
  13. You have your own fonts, and integrated them with setup, and then have a reg tweak that sets them as the defaults, correct? But they dont apply until after rebooting. If that is the case, it sounds like you are applying the reg tweak at RunOnceEx (after first boot) Your best bet would be to make a second tweak file specifically for these fonts, and have cmdlines.txt call "regedit /s fonts.reg". Make sure you put the correct path to the fonts.reg file If that doesnt work, try adding that same line to your runonceex.cmd file without the reg add stuff in front of it, and that should do it.
  14. I think the easiest way to fix this would be to manually add it to txtsetup.sif and i386. Take your original CD, and extract the file from driver.cab. Search txtsetup.sif for the line that starts with that file's name and has a bunch of commas in it, and copy it to another file. Then run nlite on the CD Then after it is finished, go back to txtsetup.sif, to the same section you copied the line from and paste it back in. Then copy the file back to the i386 dir, and go to i386 in a command prompt. In the command prompt, type makecab agp440.sys That will make agp440.sy_ so you can delete agp440.sys That way the file is there....
  15. The easiest way is to remake the disc, and under the options section, in the patches tab, disable SFC. You can also search the forums or google for Disable SFC To do it on your running copy, go to System Properties (Right click My Computer, click properties), Hardware tab, click Driver signing, and click ignore. Make sure the check box at the bottom is checked, click ok, ok again, and reboot.
  16. Thats easy lol. Get tweakui from the ms website. The enable and disable for it is in there as well.
  17. focus and bring to front? focus what and bring to front, specifically? Is this a tweak, or addon, or what?
  18. I have this same thing happen as well. It seems to stem from one of the addons (or possibly the number of addons I integrate at once). When I cut my list of addons to integrate at once down to around 10-12 it works fine, if I do more, then it happens, but I am thinking it is one of the addons I integrate over the 12, as I do them in a specific order. I am testing this one out to figure out the problem. However I have always (AFAIK) been able to get the themes to show up once I manually chose classic, applied, and then chose xp again and applied again.... Try that and report back if it doesnt work. Since I am in the middle of testing this, once I figure out which addon, or if it is the number of addons, I will keep this topic updated. Could you post your "Last Session.ini" file so I can compare the differences? Please dont paste it, just attach it with the attach button. Thx
  19. The reason the error occurs when you go to install while using the floppy is because txtsetup.sif is looking for the file on the CD and it isnt there (which is why it is not loading during the f6 part when you dont use the floppy). use makecab to compress the sisraid.sys file, then look thru txtsetup.sif for sisraid.sys (you are looking for a line that has a bunch of commas on it), the first number after the equal sign is the folder it is trying to find that file in, so go back to the top of the file and do a search for that number. Once you find it under the winntdirectories section, copy the sisraid.sy_ file you made with makecab into that folder.. nuhi's method is definitely easier lol but i just figured i would give you some more info
  20. When I said that something was causing textmode to bluescreen, I figured out that it was the way I was integrating my SATA RAID driver.. I copied the hardwaredeviceids incorrectly to my txtsetup.sif... Once I corrected that everything loaded perfectly.. As for using nlite to remove the scsi drivers completely and that stopping them from loading, the reason I dont do that is because I currently have no use for the ones that load during textmode, however I still want the SCSI drivers there post-install, in case I later add a SCSI card and only need an MS driver, not the OEM driver from the manufacturer. It's weird I know but I'm finnicky lol.. EDIT: Turns out that the bluescreen mentioned above was due to that but then I re-edited and apparently took something out that caused the darn thing to bluescreen again, so I will test and figure out what it is. It seems to do it even without my sata driver tho too, so I know its not a combination of both my adding the driver and taking something else out. Once I know, I will post it.
  21. well it depends on which drivers you are wanting to prevent loading. For SCSI I remove from [sCSI] and [sCSI.Load] I will note that people need to be careful with this, as one time, I apparently removed something that was used by my system and caused _textmode_ to Bluescreen, I ended up having to remake the whole CD.
  22. So basically, I set some tweaks, like having the Control Panel icon in the Start Menu Display as a Menu, and then install (tested on XP style, only not classic). Then go to Control Panel -> Taskbar and Start Menu, click Start Menu tab, click Customize (next to Start Menu, not Classic Start Menu), then click Advanced tab, and all of the options in the middle are gone.. If I enable the tweak: disable and remove recent documents list from start menu, then the text, checkbox, and button for Recent Documents all go away. EDIT: Another one that gets disabled is when you set System Restore in the unattended section, it is hidden in System Properties. Same for Remote Desktop and Automatic Updates. This only started happening with the RC, beta1 didnt have this problem. Seems like nlite is setting some group policies to disallow access to things, even though IMHO it shouldnt be set.
  23. In txtsetup.sif there are a couple of sections that load drivers for various controllers and the like for use during textmode setup, that I will never use (Adaptec SCSI controllers, heck any SCSI controller, Dynamic Disk Support, PCMCIA since I am on a desktop). I can manually remove these drivers from the file, causing them to not load, and therefore decreasing the amount of time before setup prompts me to format my drives by at least a minute or two. It would be nice if, within nlite, in the component removal section, there was a textmode drivers section in the tree where I could remove the ones I never use, instead of having to do so manually after each time I re-nlite my source. All that needs to be removed to prevent loading for use during textmode is 2 lines per device from txtsetup.sif, none of the actual driver files need to be removed, so it doesnt really decrease the source or install size (a few kb is all), but it does lessen the setup time. If you want assistance in doing this manually or, nuhi, if you want to know what sections I remove lines from, so that you can have nlite take care of it, just post here and I can tell you.
  24. Hmm, I'll resend the message then. I will email you the file for 1.3 beta if you will PM me your email address..

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